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All-conference softball teams name the Valley's top players. See who made the cut

Eagle's Jaxie Klucewich was one of five Mustangs elected to the 5A SIC all-conference first team, including player of the year Gabi Peters.
Eagle's Jaxie Klucewich was one of five Mustangs elected to the 5A SIC all-conference first team, including player of the year Gabi Peters. Idaho State Journal

Note: All-conference teams are chosen by the league’s coaches


Player of the Year: Gabi Peters, jr., Eagle

Coach of the Year: Brian White, Rocky Mountain


P: Eden Cook, sr., Boise

P: Siera Horton, jr., Eagle

P: Katelyn Wilfert, sr., Rocky Mountain

C: Nicole Powers, sr., Capital

1B: Cass Schmidt, sr., Timberline

INF: Jaxie Klucewich, jr., Eagle

INF: Abigail Gagnon, jr., Meridian

INF: Kaylan Walker, jr., Rocky Mountain

INF: Lolo Walker, fr., Rocky Mountain

OF: Noelle Foster, jr., Eagle

OF: Kate Kukla, jr., Eagle

OF: Riley McGrath, fr., Mountain View

OF: Kaylee Lamont, sr., Rocky Mountain

DH: Sam Desloover, jr., Meridian

UTIL:: Shelby Ribordy, jr., Capital

UTIL: Alex Pinkston, so., Mountain View


P: Alyssa Millemon, sr., Mountain View

P: Jordyn Miller, jr., Meridian

C: Jaidyn Ahl, sr., Rocky Mountain

1B: Rylie Frei, sr., Mountain View

INF: Sarah Williams, sr., Capital

INF: Britney Balderas, sr., Boise

INF: Madeline Layman, jr., Mountain View

INF: Sophia Diffin, so., Centennial

OF: Emily Alandt, jr., Mountain View

OF: Kayleigh Hibbard, sr., Nampa

OF: Sierra Huffer, jr., Meridian

OF: Tina Zito, sr., Timberline

DH: Ashley O'Connor, jr., Eagle

UTIL: Brooklin Champion, fr., Centennial


Grace Shimatsu, sr., Boise

Ambryn Fortier, sr., Boise

Hope Shimatsu, so., Boise

Revi Brown, jr., Boise

Karsyn Zaragoza, jr., Boise

Taiana Round, jr., Boise

Sammi Black, jr., Borah

Isabel Longoria, so., Borah

Devanie Ferguson, sr., Capital

Chloe Muir, sr., Capital

Kaitlyn Allen, sr., Centennial

Madison Anderson, so., Columbia

Claire Campbell, so., Columbia

Demi Corta, sr., Eagle

Delayna Waite, sr., Eagle

Lindsey Jones, jr., Kuna

Taryn Vanderwiel, so., Kuna

Graci Bender, jr., Kuna

Ashley Brink, sr., Meridian

Deberoh Overby, jr., Meridian

Sydney Godfrey, jr., Meridian

Karly Snooks, jr., Mountain View

Kylee Morgan, fr., Nampa

Camille Snead, jr., Nampa

Alondra Pina, fr., Nampa

Alexis Tovar, fr., Nampa

Emma Shiflet, jr., Rocky Mountain

Bailey Murray, sr., Rocky Mountain

Carly Kawamura, so., Timberline

Naomi Butterfield, so., Timberline

Malia Smith, so., Timberline

Boise vs HHS Softball.jpg
Boise High's Grace Shimatsu tags out a Highland High runner during their 5A softball state tournament first-round game Friday in Pocatello. Shimatsu scored the winning run for the Braves in their state championship victory against Eagle. Jordon Beesley Idaho State Journal


Player of the Year: Lainey Lyle, jr., Middleton

Coach of the Year: Rob Kiser, Middleton; Molly Mamer, Caldwell


P: Gracie Walters, so., Ridgevue

P: Reylene Cortes, sr., Middleton

C: Annie Davidson, jr., Bishop Kelly

1B: Emily Fox, sr., Vallivue

1B: Mariah Jenkins, sr., Middleton

INF: Laura Lockard, jr., Bishop Kelly

INF: Darby Atkins, jr., Bishop Kelly

INF: Carly Pena, so., Ridgevue

INF: Lauren Garman, jr., Vallivue

OF: Chelsie Engle, so., Vallivue

OF: Kendall Pena, sr., Ridgevue

OF: Lysette Villegas, sr., Bishop Kelly

OF: Paris Mederios, sr., Mountain Home

DH: Leah Walborn, so., Bishop Kelly

DH: Makayla Killian, so., Ridgevue

UTIL: Ryan Floyd, sr., Mountain Home


P: Jaylynn Stinson, jr., Bishop Kelly

P: Lexi Zucker, sr., Vallivue

C: Eleonora Conley, sr., Middleton

1B: Aimee Solis, sr., Caldwell

INF: Paisley Mederios, so., Mountain Home

INF: Jazmin Ramirez, so., Ridgevue

INF: Hannah Mikel, so., Middleton

INF: Kona Bustos, sr., Vallivue

OF: Lindsey Henderson, jr., Vallivue

OF: Budda Blum, jr., Ridgevue

OF: Amaya Pelagio, sr., Middleton

OF: Auzia Mosley, sr., Middleton

DH: Megan Dugger, jr., Vallivue

UTIL: Alyssa Goff, sr., Vallivue


P: Riley Jones, so., Bishop Kelly

P: Melicah Andersen, so., Caldwell

P: Reiss McIntyre, fr., Ridgevue

C: Hattie Hruza, jr., Vallivue

C: Jesslyn Kriebs, sr., Mountain Home

C: Kiley Kendall, sr., Ridgevue

1B: Olivia Medina, jr., Skyview

INF: Madison Cowles, so., Middleton

INF: Aleysa Garcia, so., Caldwell

INF: Dakota Walls, so., Caldwell

INF: Kimora Hernandez, fr., Ridgevue

INF: Caira Jensen, fr., Skyview

INF: Abi Cotterell, jr., Middleton

OF: Addison Ribordy, so., Bishop Kelly

OF: Hana Naito, sr., Skyview

OF: Miranda Reaume, sr., Mountain Home

OF: Jennifer Aguilar, sr., Caldwell

OF: Hollie Cunningham, fr., Ridgevue

DH: Erin Rockwood, jr., Skyview

UTIL: Kendal Sullivan, so., Bishop Kelly

UTIL: Ally Thomas, sr., Skyview


Player of the Year: Dakota Kelly, sr., Homedale

Rookie of the Year: Kierra Brandon, Payette


P: Phoebe McGrath, jr., Fruitland

C: Sophie Nash, jr., Homedale

1B: Josey Hall, jr., Homedale

2B: Kendall Nash, sr., Homedale

3B: Brigit Futter, jr., Fruitland

SS: Alex Grant, jr., Homedale

OF: Allison Shenk, sr., Homedale

OF: Monique Alacon, sr., Fruitland

OF: Malybu Gantz, jr., Payette

UTIL: Aeverie Burns, so., Payette


P: Alyssa Kauffman, jr., Payette

C: Madi Black, jr., Parma

1B: Megan Case, sr., Parma

2B: Anika Burke, so., Payette

3B: Amaya Carter, jr., Homedale

SS: Alicia Egner, sr., Fruitland

OF: Dazsha Gantz, jr., Homedale

OF: Nadine Herrera, so., Parma

OF: Ellie Tesnohlidek, so., Fruitland

UTIL: Nayalie Flores, so., Parma

UTIL: Macy Moore, so., Weiser


P: Quinae Leigh, sr., Parma

C: Hailey Hershey, so., Fruitland

1B: Westi Walker, jr., Weiser

2B: Madison Phillips, so., Weiser

3B: Veronica Rodriguez, sr., Payette

SS: Brittany Hickey, sr., Weiser

OF: Olivia Cardenas, jr., Homedale

OF: Trinity Dimmitt, sr., Weiser

OF: Kiana Husfloen, jr., Fruitland


Coach of the Year: Don Jamison, Melba


Sammi Runkle, sr., Melba

Kenzie White, sr., New Plymouth

Elia Burgin, sr., New Plymouth

Makenna Dillon, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Cindy Read, so., Melba

Naddy Soflay, jr., McCall-Donnelly

Anna Loomis, sr., New Plymouth

Tina Furtado, jr., New Plymouth

Michelle Riley, sr., Melba

Kendra Mullins, jr., Nampa Christian


Emma Heitz, jr., Marsing

Hailee Bennett, jr., Marsing

Georgia Berrett, sr., Melba

Jordyn Rush, sr., Melba

Carli Dauphanais, jr., McCall-Donnelly

Anna Botello, jr., McCall-Donnelly

Cassia Whipple, sr., McCall-Donnelly

Liz Adams, jr., Nampa Christian

Makaylee Kuntz, sr., Nampa Christian


Ashley Cotner, jr., Cole Valley Christian

Sophia Silvester, jr., Cole Valley Christian

Taylor Gibbens, sr., Cole Valley Christian

Renee Van Ausdle, jr., Cole Valley Christian

Ashley Loucks, jr., Marsing

Autumn Bennett, so., Marsing

Aubrey Villa, so., Marsing

Natali Hutcheson, jr., McCall-Donnelly

Gracie Warren, so., McCall-Donnelly

Hailey Cowger, sr., Melba

Andrina Webster, so., Melba

Sophie Daniels, so., Nampa Christian

Sierra Brookshire, sr., Nampa Christian

Julia Joski, so., Nampa Christian

Kennedy Farden, fr., New Plymouth

Lauren Allmaras, sr., New Plymouth


Player of the Year: Megan Hostetler, jr., Notus

Coach of the Year: Mike Chandler, Garden Valley


P: Lily Brown, sr., Greenleaf

C: Brooke Osmus, jr., Notus

IF: Kylin Olsen, so., Greenleaf

IF: Khy Morgan, sr., Garden Valley

IF: Emma Brock, jr., Notus

IF: Cassidy George, so., Notus

IF: Cheyanne Stewart, so., Notus

OF: Sarah Ralstin, so., Greenleaf

OF: Destiny Quebrado, jr., Notus

OF: Hannah Hedelius, sr., Glenns Ferry

UTIL: Megin Sterling, sr., Glenns Ferry


P: Molly Thomas, jr., Greenleaf

C: Makenna Hedelius, sr., Glenns Ferry

IF: Olivia Fisk, fr., Greenleaf

IF: Sydney Morris, sr., Garden Valley

IF: Sydnee Charters, jr., Notus

IF: Valeria Lino, sr., Rimrock

OF: Hannah Brock, so., Notus

OF: Rylee Arellano, so., Glenns Ferry

OF: Keira O’Meara, fr., Greenleaf

UTIL: Brooke Lane, so., Horseshoe Bend


Caitlin Harrold, sr., Garden Valley

Elizabeth Varela, sr., Rimrock

Karley Hodges, so., Garden Valley

LizBeth Duarte, sr., Glenns Ferry

Sage Huston, jr., Horseshoe Bend

Maggie Huston, fr., Horseshoe Bend

Dezaree Sandoval, sr., Wilder

Madisyn Birch, fr., Greenleaf

Madalyn Torres, fr., Greenleaf

Ashten Neary, sr., Notus

Katheryn Hostetler, fr., Notus

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