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Huey Lewis? Yep, summer can’t start soon enough, squares

The last time Huey Lewis performed in Boise was in 2002 — at a two-day ’80s festival at Memorial Stadium. Starship, Survivor and Loverboy also were on that bill.
The last time Huey Lewis performed in Boise was in 2002 — at a two-day ’80s festival at Memorial Stadium. Starship, Survivor and Loverboy also were on that bill.

There’s no need to pretend you’re not stoked beyond comprehension for the Huey Lewis and the News concert at this year’s Western Idaho Fair.

Remember, it’s hip to be square.

Especially in Idaho.

(Except during Treefort.)

Seeing a 67-year-old Montana resident power his way through ’80s ear candy such as “I Want a New Drug,” “The Power of Love,” “The Heart of Rock & Roll” and “If This Is It”? Especially while you nurse one of those instantaneously warm, plastic cup Fair beers?

If this ain’t love, baby — just say so.

I’m probably jonesing for spring to end. But Lewis, who hasn’t visited Boise in 15 years, sounds like an epic freaking August summer night. Scanning the short list of headliners, I’m ready to proclaim this a better-than-average year for the Fair’s music.

Lewis will grandstand in front of the grandstands on Wednesday, Aug. 23. The rest of the Fair lineup is 2011 “American Idol” winner Scott McCreery (Tuesday, Aug. 22), ’80s rocker Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Thursday, Aug. 24) and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” big boy Trace Adkins (Friday, Aug. 25).

Half country singers, half pop-rock acts? Tons of mainstream hits? Free concerts? (With paid fair admission, of course.)

What’s not to like?

If some knucklehead throws a water bottle on stage, I’ll bet 6-foot-6 Trace Adkins doesn’t end the show.

Lil Wayne’s watered-down concert

Do not expect Lil Wayne’s diamond-encrusted smile to return to the Gem State anytime soon.

It’s ridiculous that a fan chucked a water bottle at him, causing Lil Wayne to stop his concert early and walk off the stage Sunday at the Revolution Center. This dreg of society, if caught on video, needs to be permanently banned from the RevCenter. But it’s also ridiculous that Lil Wayne halted the gig more than momentarily.

The promoter says Lil Wayne acted professional during the evening. That he was even prepared to go back on stage — until another water bottle came flying his way.

At that moment, the situation reached a critical level of inanity we shall coin “the point of ridiculosity.”

After being arrested in Boise in 2007 on a warrant, then getting an attempted Garden City shower, Lil Wayne eschewing Idaho for another decade seems reasonable. That said, money talks. Stranger things have happened. Speaking of strange ...

Utah: Always stranger than Idaho

If Idaho’s treatment of Lil Wayne mortifies you, shucks, don’t worry. Utah will always look more absurd than we do.

That state’s creative relationship with alcohol never ceases to amaze. Starting in mid-May, all restaurants and bars that serve alcohol must conspicuously display a sign indicating that either: “This premise is licensed as a bar not a restaurant” or “This premise is licensed as a restaurant not a bar.”

Hey, if you’re reading my column in print, please know: “You are reading a newspaper not a website.” And if you are reading this column online, “You are reading a website not a newspaper.”

Meanwhile, did you notice the full-page ad in Tuesday’s Idaho Statesman from the American Beverage Institute? It featured the headline “UTAH: COME FOR VACATION, LEAVE ON PROBATION.”

The ad warned that, “Utah recently passed a law making it the first state to lower its drunk driving arrest threshold from .08 BAC to .05 BAC. If you’re planning to visit Utah for vacation, be aware: As little as one drink with dinner before driving home could possibly land you in jail.”

Wait, does a buzz even exist in the Beehive State? Doesn’t Utah serve 3.2 beer? That means you can ram, like, five of those, right? Oh, hold on. That can’t be right. Uhhh. I can see it now: Confused beer geeks trying to do blood-alcohol-content math on bar napkins.

(Actually, you can buy normal beer that’s over 3.2 at places licensed to sell liquor.)

All I know is that High West Distillery and Epic Brewing tours had better start including mandatory cab rides.

Another Idahoan on ‘The Price is Right’

Brian Hall of Nampa is the latest Gem Stater to appear on CBS’ long-running game show, “The Price is Right.”

Cheer him on by setting the DVR for 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 2.

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