We found these famous Idahoans’ Google painting doppelgangers

Over the weekend, a new feature on Google’s Arts and Culture app started a buzz. Just snap a selfie, and Google will use facial recognition software and search databases of famous paintings to find your doppelganger.

Of course, the tool blew up on Twitter, where users and celebrities shared their matches.

Results range from scary accurate to, well, just plain scary. Though the app is made for in-person use, we took photos of some of Idaho’s most recognizable faces just to see how the technology holds up.

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter

otter painting
Google’s Arts and Culture app thinks Gov. Butch Otter shares features with another politician — Ronald Reagan, as painted by Everett Raymond Kinstler.

Otter was a strong match for former Republican President Ronald Reagan. His matches also included a portrait of English violinist Albert Sammons.

Kristin Armstrong, Olympic gold medalist

armstrong painting
Kristin Armstrong, a Boisean and Olympic gold medalist in cycling, bears a resemblance to Francis Vandeveer Kughler’s “Pvt. Charlotte Harris,” according to the Google Arts and Culture app.

The Olympic gold medalist bore a strong resemblance to this World War II Army Private, Google’s algorithm showed. Pvt. Charlotte Harris was one of many women in Yonkers, New York, to have their portraits painted by Francis Vandeveer Kughler upon enlisting.

Betty, the Vista Avenue washerwoman

betty painting
Betty the Vista washerwoman is a dead ringer for Louis-Leopold Boilly’s “La Jeune Artiste,” says Google’s new art doppelganger feature.

Boise’s hardworking washerwoman Betty finds her match in this cherub-faced artist. Check out their similar chubby, rosy cheeks and identically shaped eyebrows!

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

bieter painting
Boise Mayor Dave Bieter matched with Ricardo Navarro Poves’ “Portrait of Antonio Breda.”

Bieter’s headshot produced matches with multiple portraits of Antonio Breda, a doctor and cofounder of the Portuguese Republic.

Boise State football coach Bryan Harsin

harsin painting
Boise State football head coach Bryan Harsin calls up images of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s “Frederick Wenz” on the Google Arts and Culture app.

This portrait by famed French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec evokes Harsin’s furrowed brow.

Boise State men’s basketball player Chandler Hutchison

hutchison painting
Boise State basketball star Chandler Hutchison’s headshot invoked this mural of Jimi Hendrix, painted by Ernest Shaw Jr.

The Boise State Bronco’s other matches included portraits by Korean artist Hwang Sul-jo and Chinese artist Li Binghong.

Boise State University President Bob Kustra

kustra painting
Boise State University President Bob Kustra is compared to “Thomas M. T. McKennan,” a portrait by Henry Salem Hubbell.

Kustra’s apparent doppelganger was a politician (like Kustra!) and lawyer who once served as Secretary of the Interior under President Millard Fillmore.

Built to Spill vocalist Doug Martsch

martsch painting
Doug Martsch, vocalist of Built to Spill, shares a similar beard and profile with Baron Gustav Jacobs, as painted by Jozef Czauczik.

Painter Jozef Czauczik made this portrait of Slovakian nobles Matilda and Gustav Jacobs circa 1840.

Former BSU quarterback Kellen Moore

moore painting
In a Dallas Cowboys headshot, Kellen Moore looks like Henri Fantin-Latour’s “By the Table.”

The former Boise State Bronco matched up with this face in a crowded scene by Henri Fantin-Latour. Google’s algorithms picked out French poet Arthur Rimbaud as Moore’s match.

Actor Aaron Paul

paul painting
Actor Aaron Paul is compared to Christian Krohg’s “Otto Benzon” on the painting doppelganger app.

Danish writer Otto Benzon’s hairline looks similar to Idaho native Aaron Paul’s in this photo, though the mustache and glasses don’t much resemble the actor.

Jazz musician Curtis Stigers

Jazz musician Curtis Stigers matched with Australian artist Hugh Ramsay’s self portraits.

The Idaho musician was a strong match for self portraits by Australian artist Hugh Ramsay. Interestingly, he also produced a match for this painting of Kanye West reimagined as a royal by artist Kai Aspire.