Advertising Opportunities

At the Idaho Statesman, our customers work with us because our reach is not only the largest of any media company in Boise, the Treasure Valley and Idaho, but also because our audience is more qualified than our competitors. Readers of the Idaho Statesman are more educated, have higher incomes and are more likely to own homes than the market average. Plus, with our audience extension solutions, we can reach way beyond our readership. The Idaho Statesman has a solution for every business and every audience. If you have questions or would like to discuss a marketing plan specific to your needs, please call 208-377-6350 or email today!

Print Advertising

Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman reaches more Treasure Valley adults than any other media, reaching more than 72% of Ada County adults. Every day, more than 204,000 people read the Idaho Statesman in print. Plus, Idaho Statesman readers are more affluent and educated and are more likely to be homeowners than the market average. Click here for more information and rates.


Business Insider

Business Insider is published monthly on the third Wednesday of the month in the Idaho Statesman and is distributed to every reader of the Idaho Statesman. It’s printed on high-quality paper and is bound so that it has a longer shelf life than the daily newspaper. The Business Insider is Idaho’s largest business publication. Click here for more information and rates.



Scene is the premiere dining, arts and entertainment weekly magazine published Fridays in the Idaho Statesman. Scene readers have average household income of nearly $50,000 with 46% having earned a college degree. Scene is distributed with the Idaho Statesman to nearly 60,000 subscribers and on racks throughout the valley with an impressive 80% pick-up rate. Scene is printed on high-quality newsprint in an easy-to-read smaller format. Click here for more information and rates.


Treasure Magazine

Treasure Magazine is a beautiful, full-color magazine dedicated to the unique Southwestern Idaho lifestyle. The magazine highlights charitable events and civic functions in our community, as well as spotlighting the local arts and entertainment scene. Treasure includes a personal look into some gorgeous Treasure Valley homes, recipes from local chefs, details on locally made wines and spirits, and ideas on the latest trends in home design. Treasure publishes quarterly, in February, May, August and November, with distribution to more than 46,000 Idaho Statesman subscribers. Click here for more information and rates.


Restaurant Guide

The Idaho Statesman prints and distributes a Restaurant Guide three times per year, in February, May and September, plus Restaurant Guide ads are included in the annual Holiday Gift Guide, which publishes in November. The Restaurant Guide is the Treasure Valley’s source for the best places to dine and serves as a resource for menus and money-saving offers. Click here for more information and rates.


Holiday Gift Guide

The Idaho Statesman's Holiday Gift Guide allows advertisers to reach holiday shoppers on the ideal day, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. More than 65,000 copies of the Holiday Gift Guide are printed and distrusted, and advertisers may participate with zero cash out of pocket because of the gift certificate payment option. The gift guide is printed as a conveniently sized booklet on newsprint, is bound and includes full color on every page. More information will be available as the 2016 holiday season approaches!


Newspaper Inserts and Print & Deliver

Inserts allow advertisers to include their flyers or newsletters in the newspaper. It’s a great way to get wide distribution at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. Plus, you can zone by zip code so you’e only reaching the people you’re most interested in reaching. Pricing varies by size of insert, number of inserts and commitment. Don’t have anything to insert? The Idaho Statesman’s Print & Deliver program will help you get your marketing piece printed and then distributed in the newspaper. Click here for more information and rates.



The Idaho Statesman has the right solutions to help you build a great team! Our Career Builder packages will help you spread the word, in print and online, about job openings within your company. Let us help you quickly find the most qualified candidates. Click here for more information and rates.


Digital Advertising

34.6% of Idaho Statesman readers read the newspaper both in print and online. Every day, more than 42,000 people read the Idaho Statesman online, and every day, more than 24,000 people read the Idaho Statesman on their phone or tablet. has a variety of online display ad positions and sizes that cater to any campaign or creative. We offer section targeting, geo targeting, and day-part targeting to increase campaign efficiencies and provide our clients with the best possible return. Click here for more information and rates.


Mobile and Tablet

Mobile and Tablet devices are currently the fastest growing advertising medium. As our audience changes the way they consume content, we have made our content available in more places. The Idaho Statesman mobile sites and apps can put your advertising message on these new platforms at a local level. Click here for more information and rates.


Audience Extension

The Idaho Statesman in now able to offer an extended audience to our advertisers, through strategic partnerships with access to online inventory from thousands of top websites. Target by demographic (age, gender, income, religion), interests, geographic area, and behavior through targeted banner ads on a network of websites or through an email blast. Micro-targeting allows you to reach a specific audience with a message that will appeal to them. Click here for more information and rates.


Email Marketing

The Idaho Statesman can target your e-mail blast to consumers, niche markets or other businesses on a wide variety of attributes! Simply tell us who you would like to target and where and we’ll let you know how many people fit your criteria. We have more than 200,000 email addresses for residents in the Boise DMA. Click here for more information and rates.

Deal Saver offers the opportunity to showcase a local deal with no up-front expenses. The deal is promoted in the Idaho Statesman, as well as through an email blast to deal saver subscribers. offers great word of mouth through social media outlets and drives new customers to your store. Click here for more information and rates.



impressLOCAL is an affordable marketing solution for local businesses that is designed to deliver measurable results using a mix of digital and print products. The benefits of impressLOCAL include one-stop shopping that provides comprehensive advertising solutions for your business, a tracking system that allows you to measure your results and ROI, a customer-focused dashboard and, of course, our professional sales team will help ensure the right solutions with the right message. Click here for more information and rate.

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