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Cozy drinks from peaceful Coffee Studio are true contenders for autumn’s best drinks

Coffee Studio’s fall menu includes the popular pumpkin spice latte, as well as unique recipes such as the caramel apple butter breve.
Coffee Studio’s fall menu includes the popular pumpkin spice latte, as well as unique recipes such as the caramel apple butter breve.

I’m on a mission to try coffee shops all across the Treasure Valley to find out what makes each one unique, from the atmosphere to the espresso.

Go to Coffee Studio when: You want a peaceful spot to relax with your coffee and baristas with a great sense of humor and knowledge of drinks.

Order this: The store’s signature Idahome blend coffee is a smooth medium roast, and Coffee Studio offers a rotating menu of seasonal drinks. Try the caramel apple butter or maplespice breves if you’re sick of pumpkin spice latte season already. (Or try the twists on the classic PSL if you’re not!)

Coffee Studio’s tagline is “where love and local meet.” And the cafe isn’t just talking about location. The whole experience is local, local, local — from its beans to house-made and Boise-based snacks.

Coffee Studio sources its beans from Caffeina, a local roaster that recently opened its own brick-and-mortar on State and Collister. The Idahome roast is a personal favorite that’s mild enough for coffee newbies, but bold enough to handle a shot of added flavor. The shop also is one of a handful of spots where you can pick up treats from Boise’s Guru Donuts, as well as sweets from Amaru Confections. Plus, the coffee shop’s walls display paintings from local artists and provide a meeting space for Idaho crafters.

Last month, Coffee Studio unveiled its fall specials — the same day that Starbucks reintroduced its pumpkin spice latte. But these cozy drinks are true contenders for autumn’s best drinks. The shop offers its own takes on the wildly popular PSL by adding honey or white chocolate.

We mixed things up with Coffee Studio’s breve offerings. Though they’re made with steamed half-and-half in place of milk, both the maplespice breve and the caramel apple butter breve were rich without being too heavy.

Think of the maplespice breve as a portable stack of Sunday morning pancakes. It’s got all the sweet, filling maple-y goodness with none of the syrupy, sticky inconvenience. I’m often hesitant to order flavored coffee drinks — their cloying sweetness overpowers the espresso — but even with a full portion of syrup, Coffee Studio’s beans shine through and counterbalance the sugar.

The caramel apple butter breve is a surprising treat. Similar to its maple cousin, this sweet drink doesn’t mask the espresso. Rich caramel and tangy apple flavors are a complex complement to the coffee, making the drink reminiscent of apple cider.

Both of Coffee Studio’s locations (at 8205 W. Rifleman Street in Boise or 6360 N. Saguaro Hills Ave. in Meridian) feature covered patios that are perfect for grabbing a warm drink and enjoying the cool fall weather.

Nicole Blanchard is always looking for the next spot to grab a shot of espresso. You can reach her at or follow her on Twitter @nmblanchard.