Security cameras in abandoned foothills homes help catch trespassers

Boise Police cited two 18-year-olds who are accused of trespassing in vacant homes on Alto Via Court, where houses are sliding down the foothills.

On Friday, a surveillance camera at a home on Alto Via Court showed two people unlawfully trespassing at an unoccupied home that was clearly posted with no trespassing signs.

A Boise Police investigation identified the two individuals in the surveillance pictures as Jarod Hembree and Grace Fiderlick, both of Boise. Police met with both Hembree and Fiderlick on Wednesday and they were both issued misdemeanor citations for trespassing.

The city of Boise issued orders last week for two of the Alto Via Court homes that would require the owners of two collapsing houses to demolish the structures at their own expense.

In April, Boise Police sent out a warning about trespassing, noting the homes are unsafe for occupancy.

Barricades are also in place across the road clearly marking the street as prohibited to enter. The road is closed and the nearby homes are marked with no trespassing signs because of a continuing landslide that has created large crevices in the ground and caused structural damage to the homes.

The ground beneath the homes has been shifting, cracking roads and damaging structures, raising an ongoing concern among the city and homeowners.

The area is not safe and people who venture onto private property could be charged, according to Boise Police.