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Russ Fulcher: I’ll champion personal liberties in Congress

The Idaho Statesman asked the candidates in major statewide races to submit guest opinions explaining their stances and why they should earn your vote. Their columns will run throughout this week. Read opponent Cristina McNeil’s guest opinion here.

On Nov. 6, one of the largest new classes of congressional members in American history will get elected. I am asking the voters of Idaho’s 1st Congressional District to make me one of them.

A stark contrast has developed within leadership in Washington, D.C. On one side, there is a group that recognizes US constitutional principles and honors the notion that personal liberties and the American citizen should be the pinnacle of governance. On the other side, there is a group that believes American rule of law needs to be replaced with more government control and socialistic principles. My life history has taught me to staunchly entrench in the former category.

I am a fourth generation Idahoan that grew up on a dairy farm in Meridian. As an early employee at Micron, then later with Preco Electronics, I spent more than 20 years traveling the country and the world developing business. In 2005, I became state senator, a role that would continue for 10 years. In order to make a living while being a legislator, I changed careers and became a real estate broker. Along the way I earned my favorite title … “Dad” … and have a family resulting in three fabulous (now adult) children. I’ve lived, worked and paid taxes in Idaho my entire life.

America’s founders set in place a system that empowers people, not government. We must return to those principles, and my unique background allows me the experience to do so. I’ve learned which policies work and which don’t. I recognize that we must shift the balance of control away from the federal government and back to our citizens.

Idahoans are looking for solutions to make health care more affordable and accessible. Creating an environment where competition, transparency and the private marketplace can thrive will help get us there. Idahoans are looking for safety, security and fairness when it comes to immigration. Secure borders, vetting and merit-based entry metrics will help get us there. Idahoans are looking for access and environmentally responsible management of our vast natural resources. Employing a strategy developed and implemented by local stakeholders will help get us there.

With our current president and a new influx of congressional members, I believe we have a window of opportunity to truly improve the potential for prosperity in Idaho. With your support on Nov. 6, I will be your champion in Congress to do just that.

Republican Russ Fulcher, a real estate broker and former Idaho Senate leader, is running for U.S. House in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.
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