Suspect pleads guilty to murdering Boise man who was tortured, found in Foothills

Francis March
Francis March

A second suspect has pleaded guilty to charges in connection with a 61-year-old Boise man’s 2016 murder, according to an Ada County Prosecutor’s Office press release.

Francis Marie March entered the plea for a charge of first-degree murder in the August 2016 killing of Mark Irwin, a Boise projectionist whose friends later remembered him as “one of a kind.”

March is scheduled for sentencing on March 9, 2018. She could face up to life in prison.

Her plea comes nearly six months after 20-year-old Anthony Barclay told a judge he “relocated” Irwin’s body, helped conceal the man’s murder and “threw away stuff that was evidence.”

Barclay and March, who were reportedly in a relationship, were arrested in late August of last year after they pawned several items belonging to Irwin. Irwin’s body was found in his van high in the Boise Foothills the next day. Police said the man, a longtime Boise resident, had been drugged, suffocated with a plastic bag, hogtied and strapped to a plastic slide.