Margaret Lauterbach

Pears, pears and more pears: These fruit trees are producing

Have you ever had a dessert pear? Seckel pear, a small delicious dessert pear, is known as the only true American pear because it allegedly first appeared as a mutation on a farm owned by a Mr. Seckel near Philadelphia in the early 1800s. Some folks think it’s a hybrid cross of a European pear with an Asian pear. It’s popularly known as a sugar or candy pear for its sweet flavor. Important to us in this area, it’s resistant to fireblight, while few other varieties of pear are resistant.


Leslie Barker: A whistle is one more way to stay safe during a run

While in Colorado this past summer, I bought yellow whistles for my 87-year-old mom and me. We kind of joked about them – me saying I'd use mine if I saw a bear and, more seriously, telling Mom she should carry hers on walks. Her balance is amazing, but were she to fall, at least she could attract attention by blowing the daylights out of her whistle.


Copenhagen Wheel is worth the wait

For those who follow bike trends, the Copenhagen Wheel has been on the horizon for years. The red-hubbed wheel sounds like a dream come true – an easy, one-step way to add electric assist to your already existing bike. Now it's finally available in the U.S., and anyone who has been thinking about an e-bike should give it a test ride. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the 350-watt motor provides assistance to the rider – you still need to pedal, but it will help you maintain a 20 mph speed with much less energy.

A 360-degree view from the top of Idaho’s Lost River peak

Check out the view from the top of one of Idaho's 12,000-foot mountains, Lost River peak.