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Janice McGeachin: I’ll uphold Idaho’s values as our economy and population grow

The Idaho Statesman asked the candidates in major statewide races to submit guest opinions explaining their stances and why they should earn your vote. Their columns will run throughout this week. Read opponent Kristin Collum’s guest opinion here.

Imagine Idaho as a state others point to as a model for solving some of our biggest challenges in health care, education, transportation and the economy. With the election of new leadership, I believe we will be, and I’m uniquely qualified to serve Idaho and participate in the development of those solutions.

I’m an owner of several successful small businesses where I’ve created jobs — I know the demand on private business to meet payroll each month. I have experience in solving statewide problems as a member of the legislature and chair of the Health and Welfare Committee. I’m a wife and mother who has raised kids and educated them in Idaho’s public schools — seeing firsthand how hard our great teachers work to prepare students to compete in a global economy.

Idaho has become a destination for people that are escaping other states — other states that have increased taxes, increased regulatory burdens on businesses, and expanded government bureaucracy. They come to Idaho because we believe in a lighter government touch — where individual freedom still outweighs the heavy hand of government. We are very fortunate to be right here, at home in Idaho — our home built on traditional values and solid conservative principles.

Our economy is thriving, in large part because we give people and businesses the freedom to succeed. The revenue to the state of Idaho is in “surplus,” and new construction of commercial buildings and homes is booming. Our unemployment rate in many areas of our state is at an all-time low. These significant measures of productivity have given Idahoans a renewed confidence for embarking on a future, right here, at home.

I want to do more to support these successes — more skills-based training — more focus on apprenticeship and internship opportunities so that our future generations can live, work and stay in Idaho.

For those who have always called Idaho home, and to those who now call Idaho home, our choice in this election is clear — we either hold fast to our Idaho values or go down the progressive path which will lead us into the same problems seen in other states: higher taxes, more burdensome regulations and a bloated government that cannot balance its budget.

We are Idahoans. We are home. I humbly ask for your support this Election Day, and together we will position Idaho to be the model of greatness where each Idahoan has the opportunity to pursue their American dream.

Republican Janice McGeachin, a businesswoman and former state lawmaker, is running for Idaho lieutenant governor.
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