Winter Recreation

Expect a smoother drive to Bogus Basin this winter. Here’s why.

Expect your drive to Bogus Basin to be even smoother this year, an official said during the Idaho Statesman’s Playing Outdoors: Skis & Boards event on Tuesday.

Part of Bogus Basin Road was repaved over the summer, general manager Brad Wilson said. From mile marker 9 to the main lodge, the road will be smoother, with more room for turnarounds and additional handicapped parking spaces.

Wilson said Bogus Basin is responsible for winter road maintenance on the road to the ski area, starting at the stop sign on Curling Drive.

“We have three big snowplows, and we’re plowing and sanding as early as possible,” Wilson said.

The Ada County Highway District, which owns the road, supplies some funding to offset the costs of the maintenance, Wilson said. But he said the setup is ideal, as Bogus is able to prioritize the road far more than the county might.

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