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Affidavit: Former Columbia football coach tried to illegally obtain drugs from wife

Jonathan Helmandollar
Jonathan Helmandollar Provided by Nampa PD

Court documents show that Jonathan Helmandollar, who resigned as Columbia’s head football coach on May 23, attempted to illegally obtain prescription drugs from his wife and third parties over a seven-month span.

An affidavit filed in Canyon County by Nampa police dated May 14 contains text messages between Helmandollar and his wife, Brooke. An Amber Alert was issued in March when Brooke and the couple’s daughter, Alyssa, briefly went missing. The two were found unharmed in Cheney, Washington.

On June 7, Jon Helmandollar was arrested on charges of solicitation to deliver a controlled substance and obstructing and/or delaying an officer.

Text messages contained in the affidavit show Jon Helmandollar encouraging his wife to procure the pills from third parties and deliver them to him, or to provide some of her medication to him.

His phone was processed during the Amber Alert investigation, a Nampa police detective said, with Helmandollar’s consent.

“Can you please get me some (sic) xanex tonight. I am struggling. Thanks,” an Aug. 15, 2018, text message reads. The next day, Jon Helmandollar texted his wife, “I have huge scrimmage tomm ... Need something tonight bad.”

Brooke texted Jon on Aug. 29 and accused him of “stealing my medications daily because you are unable to manage yours leaving me without my medications when I have serious medical conditions,” according to the affidavit.

On Sept. 1, Jon Helmandollar asked his wife for Adderral, according to the text messages in the affidavit: “I am crashing and it’s BK week ... Can you send adderral ... I get mine Wednesday.” “BK” refers to Bishop Kelly High School.

Three days later, Helmandollar told his wife that he was “withdrawing another day” and a few days later asked if Brooke could send him “some meds for four days so I don’t have to worry about this week with a playoff game at stake.”

On Oct. 26, Helmandollar texted his wife that he was “pretty much dying and have to coach a huge game tomm. So selfish with your meds, when I have everything going on ...”

On Feb. 18, Brooke texted Jon: “I am not going to contribute anymore to u abusing meds. I am not going to leg u drive on Xanax ... We have to have a long talk about the med situation.” Three days later, Jon texted Brooke that he had “to battle withdrawals on my first day back of track coaching 160 athletes,” according to the affidavit.

Jon again asked for Adderall on March 8, text messages showed, and was upset when Brooke did not get it for him. “Thanks for a great sat when I am supposed to be preparing to run a meet next week. Normal coaches wife’s help their husband with running of the meet but you do just the opposite.”

The affidavit shows that Brooke sent Jon a text on March 12, 2019, saying, “Any other woman would have filed a complaint for u stealing narcotics ...”

Jon denied stealing medication from his wife and told police that she “never really sent him anything,” per the affidavit. He told police that he and his wife were on the same medication and that he was taking them as prescribed. He did not have any Xanax prescriptions in Idaho, per a Nampa police officer. Jon said he had been prescribed it in Beaverton, Ore.

The officer who wrote the affidavit noted that on May 8, “I advised Jonathan it was clear he had an addiction and was abusing pills. Jonathan advised he has some mental health stuff with anxiety which is why he takes the medications. Jonathan didn’t understand why he couldn’t use Brooke’s medication since she is his wife. It was explained to him how that was illegal.”

Jon told police that “he had an addiction to pain medication” and said “he was taking more medication than he was supposed to because of his tolerance but he was not doing that anymore. I asked what had changed and he said because of this incident with his daughter.”