Steve Pawstin, Mr. Shrimp and Sir Wesley Wigglebottom? Boise, your dog names are A+

Somewhere in the city of Boise, there is a home where Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar are roommates.

No, they’re not collaborating on a new album. They’re dogs named after the famous rappers.

If you thought American parents were silly for naming their babies after celebrities, Game of Thrones characters and liquor brands, we have news for you: Boise’s dog owners are sillier.

The Idaho Statesman obtained the city of Boise’s animal license database earlier this year, through a public record request. We looked at all 9,720 dog names. We groaned. We “awww”ed. We laughed out loud at Barkamedes, Donnie Barko and Steve Pawstin.

And we crunched the numbers, doing the fluffiest data analysis in the history of this newspaper.

Most popular Boise dog names

The Top 10 most popular names in the City of Trees: Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Buddy, Molly, Sadie, Max, Sophie, Charlie and Maggie.

And by ZIP code:

  • 83702: Lucy
  • 83703: Lucy
  • 83704: Sadie
  • 83705: Bella
  • 83706: Lucy
  • 83709: Bella
  • 83712: Buddy
  • 83713: Jack
  • 83714: Bella
  • 83716: Charlie

Star Wars, GoT, liquor and food

We found some pop-culture gems.

Courtesy of Star Wars fans, there’s an Obi Wan, Padme, Vader, Kylo and Leia. There are at least five Yodas.

Game of Thrones fans named their pups Cersei, Arya, Jon Snow and Khaleesi.

Liquor connoisseurs and foodies went with names like Bacardi, Bulleit, Pepsi, Soy Sauce, Miss Macaroni and Mr. Shrimp.

There are a handful of Extremely Idaho dogs: Kooskia, Kootenai, Ada, Owyhee, Shoshone and Bonner ... and, of course, Brundage and Bogus.

The celebrity name roster includes Bill Murray, Doris Day and Banksy.

Baby name or puppy name?

We noticed a lot of overlap between trends in U.S. baby names and what Boise dog parents are naming their fur babies. There are Olivers and Emmas, Liams and Charlottes — and one Nevaeh.

Using the state’s annual report of baby names, we made this little quiz: Can you tell whether each name belongs to a Boise dog or an Idaho baby?

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