Payette Lake is frozen — and the giant Mackinaw trout are biting

Every year during ice fishing season, I get lots of questions about Payette Lake in McCall. It is lesser known than Cascade, and fewer anglers fish it, but the giant Mackinaw trout that lurk in the depths of Payette are a definite draw. Ice season on Payette Lake often arrives late and doesn’t last long, but it’s here now.


Idaho’s top catches of 2018

Idaho Statesman readers submit photos of the most memorable fish they caught in 2018. These are the winning photos and catches, from fishing columnist Jordan Rodriguez.

Boise man fishes every day for a year and still married

Stephen Veals finished his goal of 365 consecutive days of fishing on Jan. 1, 2019 after a year of spending at least 15 minutes a day fishing. He found the challenge to be therapeutic after a year of personal loss.