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The first Curious Idaho voting round is done. Find out which story you picked

We hear you, Idaho! Over the past few days we received nearly 100 questions from you for our Curious Idaho project that lets our readers drive and decide the story you want us to cover. We put three great questions back out there, and 269 of you voted to pick your favorite.

”Why did the federal government choose Idaho for Idaho National Laboratory?” Ron Griep of Eagle asked. His question received 59 percent of the votes.

So, what’s next?

We’ve assigned reporter Sven Berg to the story. He covered INL for four years as a reporter with the Idaho Falls Post Register before coming to the Statesman in 2012. Sven will be looking into the history of INL, its current role as the country’s lead nuclear-energy research lab and its future.

We’ll let you know when that story is ready.

In the meantime, we’ve got three more questions for you to consider for our next voting round, and I’ll start answering some other questions in the near future.

We received so many questions and it turns out that, in some cases, we as a newsroom have had the same question, too, and already answered them through previous reporting.

This has been an exciting process so far, and we’re excited about the future. So, keep asking questions, Idaho.

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