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Don’t waffle, Idaho. Wait, do! Eat burgers, fries AND Belgian delights at new restaurant

The Bob Deluxe at Waffle Me Up includes melted havarti cheese, market fried egg, bacon, syrup, and basil for $8.50. Add a scoop of ice cream for $3.75. (Do it!)
The Bob Deluxe at Waffle Me Up includes melted havarti cheese, market fried egg, bacon, syrup, and basil for $8.50. Add a scoop of ice cream for $3.75. (Do it!)

Ready to get fry sauce and maple syrup all over that nap pillow you brought to the restaurant?

Sweet! Boise Fry Co. and Waffle Me Up are here for you.

The Downtown Boise favorites, which share dining space at 204 N. Capitol Boulevard, plan to unleash the same double-whammy concept this fall in Eagle Island Marketplace, at the corner of Chinden Boulevard and Linder Road.

Workers should break ground on the new 2,500-square-foot building in the next week or two. It will have a 1,500-square-foot patio, too. The target opening month is October.

Burgers made with grass-fed beef. Waffles supercharged with pearl sugar. World-class Idaho fries. Customers will stuff their faces by mix-and-matching food from both restaurants. They already do Downtown.

“All the time,” says Andrew Hanebutt, marketing manager at Boise Fry Co.

Waffle Me Up owner Hector Garcia rides the shoulders of Boise Fry Co. CEO Brad Walker at the site of their new dual-theme restaurant. It’s at the intersection of Chinden Boulevard and Linder Road. Boise Fry Co.

Aside from longer hours for Waffle Me Up at the new location — both restaurants will stay open until 9 p.m. daily — the idea won’t change.

“Just all the good same stuff — coming to Eagle, Meridian,” Hanebutt says.

Both restaurants emphasize local ingredients. Waffle Me Up’s “hot-off-the-iron,” Liege-style delicacies come in varieties such as the Bob Deluxe ($8.50), which includes melted havarti cheese, market fried egg, bacon, syrup and basil. You can add toppings to waffles, too, ranging from chocolate sauce and sprinkles to peanut butter and bananas. Originally a mobile vendor, Waffle Me Up opened its brick-and-mortar space in 2016.

Founded in 2009, Boise Fry Co. struck gold — Yukon Gold — with its potato-forward approach. There are five Treasure Valley locations and another in Portland, Oregon. The restaurant’s motto — “burgers on the side” — makes it feel uniquely Idahoan. Fries are made from six potato varieties such as Russet, purple and, yes, Yukon Gold. They’re cut in five styles: shoestring, regular, homestyle, curly and po’ boy. Wanna go extra deluxe? Grab an order of Bourgeois Fries ($6 small/$9 large), which are fried in duck fat and garnished with truffle salt.

Don’t forget that fry sauce, either.

Hey, do customers Downtown ever mix waffle syrup with fry sauce?

“I’m pretty sure someone has,” Hanebutt says, laughing. “We wouldn’t be surprised at this point.”

Online: boisefrycompany.com, wafflemeup.com.

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