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This new Boise coffee shop will feel like a beer brewery: ‘We’re marrying two worlds’

Along with traditional drinks served in house, Caffeina Coffee Roasting Co. will sell packaged products like this cold brew in a bottle.
Along with traditional drinks served in house, Caffeina Coffee Roasting Co. will sell packaged products like this cold brew in a bottle. Caffeina

When the future owners of Caffeina Coffee Roasting Co. decided to collaborate, something strange began brewing.

Kris Price is a founder of local beer stalwart Crooked Fence Brewing Co., which he sold recently. Lyndsey Hopkins and her mom, Tammy Jenkins, own three Coffee Studio locations in the Treasure Valley.

When Caffeina (pronounced “ka-fee-IN-a”) finally debuts at 4774 W. State St. in March, it will be unlike any other coffee shop in Boise.

“We’re kind of marrying two worlds here,” Price says.

Caffeina’s open floor plan will showcase large, gleaming equipment. Customers will see green coffee beans transformed into dark, rich-scented beans pulled from a steaming, 25-kilo roaster made in Turkey. Kombucha tea will brew in full view using heated water from Crooked Fence’s original, 500-gallon copper tank. Beer and wine will be available on tap and in bottles. Small-bite food will be served.

If you’ve relaxed at a local beer brewery, you’ll be right at home in this java factory.

“Before you walk into a coffee shop, you kind of know what you’re getting yourself into,” Price says. “We want this to be completely different. We want this to be, ‘Woah, there’s a lot of stuff going on here.’”

“We want the roaster out there. We want the roaster to be seen. We want the cold brew manufacture and the kombucha manufacture all to be open, so you can kind of see it and be involved in it.”

Caffeina is taking over the former home of Fussy Hussy clothing store, which now operates next door. The place will hold about 100 people, Price says. An outdoor patio will face Terry’s State Street Saloon across Collister Drive, and a roll-up door will connect to Caffeina’s interior.

Basically, Caffeina sounds like cool beans.

“The big thing that we’re going to do is produce cold brew and kombucha as well as package it,” Price says, “and it’s all going to be done there.”

Caffeina will not have a drive-thru. Business hours will run later than typical coffee shops, Price says.

Coffee Studio locations in Boise and Meridian will operate as usual, but they will start serving Caffeina coffee.

Caffeina won’t be like Dawson Taylor. It won’t be like Starbucks. It will be Boise’s beer, wine, kombucha and cold-brew-serving coffee roaster — with an industrial, brewery-like vibe.

“We all agreed that we want that kind of style,” Price says. “It’s different than what everybody’s done.”

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