ISP trooper who shot and killed suspect following altercation won’t face charges

An Idaho State Police trooper who shot and killed a man following a physical altercation in November will not be charged, according to a press release from ISP.

On Nov. 19, 2018, Christopher E. Williams, 41, of Boise, was stopped by trooper Justin Ward at the intersection of Waltman Lane and Meridian Road. Williams fled the scene on a motorcycle, ISP said, and Ward followed on his motorcycle. When Williams reached a dead end, an altercation began between the two, and Williams attempted to take Ward’s gun, ISP said; the altercation lasted two minutes.

Ward then shot Williams and attempted life-saving medical treatment. Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy found that Williams had both amphetamine and methamphetamine in his system, according to a memo from prosecutors.

The Critical Incident Task Force, led by Boise police, conducted the investigation and gave its findings to both the Ada County and Twin Falls County prosecutor’s offices.

“There is no evidence to support a criminal charge against any law enforcement officers for the November 19, 2018, death of Christopher E. Williams,” Twin Falls Prosecutor Grant Loebs said in a memo. “The Idaho State Police Trooper’s actions were necessary and legal both in self-defense and in the defense of the community which would have been endangered had Williams successfully fled after disarming and attacking the Trooper.”

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