Boise & Garden City

Here’s how much Boise is paying that architect to design a new library. It’s 8 figures

Boise officials have approved an $11 million contract with a famed architect for work on a new main library budgeted to cost $85 million.

The Idaho Press reports that the Boise City Council unanimously approved the contract Tuesday with Moshe Safdie’s firm on the library that could be finished in the spring of 2022.

Safdie’s initial design carried an estimated cost of $104 million, well above the city’s maximum budget of $85 million. As a result, the city has made some changes, including delaying building an events center planned as part of the project that was expected to cost $9 million.

Shawn Wilson, Boise’s capital projects manager, said a delay might not be needed.

“In case fundraising exceeds expectations or we get lucky and the bidding process works in our favor, it could be an opportunity to get more scope built, so we’re looking at what’s flexible,” Wilson said.

About $18 million for the project is coming from donations, $15 million from urban renewal money, $15 million from the city budget and at least $32 million in financing.

Mike Journee, city spokesman, said the city is still finalizing details on financing the project.

City officials in May awarded a $20,000 consulting contract to Gardner Construction, Okland Construction and Jordan-Wilcomb Construction.

Last week, the City Council voted to move a 78-year-old log building called The Cabin to Julia Davis Park to make way for the library.

Officials say a design will be finished this spring, with the public getting a chance to comment on how to finish the project within the budget.