Threat at Capital High leads to increased security


Boise Police are investigating graffiti found on the inside of a bathroom stall at Capital High that made threats at the campus.

The graffiti, found last week, referenced a threat scheduled for Friday. The threat was not directed at any specific individuals, according to Boise School District spokesman Dan Hollar.

A Boise Police spokeswoman said police are still investigating the threat, but they believe it is non-credible. Police do not have a suspect yet, but they are taking extra precautions at the school.

On Friday, the day of the alleged threat, extra police will be on scene. Attendance at the school on Tuesday was about average, according to Hollar.

In an email sent Monday to parents and guardians of students at Capital High School, the district outlined precautions taken, stating the threat is being taken seriously. The email was sent by Capital High School Principal Sandy Winters.

The email sent to parents stated, “Currently, we have taken the following extra precautions: students sign in and out of their classrooms during class time; school administrators have increased supervision on campus, particularly in our restrooms and locker rooms; video cameras have been reprogrammed to enhance security coverage; staff members and students have been cautioned to report any unusual objects or behaviors to the administration; and additional Boise Police and school administration supervision will be provided on campus all day on Friday, May 5th.”

During second period Tuesday, the school reviewed their safety procedures with students, including the lockdown and shelter-in-place procedures.

The email to parents said if parents or guardians excuse a student on Friday, it will still count toward the attendance absence policy. However, if the student exceeds his or her allowed absences for the semester because of a Friday absence, it won’t prevent the student from receiving credit.

The threat found at Capital High is one of several found in area schools. Boise Police said the incident is under investigation, so they did not call it a “copy cat” threat.

Skyview High School, in Nampa, received a threat of violence on April 13 that was also scrawled across the high school’s bathroom. The threat was false.

Nampa Police arrested two students at Skyview High, ages 16 and 18, in connection to the threat. But, about 1,000 students at the high school did not show up to class as a result of the threat.

Heritage Middle School in Meridian also received a vague threat last week. In the Meridian school case, a warning that “something is going to happen” was posted on Instagram, saying the students should watch out for guns.

In the Heritage Middle School case, the post came from a sixth-grade girl and it was determined to be a hoax.