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After ‘amazing transformation,’ here’s when Knitting Factory Concert House will reopen

If you’re a concert fan, this will be music to your ears: The Knitting Factory is preparing to open again in Downtown Boise.

The venue at 416 S. 9th St. has been closed for remodeling since a fire late last summer. The Knit has been tight-lipped about a specific return date. But after I emailed multiple staffers last Friday and Tuesday morning, I received an update today from general manager Gary Pike.

“Barring any construction or weather-related delays,” Pike responded via email, “we are planning to be back open the first week in March.”

“Construction is in full force right now inside the venue, and it is amazing to see the transformation in action,” he said. “The architects, designers, and construction crews have really outdone themselves, and we are pleased with what they are creating. The site has every trade imaginable working on different phases of the remodel.

“Some highlights of the remodel include:

A new 360-degree bar that provides faster customer service and improves the sight lines so guests can see the stage from the back of the main room.

Expanded viewing area in the balcony.

New furniture and flooring throughout the entire club.

New L-Acoustics sound system with Midas soundboards and new intelligent lighting for the stage.

Updated Green Rooms and hospitality areas for the bands.

New HVAC heating and cooling system.”

For concertgoers, better sight lines and more efficient bar service are huge pluses. The 999-capacity Knit can feel a bit like a sardine can when it’s sold out. A new HVAC system is welcome news, too, but no surprise. Boise Fire Department officials said the fire was sparked by a contractor working on the HVAC system. It resulted in about 60 percent of the Knit’s interior being damaged.

“We are proud to provide Boise’s music fans with this new facility,” Pike continued. “Our main focus is to provide the best concert experience for both the fans as well as the performers. As unfortunate as the fire was, it has enabled (us) to build a state-of-the-art concert and events center in the Treasure Valley. Boise’s is going to be better than anyone could have ever imagined. A list of upcoming concerts and events can be found on our website: https://bo.knittingfactory.com.”

Michael Deeds is an entertainment reporter and columnist at the Idaho Statesman, where he also has been a sportswriter, entertainment editor and features editor. Deeds co-hosts “The Other Studio,” a one-hour music show, at 8 p.m. Sundays on 94.9 FM The River.