Idaho candidates: Why you should vote for me

The Idaho Statesman Editorial Board asked each candidate for statewide office to answer the most basic question a citizen can ask: “Why should I vote for you?”

Candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, Congress and superintendent of public instruction answered — in their own words — why you should elect each of them.

For even more information about the candidates’ stances, check out the Idaho Statesman’s voter guide. The midterm election is on Nov. 6.


Paulette Jordan, Democrat: “I support Proposition 2 because Idahoans don’t turn our backs when one of us is down. Yet for too long, that’s exactly what our governor and legislature have done. We can do better.”

Brad Little, Republican: “As governor, I will challenge the comfort of our state’s preconceived notions, predetermined outcomes and our institutional perceptions about Idaho’s path forward.”

Lieutenant governor

Kristin Collum, Democrat: “As a veteran, I understand teamwork. The concepts of putting people first and service before self are ingrained in me. As a tech leader, I am adept at working up, down and across large organizations to get things done.”

Janice McGeachin, Republican: “I want to do more to support these successes — more skills-based training — more focus on apprenticeship and internship opportunities so that our future generations can live, work and stay in Idaho.”

Congressional District 1 (western Idaho)

Russ Fulcher, Republican: “America’s founders set in place a system that empowers people, not government. We must return to those principles, and my unique background allows me the experience to do so.”

Cristina McNeil, Democrat: “Recreational marijuana should be legalized, taxed with added revenues use for public needs and reducing the federal deficit. ... I support legalizing cannabis and its derivatives for those with medical needs.”

Congressional District 2 (eastern Idaho)

Mike Simpson, Republican: “I care deeply about Idaho. I work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to form bipartisan relationships that are crucial to helping our state.”

Aaron Swisher, Democrat: “Our government should create a fair economy for working Americans, and it can do so without creating cumbersome government assistance programs.”

Superintendent for public instruction

Cindy Wilson, Democrat: “I’m committed to investing in school safety, but I don’t like to see taxpayer dollars wasted on duplications and political maneuvering before an election. I’d rather keep that money in our classrooms, where it’s desperately needed.”

Sherri Ybarra, Republican: “Our public schools are headed in the right direction, and it’s essential for the future of our more than 300,000 students that the positive momentum continues.”

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