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After he died of cancer at 19, Idaho football player gave someone else the gift of sight

Collin Sather
Collin Sather University of Idaho

A University of Idaho football player who died of cancer last month made sure that, in his passing, he became an organ donor.

Collin Sather, who had just turned 19, died after a month-long fight with renal cancer on Feb. 26. According to Inside Edition and, Sather donated his corneas to someone in need; Inside Edition reported that none of his other organs could be used, as cancer had spread throughout his body.

“He was adamant that he wanted to be an organ donor, so this wasn’t my call at all,” his mother Treena Sather-Head told Inside Edition. “It was something that was his wish, and it was up to us to honor that.”

In a March 17 Twitter post, Sather-Head posted the official letter of the successful donation.

Sather, a Spokane, Washington native, initially reported having stomach pains on Jan. 17 and was taken to the hospital on Jan. 21. He was diagnosed with renal cancer, which affects the kidneys, and died about a month later.

“Hopefully with this organ donation, someone will be able to live the life the way they want with the gift of sight,” Sather-Head told Inside Edition.

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