Statesman editorial board endorses Eagle Mayor Stan Ridgeway for re-election

Voters in the city of Eagle would do well to stick with Mayor Stan Ridgeway. He has earned our endorsement for re-election on Nov. 5.

Ridgeway is running on a platform of professionalism and civility, and he stayed true to that platform during his interview with the editorial board. He also is running on a promise and record of transparency, maintaining an open-door policy and meeting regularly with residents. We encourage him to maintain those qualities and to keep the people’s business in public view at all times.

We are encouraged that Ridgeway vows to manage growth by following city code, the city’s comprehensive plan and the state’s local land-use planning act as the guides for the city’s growth. City code and the comprehensive plan should not be negotiable and changeable based on backroom deals. Development, particularly in a city like Eagle, which is known for higher-end houses and larger lot sizes, should be determined through the public process, at the Planning and Zoning and City Council meetings, not in the mayor’s office.

When asked about housing density, Ridgeway rightly relies on the comprehensive plan as the city’s guide, noting that the comp plan accommodates a variety of housing densities, including townhouses, condominiums and apartments.

As a board member of Valley Regional Transit, Ridgeway understands the needs of public transportation, particularly Eagle’s seniors, for whom the city increased funding for bus service in town. Providing vouchers for ride-sharing services is not a public transportation strategy.

Ridgeway points out as a success the city’s work with Tsheets, now Intuit, in opening a new office building in Eagle, with a second one on the way with another 900 employees.

Ridgeway also speaks wisely and cautiously about annexing land in the foothills, noting that past studies have shown that it would be too expensive for the city to provide services to proposed developments there. We encourage Ridgeway to work very closely with Ada County commissioners to ensure that if the county allows development in the foothills, development is limited, and Eagle residents’ interests are protected. After all, Eagle residents are also county residents. Ridgeway is ensuring that Eagle has a seat at the table.

The city of Eagle is on the right track, and voters should stay the course by re-electing Ridgeway as mayor.

Statesman editorials are the unsigned opinion expressing the consensus of the Idaho Statesman’s editorial board.
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