Not sure who to vote for? Here are the Idaho Statesman’s Editorial Board’s endorsements

Need a trusted recommendation before casting your vote in Idaho’s midterm election? Take a look at the candidates — both Republicans and Democrats — the Idaho Statesman Editorial Board has endorsed.

The Idaho Statesman Editorial Board is separate from its newsroom. It’s a group of 7 individuals, including the Statesman’s publisher, who have researched, interviewed the candidates and asked questions on behalf of the voters to come up with independent recommendations in the best interest of Idahoans.

Here’s how the Editorial Board’s ballot would look for the 2018 midterm election:


Paulette Jordan, Democrat

✔️ Brad Little, Republican

Lieutenant governor

✔️ Kristin Collum, Democrat

Janice McGeachin, Republican

Congressional District 1 — western Idaho

✔️ Russ Fulcher, Republican

Cristina McNeil, Democrat

Congressional District 2 — eastern Idaho

✔️ Mike Simpson, Republican

Aaron Swisher, Democrat

Superintendent of public instruction

✔️ Cindy Wilson, Democrat

Sherri Ybarra, Republican

Proposition 1: Historical horse-race gambling

Why we recommend a vote against Prop 1

Proposition 2: Medicaid expansion

✔️ Why we recommend a vote to support Prop 2

College of Western Idaho plant levy

✔️ Why we recommend a vote to approve the levy

ACHD vehicle registration fee increase

Why we recommend a no vote for ACHD fee increase

Want to know more about the candidates and ballot issues? Visit the Idaho Statesman’s voter guide to learn more.

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