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New restaurant, pub coming to The Owyhee in Downtown Boise

The Tavern in Bown Crossing plans to open a second Boise location.
The Tavern in Bown Crossing plans to open a second Boise location. Statesman file

A longtime neighborhood eatery is heading Downtown.

The owners of The Tavern at Bown Crossing, which has served Southeast Boise since 2007 at 3111 S. Bown Way, plan to open a second restaurant at The Owyhee in late July.

The new location, called The Owyhee Tavern, will operate in the former spot of The Gamekeeper at 11th and Main Streets.

“We have been looking for years for the perfect spot Downtown to open our second Tavern – and this is it,” co-owner Barry Werner said in a press release. “Downtown is becoming a true neighborhood, and we look forward to bringing the local feel we’ve created at Bown to the urban core and this historic building.”

The Owyhee Tavern will be 5,500 square feet. It will include outdoor patio seating on 11th Street, a 115-seat bar area, seating for 150 in the dining space, and two additional private dining and event rooms.

“Much like the other Owyhee spaces, the Tavern’s design will pay homage the historic nature of the building and will have a polished, urban feel,” according to the press release. “The new restaurant will feature a different menu but retain many of the same, high-quality center-of-the-plate options that the Tavern at Bown Crossing is known for. The new location (will) have a larger dedicated section for fresh seafood, and although the Owyhee Tavern will not have a sushi bar like the Bown location, sushi options will be available along with fresh oysters, Kobe and dry-aged steaks, and an expanded wine list.”

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