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Don’t get a burr under your saddle, country fan. Boise’s favorite radio stations rock

Nielsen Audio ranks Boise as the 96th largest radio market in the United States with a population of 562,800.
Nielsen Audio ranks Boise as the 96th largest radio market in the United States with a population of 562,800. Getty Images/iStockphoto

When thousands of Boiseans road-tripped to the Mountain Home Country Music Festival this summer, did they headbang to rock music on their radios?

You have to wonder after eyeballing the latest statistics from Nielsen Audio. Nielsen measures listener share among commercial radio stations every six months.

Rock and pop stations are ruling Boise. They racked up major numbers in the recently released spring 2018 radio ratings.

Country and news/talk radio? Playing catch-up.

The big winner: 100.3 The X, the most listened-to station in the Boise market. The X crushed all competitors with a 7.5 share in the 12-plus demographic, which includes listeners 12 and older between 6 a.m. and midnight. The X was particularly popular among younger males, but put a beating on competitors essentially across the board.

Second place went to 103.5 Kiss FM (6.2) and third went to 96.1 Bob FM (6.0).

The top country stations were 101.9 FM The Bull and 104.3 Wow, but neither finished inside the top five. Oh, and remember when Kissin’ 92.3 and 97.9 KQFC-FM were forces of Boise radio? (To quote rock band Staind: “It’s been awhiiiile!”) You have to scroll way down the list. It’s looking like Cumulus Media, which operates them, is where country stations go to die.

Talk radio had a rough ratings book, too. After finishing at No. 1 last fall in the Treasure Valley, KBOI 670 AM plummeted outside the top 10. KIDO 580 AM is even further down the list.

The top three morning shows were “The Morning After with Nic and Big J” on The X, “Your First Kiss in the Morning” with Kekeluv on Kiss FM and “Brooke & Jubal” on Wild 101.1 FM.

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Here’s the breakdown. These are quarter-hour share ratings for Treasure Valley stations among listeners 12 and older between 6 a.m. and midnight.

KQXR-FM 100.3 (The X, active rock): 7.5

KSAS-FM 103.5 (Kiss FM, contemporary hits): 6.2

KSRV-FM 96.1 (Bob, variety hits): 6.0

KWYD-FM 101.1 (Wild 101.1, rhythmic contemporary hits): 4.4

KXLT-FM 107.9 (Lite FM adult contemporary): 4.4

KCIX-FM 105.9 (Mix 106, Hot AC): 4.0

KZMG-FM 102.7 (My 102.7, Hot AC): 3.6

KQBL-FM 97.9 (The Bull, country): 3.6

KAWO-FM 104.3 (Wow country): 3.6

KTHI-FM 107.1 (K-Hits, classic): 3.5

KKGL-FM 96.9 (The Eagle, classic rock): 3.5

KBOI-AM 670 (news/talk): 2.7

KKOO-AM 1380 (Kool Oldies): 2.6

KRVB-FM 94.9 (The River, adult album alternative): 2.6

KIDO-AM 580 (news/talk): 2.4

KIZN-FM 92.3 (Kissin’ 92.3, country): 2.4

KJOT-FM 105.1 (J-105, classic rock): 2.2

KQBL-HD3 96.5 (alternative rock): 1.8

KQFC-FM 97.9 (Country): 1.8

KTIK-FM 93.1 (The Ticket, sports): 0.9

KQBL-HD2 99.1 (ESPN Boise, now flipped to I-Rock): 0.4

KFXD-AM 630 (The Fan, sports): 0.2

Explaining the numbers: “Share” is the percentage of listeners tuned in to a station at a given time. KQXR’s 7.5 means 7.5 percent of everyone 12 and older in the market listening to the radio at that time was tuned in to that station. These are quarter-hour share, or AQH, numbers — the average number of people listening to a particular station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute period. “Rating,” the percentage of potential listeners in the market actually tuning in, is a different thing. Find out more here.

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