‘Boise Boys’ first aired late at night. Tonight, you can see one episode before bedtime

Boise duo stars in pilot HGTV episode remodeling houses

Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are Type A personalities, stars of an upcoming pilot episode called "Boise Boys" that follows their home remodel company, Timber and Love. They're just moving into their new headquarters at Fairview Avenue and Sou
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Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are Type A personalities, stars of an upcoming pilot episode called "Boise Boys" that follows their home remodel company, Timber and Love. They're just moving into their new headquarters at Fairview Avenue and Sou

HGTV has not said whether the home-renovation show “Boise Boys” will return for a second season. But in what stars Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell see as a positive sign, the cable network will re-air one of this season’s episodes during prime time tonight, Wednesday, July 18.

When the six shows first aired this spring, they were shown late at night: midnight in the Mountain time zone, 11 p.m. Pacific, 2 a.m. Eastern and 10 p.m. Central. The re-run will air at 9 p.m. Mountain, 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and 7 p.m. Central.

“Rarely does HGTV air re-runs right after a season has ended, let alone during prime time!” Robertson and Caldwell wrote in an Instagram post. “So hopefully this episode does well and a lot of new folks tune in.”

There’s no word yet on whether other episodes will also make it into prime time.

In this episode, “Idaho Meets the Southwest,” Robertson and Caldwell fix up an old farmhouse along the Boise River.

The story below was published June 7, 2018, under the headline, “HGTV’s Boise Boys finishes maiden season. Now the waiting begins for possible return.”

The last of the six Season 1 shows of “Boise Boys” aired a week ago on HGTV. Now the waiting begins for Timber and Love owners Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell. Will they be asked back for a second season?

For now, HGTV, the cable network that carries the home-renovation program, is staying mum.

“All I can share at this time is that HGTV will make an announcement if and when Boise Boys is renewed for a second season,” said Chelsey Riemann, HGTV’s manager for communications and talent relations.

Robertson said he and Caldwell cannot say anything until an official announcement is made.

For its final episode on May 30, the team created a new house along the Boise River. The episode drew 1.2 million viewers, according to ShowBuzzDaily, an industry publication. That was 19th among cable shows that night.

“Boise Boys” ranked two spots higher than the Houston Astros and New York Yankees baseball game that evening on ESPN. It beat “Tucker Calson Tonight” (23rd) on Fox News and “Anderson Cooper 360” (26th) on CNN.

Earlier episodes drew between 989,000 and 1.1 million viewers each.

The story below was published April 13, 2018, under the headline, “HGTV’s ‘Boise Boys’ is back. No one will say what house they worked on. We found out.”

The last time HGTV checked in on the “Boise Boys,” Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, they were knee-deep in snow, working in 10-degree weather in early 2017 to finish renovating a house on the Boise Bench.

The pilot episode attracted 1.3 million viewers the first time it ran last May. HGTV later ordered six more one-hour episodes showing the owners of Timber and Love at work.

When the first of those episodes airs at 11 p.m. Mountain time on Wednesday, April 25, viewers will see Clint and Luke pack their tools to a house on the Central Rim, overlooking the Boise Foothills from above Kathryn Albertson Park.

An onlineteaser for the show says the boys have an exclusive offer to purchase a stunning, 3,100-square-foot midcentury home.

“The catch? They have to pay $350,000 in cash, and potential renovations add on an additional $300,000,” the teaser says.“One bad decision could break their business, but with the right design, this big gamble could reap a huge profit and become the company’s flagship home.”

You’ll have to tune in to see what happens. Robertson said he could not provide any spoiler details or any other clues.

Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, owners of Boise-based Timber and Love and stars of the HGTV show “Boise Boys,” renovated this home at 4008 W. Edgemont St., on the Central Rim. The home and the work it took to fix it up will be featured in a six-episode season starting later this month. John Sowell

“I’m really open and talkative and I like sharing information, but I can’t because of the restrictions HGTV puts on us,” he said in a phone interview Thursday.

The house-renovation business is based at 3020 W. Fairview Ave., site of the former Koppel’s Browseville surplus store.

Robertson,who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, appeared with future President Donald Trump on “The Apprentice” in 2011. He said he could not confirm the address of the house.But its Boise building permit is a public record. The house is at 4008 W. Edgemont St. and is listed for $989,700 by Timber and Love Realty, owned by Robertson. It has been on the market since late January.

The remodeling included replacing the roof, rebuilding 60 feet of exterior wall, creating a master suite, and enlarging the kitchen and great room, according to the permit.

Robertson was more than happy, though, to talk about his son, Jake, a senior at Boise State University.

Jake Robertson, who will graduate next month with a double major in biology and premedical studies, was named one of the university’s Top Ten Scholars. The scholars, who must have a grade point average of at least 3.8, are nominated by their academic deans and evaluated on academic breadth of coursework, research, creative works and publication, public presentations, and community and campus service.

Clint Robertson said his son has devoted hours helping refugee children adjust to life in Idaho. Jake Robertson, who has a 4.0 average, is set to enter medical school this fall.

The Boise Foothills are visible through the front and back windows of the house. John Sowell

Viewers who saw the pilot episode of “Boise Boys” may remember Jake and his younger brothers Elijah, now a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, and Daniel, a high school sophomore who is home-schooled.

During a portion of the pilot where the interior of the house needed to be painted, Jake volunteered to be the supervisor. His father laughed and told him there were no supervisors. Everyone had to grab a paint brush and go to work.

For the new episodes, Jake said he and his brothers put down tile and carried out other chores.

“My dad has always been a character but it’s been crazy to see him on TV,” Jake said. “It’s inspiring to see all of the hard work he and Luke put into these houses.”

The family hasn’t seen or received an advance copy of the show, so they will see it for the first time when it airs.

“We don’t know what all is going to make it,” said Sandy Robertson, Clint’s wife. “They told us all of our kids made the cut.”