What do you want to know about the Gem State and the people who live here?

Has Idaho ever made you ask “why,” left you scratching your head or simply utter, “huh?” Our reader-driven project will help. You ask the questions, we answer.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a lifelong Idahoan, we think you’ll learn something new. That’s because this project, Curious Idaho, lets you suggest stories to our reporters through questions.

We want to work with you — and for you — by investigating your queries about the Treasure Valley and the state. You’ll be an important part of the story selection process, sparking ideas and casting votes.

Here’s how Curious Idaho works

In the box below, leave your Idaho-related question. It can be about anything — nature, history, politics, oddities — so long as there’s a connection to the Gem State.

Here are some examples to get you started: How did the cross get on Table Rock and what does it mean? What is the average salary of high school teachers in the state? Why does Idaho label its license plates by county?

When we have enough questions, we’ll begin a voting round. That means you can choose from three questions and cast your vote for the one a reporter should tackle first.

Our reporters will track down the answer and check in with the reader who submitted the winning question.

Finally, we’ll publish an article sharing what we found. You can read the story online, through social media and in print.

We’re excited to hear from you. So ask away!

Here are some your Curious Idaho questions answered

You asked: What happened to the Hawaiians who once lived in Idaho?

The Owyhee Mountains sign.jpg
This historic marker along Highway 95 in Owyhee County explains how the mountain range and surrounding are got its name. Idaho Statesman file

Foote map.JPG
This hand-drawn survey map for the New York Canal system by A. D. Foote shows both Five-mile and Ten-mile creeks near its center. This replica of that map from 1887, was published in the Idaho Sunday Statesman in 1929. The canal, built with investments from New Yorkers, opened in 1900. Idaho Statesman file

Why did the Federal government choose Idaho for Idaho National Laboratory?