The odds were 1 in 144 million — but that was no problem for two Boise middle schoolers

The buzz hadn’t even died down from 13-year-old Trevor Garus’ hole-in-one Oct. 1 at Eagle Hills Golf Course when a second ball dropped in the cup.

Ryan Shepherd, 12, was the next to play on No. 5 — and he, too, knocked the 85-yard tee shot into the hole.

The odds of the back-to-back aces was 144 million to 1, based on odds compiled by the National Hole-in-One Registry. The duo even hit their shots in the Bill Block Memorial Tournament for junior high players.

“It was just screaming because people had gathered to congratulate me,” Garus said. “There was double the crowd to see (Shepherd’s shot).”

Shepherd said making an ace never entered his mind before the shot — “I don’t even know the numbers, but it’s a really high number to 1,” he said of the odds.

That all changed when he saw where his ball was headed after a three-quarter swing with a pitching wedge.

“I kind of had a feeling it was going to go in once it hit the ground,” he said.

The odds of any hole-in-one by an average amateur are 12,000 to 1, according to the registry. There’s an ace about once every 3,500 rounds.

That made Garus’ shot alone remarkable. He took a three-quarter swing with his 58-degree wedge.

“It took one check to the right and I heard it hit the flagstick,” Garus said. “My heart kind of sunk into my chest and I was in shock for the next 5 seconds. ... There was like a 2-second moment of silence where everyone was in shock of, ‘Did that just happen?’ I know my mom screamed pretty loud, which was funny.”

Garus, an eigth-grader at Riverglen Junior High, has been playing competitively for three years, choosing to focus on golf over baseball. He won the tournament.

Shepherd, a seventh-grader at East Junior High, has played golf for 10 years and competitively for about four years.

“Our ballmarks on the green were within 6 inches of each other,” Garus said. “... After the round, my dad said both of the balls just rolled in like a putt with perfect speed. It was the strangest look when you would go down there and there were two balls in the hole.”