Varsity Extra

All-conference softball teams revealed. See who made the cut.

Note: All teams are chosen by their league’s coaches. We will update this list as the all-conference teams are ready.

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Player of the Year: Kaylan Walker, sr., SS, Rocky Mountain

Coach of the Year: Sam Christensen, Mountain View


P: Gabi Peters, sr., Eagle

P: Oakleigh Kearby, jr., Mountain View

C: Hope Shimatsu, jr., Boise

1B: Emma Smith, jr., Mountain View

INF: Lolo Walker, so., Rocky Mountain

INF: Abigail Gagnon, sr., Meridian

INF: Jaxie Klucewich, sr., Eagle

INF: Siolo Church, sr., Mountain View

OF: Gracie Tentinger, so., Mountain View

OF: Noelle Foster, sr., Eagle

OF: Emily Alandt, sr., Mountain View

UTIL: Naomi Butterfield, jr., Timberline

DH: Kalee Boots, jr., Mountain View


P: Siera Horton, sr., Eagle

P: Gracie Diffin, fr., Centennial

C: Sammi Black, sr., Borah

1B: Ashley O’Connor, sr., Eagle

INF: Sam Desloover, sr., Meridian

INF: Sydney Groves, fr., Eagle

INF: Taiana Round, sr., Boise

INF: Aly Johnson, jr., Timberline

OF: Karsyn Zaragoza, sr., Boise

OF: Riley McGrath, so., Mountain View

OF: Brooklin Champion, so., Centennial

UTIL: Haylee Bryant, jr., Eagle

DH: Reganne Rosen, jr., Meridian


P: Jordyn Miller, sr., Meridian

C: Karly Snooks, sr., Mountain View

C: Maddie Dresie, so., Meridian

1B: Lily Justesen, fr., Skyview

1B: Kaitlyn Davis, fr., Borah

1B: Nathelie Brown, so., Rocky Mountain

INF: Debra Overby, sr., Meridian

INF: Allie Laufenburger, fr., Capital

INF: Annie Stinar, fr., Centennial

INF: Kaci Bice, jr., Borah

INF: Carly Turpen, fr., Capital

INF: Emily Henard, so., Rocky Mountain

INF: Jensen Crider, so., Eagle

INF: Caira Jensen, so., Skyview

INF: Kimora Hernandez, so., Skyview

OF: Gracie Smith, so., Rocky Mountain

OF: Kate Kukla, sr., Eagle

OF: Sydney Beasley, sr., Borah

OF: Sierra Huffer, sr., Meridian

OF: Makayln Ashbaker, sr., Capital

OF: Tenley Quesnell, jr., Timberline

UTIL: Revi Brown, sr., Boise

UTIL: Hanna Brooke, jr., Mountain View

UTIL: Marissa Medina, so., Skyview

UTIL: Kylie Mansfield, jr., Centennial

Ridgevue Gracie Walters.jpg
Ridgevue junior pitcher Gracie Walters was voted the 4A SIC Player of the Year by the league’s coaches. Michael Lycklama


Player of the Year: Gracie Walters, jr., P/OF, Ridgevue

Coach of the Year: Joe Kleffner, Kuna


P: Lainey Lyle, sr., Middleton

P: Riley Jones, jr., Bishop Kelly

C: Annie Davidson, sr., Bishop Kelly

1B: Hailey Sneddon, jr., Vallivue

INF: Laura Lockard, sr., Bishop Kelly

INF: Hannah Mikel, jr., Middleton

INF: Carly Pena, jr., Ridgevue

INF: Taryn Vanderwiel, jr., Kuna

OF: Chelsie Engle, jr., Vallivue

OF: Grace Redding, so., Middleton

OF: Alexys Tovar, jr., Nampa

OF: Addison Ribordy, jr., Bishop Kelly

UTIL: Hattie Hruza, sr., Vallivue

DH: Leah Torres, sr., Caldwell


P: Grace Berheim, sr., Kuna

P: Jaylynn Stinson, sr., Bishop Kelly

C: Lindsey Jones, sr., Kuna

1B: Graci Bender, sr., Kuna

INF: Lauren Garman, sr., Vallivue

INF: Darby Atkins, sr., Bishop Kelly

INF: Madison Cowles, jr., Middleton

INF: Madison Anderson, jr., Columbia

OF: Lindsey Henderson, sr., Vallivue

OF: Alexys Giddings, jr., Kuna

OF: Aspynn Owsley, sr., Kuna

UTIL: Emily Frasier, jr., Columbia

UTIL: Dakota Walls, jr., Caldwell

DH: Megan Dugger, sr., Vallivue


P: Melicah Anderson, jr., Caldwell

P: Reiss McIntyre, so., Ridgevue

P: Brittney Henderson, fr., Vallivue

P: Kylie Yanzuk, fr., Emmett

P: Cynthia Rodriguez, jr., Caldwell

C: Sidney Schatz, so., Caldwell

C: Gillian Venditte, so., Vallivue

1B: Katie Ramirez, fr., Ridgevue

1B: Anissa Godina, sr., Caldwell

INF: Caitlin Turner, jr., Kuna

INF: Stephanie Bryson, fr., Caldwell

INF: Aleysa Garcia, jr., Caldwell

INF: Megan Stacy, so., Vallivue

INF: Madi McKay, so., Ridgevue

INF: Aliana Giddings, fr., Kuna

INF: Abigale Cotterell, sr., Middleton

INF: Emma Hofhine, so., Ridgevue

OF: Hollie Cunningham, so., Ridgevue

OF: Mak Killan, jr., Ridgevue

OF: Kassidy Taylor, sr., Bishop Kelly

OF: Courtney Williams, so., Caldwell

OF: Courtney Geach, so., Caldwell

OF: Alondra Pina, so., Nampa

UTIL: Jordana Nieto, so., Nampa

UTIL: Macie Plischke, so., Ridgevue


Player of the Year: Josey Hall, sr., 1B, Homedale

Rookie of the Year: Taylor Bushong, fr., Fruitland

Coach of the Year: Larry Corta, Homedale


P: Phoebe McGrath, sr., Fruitland

P: Olivia Cardenas, sr., Homedale

P: Alyssa Kauffman, sr., Payette

C: Sophie Nash, sr., Homedale

INF: Hailey Hershey, jr., Fruitland

INF: Ellie Tesnohlidek, jr., Fruitland

INF: Brigitt Futter, sr., Fruitland

INF: Alex Grant, sr., Homedale

INF: Amaya Carter, sr., Homedale

OF: Kiana Husfloen, sr., Fruitland

OF: Malybu Gantz, sr., Payette

OF: Dazsha Zamora, sr., Homedale

UTIL: Tybee Haddock, jr., Payette

UTIL: Whitney Cordes, fr., Weiser


C: Erika Tyree, jr., Weiser

C: Aliyah Dovalina, jr., Payette

INF: Jordan Higley, sr., Payette

INF: Justina Barba, jr., Parma

INF: Kierra Brandon, jr., Payette

INF: Aeverie Burns, jr., Payette

OF: Madison Phillips, jr., Weiser

OF: Kali Branstetter, so., Weiser

OF: Delaynie Dorsie, jr., Homedale

UTIL: Nadine Herrera, jr., Parma


Westi Walker, sr., Weiser

Kaitlynn Missamore, so., Homedale

Nayalie Flores, jr., Parma

Bella Carbajal, jr., Fruitland

Ivy Morris, fr., Weiser

Kylee Gahley, jr., Parma

Jayci Swallow, sr., Homedale

Addie Gonzalez, jr., Payette

Amaia Aberasturi, fr., Homedale


Coach of the Year: Beth Kinzler, Nampa Christian


Tina Furtado, sr., New Plymouth

Hailey Rupp, jr., New Plymouth

Lily Elsethagen, so., Cole Valley Christian

Carli Dauphinais, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Natalie Sofaly, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Andrina Webster, jr., Melba

Cindy Read, jr., Melba

Esther Riley, fr., Melba

Kendra Mullins, sr., Nampa Christian

Ashley Loucks, sr., Marsing


Seanna McDougall, so., Vision Charter

Kayla Hinkley, fr., Vision Charter

Krysten Counts, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Brooke Richardson, so., McCall-Donnelly

Anna Botello, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Natali Hutcheson, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Dani Randolph, jr., Nampa Christian

Naomi Merritt, so., Nampa Christian

Sophie Daniels, jr., Nampa Christian

Kendall Hoch, so., New Plymouth

Hailee Bennett, sr., Marsing

Kennedy Michelson, jr., Melba


Camille Bangerter, sr., Melba

Gracie Warren, jr., McCall-Donnelly

Tori Yates, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Megan Moser, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Taiylor Myers, sr., New Plymouth

Abby Dreyer, so., New Plymouth

Ashley Cotner, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Maddi Mallard, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Lyndsie Krogh, fr., Cole Valley Christian

Renee Van Ausdle, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Annie Krause, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Sophie Silvester, sr., Cole Valley Christian


Co-Players of the Year: Megan Hostetler, sr., P, Notus; Brooke Osmus, sr., C, Notus

Coach of the Year: Jennifer Kennedy, Horseshoe Bend


P: Molly Thomas, sr., Greenleaf

C: Kylin Olsen,, jr., Greenleaf

INF: Emma Brock, sr., Notus

INF: Cassie George, jr., Notus

INF: Louisa Metcalf, sr., Greenleaf

INF: Sage Huston, sr., Horseshoe Bend

INF: Sydnee Charters, sr., Notus

OF: Sarah Ralstin, jr., Greenleaf

OF: Hannah Brock, jr., Notus

OF: Julia Black, sr., Horseshoe Bend

OF: Ally Hall, sr., Rimrock

UTIL: Mylee Myers, sr., Rimrock


C: Maggie Huston, so., Horseshoe Bend

P: Brooke Lane, jr., Horseshoe Bend

INF: Hannah Ralstin, fr., Greenleaf

INF: Keira O’Meara, so., Greenleaf

INF: Katy Wentz, fr., Garden Valley

INF: Katheryn Hostetler, so., Notus

INF: Thalia Guajardo, sr., Wilder

OF: Savannah Darling, fr., Notus

OF: Abi Burbank, so., Garden Valley

OF: Kirah Fillmore, jr., Greenleaf

OF: Danielle Douty, sr., Greenleaf

OF: Anna Berry, so., Notus

UTIL: Madi Fink, fr., Glenns Ferry


Kaitlyn Sams, sr., Greenleaf

Karlee Sterling, so., Glenns Ferry

Rylee Arrelano jr., Glenns Ferry

Karley Hodges, jr., Garden Valley

Emma Cadotte, jr., Garden Valley

Lexi Roberts, fr., Horseshoe Bend

Kayla Kelley, jr., Wilder

Ariel Coleman, sr., Greenleaf

Savannah Darling, fr., Notus