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Cause of Knitting Factory fire still unknown; concert promoter seeks new spot for Thursday show

The Boise Fire Department responded to a small to moderate fire in the Knitting Factory late Tuesday afternoon, according to Division Chief Paul Roberts.

Multiple engines responded to the scene at about 5 p.m. on South Ninth Street. Construction is taking place in the building, but first responders were unsure if that work is related to the fire, Roberts said.

On Wednesday morning, Knitting Factory employees were waiting outside for fire investigators to arrive — and to get an update on the extent of the damage. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

A Lizzo and Chanti Darling concert was scheduled at the Knit on Thursday. Talent buyer Danny Glazier said the show will likely be moved to a new location.

“The show will go on,” Glazier said. More details on that should be available later today.

Getting the Lizzo concert squared away is their priority, then they are going to go through their calendar of other shows to determine what they need to do with other upcoming shows, Glazier and others said.

According to Jackson, the fire was located under the floor and in the wall space and crews will likely be at the scene through the night. All buildings sharing walls with the Knitting Factory or are adjoined to it will be without power and utilities for the foreseeable future, she said.

Three people were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene but were not transported to the hospital, Roberts said. No firefighters were injured during the incident.

“Right now we’re in an attack or aggressive posture with this,” he said. “But I would not say we have an aggressively growing fire. We don’t see a lot of bad smoke going on.”

Boise Fire recommends people avoid the area.

Knitting Factory general manager Gary Pike told the Statesman Tuesday that he is unsure of the specifics behind the situation, as he is out of town.