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Really, Boise? Your top radio station is on the AM dial? Other ratings surprises

Despite the proliferation of streaming music, old-fashioned terrestrial radio keeps on filling the airwaves.

Not only do we still listen here in Idaho, our favorite Treasure Valley station is on the AM dial — you know, the one that crackles.

News/talk stalwart KBOI 670 AM was the Boise market’s most listened to station among listeners 12 and older in the fall 2017 ratings, which were recently released by Nielsen Audio. Nielsen measures listener share among commercial radio stations every six months.

It’s not that bizarre for an AM station to win a market, even in this day and age. KBOI puts up big numbers each fall partly because it broadcasts Boise State football games. That “BSU effect” positively influences its other programming. You also have to realize that lots of older Boiseans listen to KBOI’s conservative-leaning programming. And older people have time to listen a lot.

FM country station 101.9 FM The Bull took No. 2 honors in the 12-plus category, dominating other country stations struggling to find a larger audience. (What’s up? Isn’t Boise supposed to be a country town?)

Third place in 12-plus went to Wild 101.1. Wild came out of nowhere compared to its spring 2017 numbers. I’m not insisting that this ratings book is an aberration — well, not entirely — but Wild’s numbers will settle down in the next book. Bet on it.

Even better for Wild? The station finished No. 1 among listeners 25 to 54 years old. That’s the demographic advertisers value. Consistently strong rock station 100.3 The X was No. 2 in 25-54, and 107.9 Lite FM was No. 3 in that demographic. Remember, Lite switches to Christmas music right before Thanksgiving. Women 25-54 in Boise love listening to Christmas music. (The Nielsen data says so, anyway.)

Other observations: Despite its triumph in 12-plus, KBOI tied for 8th place in the 25-54 demographic. (Again, the station’s core audience is 55 and older.) ... The top-rated morning program in Boise in the 25-54 demo was the syndicated “Bob & Tom Show” on 96.9 The Eagle. (Even with a retired Bob.) No. 2 was “Brooke & Jubal” on Wild, No. 3 was “Michelle in the Morning” on Lite, No. 4 was “Nic and Big J” on The X) ... Lastly, Mix 106 took a dive in this ratings book, going from a 4.5 share to a 2.8 in 12-plus.

Here is the breakdown for 12-plus — quarter-hour share ratings for Treasure Valley stations among listeners 12 and older between 6 a.m. and midnight.

KBOI-AM 670 (news/talk): 7.3

KQBL-FM 101.9 (The Bull, country): 6.3

KWYD-FM 101.1 (Wild 101.1, rhythmic contemporary hits): 5.8

KXLT-FM 107.9 (Lite FM adult contemporary): 4.7

KZMG-FM 102.7 (My 102.7, Hot AC): 4.1

KSAS-FM 103.5 (Kiss FM, contemporary hits): 3.9

KKGL-FM 96.9 (The Eagle, classic rock): 3.7

KQXR-FM 100.3 (The X, active rock): 3.7

KSRV-FM 96.1 (Bob, variety hits): 3.7

KAWO-FM 104.3 (Wow country): 3.4

KIDO-AM 580 (news/talk): 3.4

KTHI-FM 107.1 (K-Hits, classic): 3.0

KCIX-FM 105.9 (Mix 106, Hot AC): 2.8

KIZN-FM 92.3 (Kissin’ 92.3, country): 2.8

KKOO-FM 101.5 (Kool Oldies): 2.8

KJOT-FM 105.1 (Rock 105.1, classic rock): 2.2

KQFC-FM 97.9 (Country): 2.0

KRVB-FM 94.9 (The River, adult album alternative): 2.0

KTIK-FM 93.1 (The Ticket, sports): 2.0

KQBL-HD3 96.5 (alternative rock): 1.1

KFXD-AM 630 (The Fan, sports): 0.7

KQBL-HD2 99.1 (ESPN Boise): 0.6

KTIK-AM 1350 (sports): 0.5

▪ (Others below 0.5 were not measured)

Explaining the numbers: “Share” is the percentage of listeners tuned in to a station at a given time. KBOI’s 7.3 means 7.3 percent of everyone 12 and older in the market listening to the radio at that time was tuned in to that station. These are quarter-hour share, or AQH, numbers — the average number of people listening to a particular station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute period. “Rating,” the percentage of potential listeners in the market actually tuning in, is a different thing. Find out more here.

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