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Tamarack to restore popular Wildwood lift repossessed amid resort’s financial troubles

A Tamarack Resort official reiterated plans to restore a popular high-speed ski lift that was repossessed in 2012 during the Idaho Statesman’s Playing Outdoors: Skis & Boards event on Tuesday.

Jon Reveal, who was named president of the resort after a recent sale, said the Wildwood Express ski lift is a priority for re-installation as Tamarack Resort Holdings works to complete the once-abandoned business.

The lift will need to be re-installed by helicopter in small chunks, Reveal said at the Statesman event.

The mile-long lift cost $4 million to install, according to a 2012 report from the Seattle Times. It was repossessed by Bank of America four years after Tamarack’s co-founder, Jean-Pierre Boespflug, ran dry on development funds.

The Seattle Times said the lift had only 2,000 hours of use on it. Repossession efforts included helicopter removal of 18 lift towers that traversed 1,700 vertical feet.

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