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From the movie, "Hoosiers," Merle said it best."Let's win this one for all the little teams who never got here."Well done, BSU. You gave a whole new generation a reason to believe.Thank you. Eddy Lloyd, Danville, Va.

THE GAME, as I am sure it will forever be known, lasted past midnight here in the Central Time Zone. I had “thrown-in” with your team, and developed, as the game progressed, a significant emotional commitment to Boise State pulling off the upset.

After the Oklahoma drive that closed the score to 26-28, and then the three two-point plays that finally tied the game, I was depressed, but still had faltering hope.

But after the quick Oklahoma interception and touchdown, I lost hope, and dejectedly punched off the remote and went to bed. However, my loud outburst in the den on the interference call on OK’s first two-point try had woken my wife, who was now tuned in to the game on our bedroom TV. I decided to give the game a final look. The fourth and eighteen “hook and ladder” pass play was such a thing of beauty! I’m glad I saw it live, rather than on replays the next day.

OK’s one-play touchdown on the first play of overtime was an ominous sign. But the fourth-down rollout pass by number 19—another play we had not seen all night—was an incredible call.

And then the decision to go for two! I’m glad the suspense was enhanced by the Oklahoma time out, which set the stage for the final play. And what a play it was! The fake pass to the right and then the handoff to the left was another play that had been saved for just the right occasion.

I think the way this team defied defeat will inspire all who are facing difficult and overwhelming odds to say, “What would Boise State do?”

What a game!

A new fan in Brandon, Mississippi,

Barney McKee

P.S. I briefly thought of painting my front lawn blue.


CONGRATS from AK!!! I am a native Idahoan and long time BSU fan away atcollege in Alaska. You made me and Idaho proud!

Tim Burch

WOW! TERRIFIC! AWESOME!!! What a game, what a team, what effort. As a BSU grad and former Boise resident, I am so proud of all the coaches and players. I teach high school and on Tuesday many of my students (and former students) were shouting down the hall..."Mrs. E..'How about them BRONCOS!' The freshman leadership students make posters for each teacher's door...the things we like,etc. Mine always has BSU...and even last year's students remember! I may live near OSU, but I will always be a BRONCO. Thank you for showing the rest of the country what many of us know---Boise State is not a "Cinderella" team, but true champions with BIG hearts. Congratulations on an outstanding year. Can't wait for fall...I'll be wearing blue and orange! Jaci Eiquihua, Albany, OR

Congratulations Bronco's. You really made so many fans proud of you on Monday night. I am an Idaho Native living in Louisville, KY. I am stationed here with the U.S. Coast Guard. I was here two years ago when you played Louisville in the Liberty Bowl. I was proud of you then and am proud of you today. You took BSU football to a new level. I took every bronco shirt that I own down to my local bar, handed them out to the waitress' and bartender's, and made the statement that for Monday night only, this small time Louisville bar, was routing for Boise State. After having the police called on us for noise ordinances, I found that BOISE STATE will be revered in college football history for that game. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the game. Thank you for playing with so much heart.


OS2 Christopher C. Honn, Louisville, KY

Congratulations on your victory in the Fiesta Bowl. That was the BEST and MOST EXCITING football game I have ever seen. I am a University of Missouri and a Big 12 fan but found myself cheering for both teams. This game highlighted an awesome coaching performance only surpassed by the perfect execution by it's players. You have certainly gained national respect and many new fans. Go Broncos!!!

Jim Singleton

BSU: 13-0 Congratulations on being America's Team And Inspiring Everyone Everywhere. 2007 NationalChampions

The West needs to bring back Burma shave type signs: BRONCO NATION

Winning with dignity, spirit, hard work, and clear unity via empowered leadership creates a legendwith true facts as a lasting legacy.

BSU now has millions of football fans as cheerleaders for the rest of this century!

A Joyous Salute From Singapore.

Jim Ellis

As a USC fan, the joy of watching your team made me forget how happy I was about the Trojan's victory. I had the pleasure of visiting your city in 1999 and I still smile when I think of the instant french fry machine at the airport. Boise was lively and friendly. I know there's no "Z" in Boy-see, but there is a huge "W" and you absolutely deserved it. Congratulations.

John Armijo

Thank you for giving us the most memorable bowl game in many many years. You deserve to be in the National Championship. Last Night, no team in college would have defeated you.

Charly Rossman

I was born and raised in Idaho and am a 1986 graduate of Boise State andI have to tell you; I watched the Broncos beat Eastern Kentucky to winthe Division IAA National Championship in 1980 and thought it was apretty exciting game but then the 1994 Bronco team came from 20 somedown to beat Marshall in the semi-final. But of all the exciting gamesI have watched during the last 30 years none compare to this BroncoFootball Teams Fiesta Bowl win against mighty Oklahoma on New Years Day2007. My hat is off to this TEAM and on behalf of a very gratefulBronco Nation THANK YOU for the most memorable season in BroncoHistory!!

I loved watching Brock Forsey run and thought nobody could QB betterthan Ryan Dinwiddie but I was wrong. There is just something specialabout this team that makes them better than any other. Starting withJared Zabransky all the way down the line they just don't quit!

Ian Johnson, thanks for coming to BSU and congratulations on the bestseason for a running back in BSU history! You are one of the bestplayers to ever wear a Bronco uniform and I'm so excited for the nexttwo years (cause you are coming back). I know it was a tough game butyou still broke off 101 yards and proposed on National TV! Big onesBuddy!

Korey Hall, what a season, even though I am a Wendell Grad I would stillput you on my First Team All-America list! If only I had a vote! Andyou can't say enough about the Offensive and Defensive lines!! Theywere the reason Cinderella made it to the Ball!

Finally, congratulations and a big THANK YOU! JARED ZABRANSKY!! Youshut up all the naysayer's from last season and won the MVP for arguablythe greatest BOWL Game in history! Your Heart and Determination cannever be questioned!

Take care Broncos and good luck in the future!

Respectfully, David C. Poulton Lieutenant Colonel, US ArmyFort Lewis, Washington

Thank you for an unbelievable game! As a former student and long time fan I will continue to show my Bronco Pride with a smile that won't go away for a long time! Congratulations on a fantastic season. Steve Teter, Troy Ohio

WOW!!! Our family lived in Boise two short years and during that time I became an avid BSU fan. What a thrill it was to watch THE game. My wife and I were jumping around and having a heck of a time with every series of play. Thanks to the coaches, players, and administration for a great game. We were so pleased with the players and fans for not acting "stupid" - just the wonderful Idaho spirit that we expected. Thanks again from a fan in Texas (and by the way, a person who was born and raised in Oklahoma).

Tom & Charlotte Spencer, Hurst, TX

Back in November, I was in the stands rooting for SanJose State to pull off a monumental upset when BoiseState came back and beat them in the last minutes ofthe game. I was somewhat bummed then but realizedshortly thereafter that it was important for BoiseState to win out so they would be eligible for a BCSbid and get the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) anextra bowl invitation which San Jose State happilytook when it was invited to the New Mexico Bowl.

Now having seen San Jose State win the New Mexico Bowlin person and having been glued to my televisionwatching Boise State pull off a phenonmenal,well-executed comeback, I can only say that it's abouttime the BCS and the rest of the country recognize thetalent that is in non-BCS conferences such as the WAC.

Boise State Broncos you've done yourselves and allother WAC fans proud!!

--Locke Morrisey, Foster City CA

WOW!!!! What a game! Awsome Job.

Dave & Cindi Ortega, Sacramento

Truth indeed is sometimes stranger than fiction. If Hollywood scripted a movie with the kind of finish which transpired Monday night, if would have come off as hokey, too improbable. For my wife and I, this was the feel good sporting event of perhaps our lifetimes. The finish to this game will stand the test of time among the all-time great finishes. As much as I enjoyed Doug Flutie's Hail Mary, this was better. We're not from Idaho, in fact we've never been there, and as AFA supporters we did love our WAC Conference going back to the days before the Mountain West Conference was formed. I really think this is the sign of bigger and better things to come and I hope they do. Just don't ever forget your roots, as a football team, as a univerisity, and as a town. God bless all of you and enjoy all the rewards you have all worked so hard for. An aside to Ian Johnson on his post-game proposal - that was icing on an incredibly large cake. Much happiness to you and your future bride. Ken and Judy Lucas, Alamogordo, NM

Congratulations Broncos What a phenomenal win in a phenomenal game during a phenomenal season. One of the most entertaining and fun games I have ever watched. Much luck for your team, town, and state in the future. Tracey Smith, University of Washington '98 '00, Wilmington, NC

I was lucky enough to be in row 21 straight up the north end zone where all the action was at the end of the game. When the game started I was shocked and worried at how much bigger the OK players were compared to our boys. By the end of the game the Broncos had doubled in size while the Sooners looked kind of puny.. Well done to all the players and coaches. You did your state, conference and program proud. You deservedly picked up thousands of fans around the country after that incredible performance.

Dave Moore, Mesa AZ

I have enjoyed watching your team from the first time ESPN televised one of your games. The combination of toughness and gunslinger play calling mentality made me fall in love with your team. Congratulations on a well earned victory. You could have quit when Oklahoma took the lead, but you didn't, you perservered and won. I don't think it was a victory for the little guys because you've always been big guys in my book! Dave Kreczko, Albany, NY

I have only one word for Boise......UNBELIEVABLE

Tom Hyde, New Jersey

I am a die hard University of Oklahoma football fan, and have to tell you that the caliber of a team and coach that Boise State University has is remarkable. It was an amazing and fantastic game played by an amazing and fantastic team. Even as a Sooner fan, I couldn't hide the enjoyment of such a tremendous spirit that your team had. As far as I am concerned, a champion team is one that is defined with not only outstanding ability, but heart and soul and you were exemplary of that. I am sending a heartfelt congrats to you, and even though many of us here in Oklahoma are disappointed in the outcome of the game, we are not disappointed in the wonderful game you gave us! You are definatly a Champion team in my eyes. Fantastic! Lori Love

I would like to congratulate to Coach Petersen, the entire coaching staff, the team, the city of Boise, and the state of Idaho for coming out victorious in one of the most exciting football games I’ve ever watched!!! Thank you all so much for a memory I will cherish forever.

I wish you all the very best and am especially proud of the Cavender twins. Jeff – “LC” on your right arm…you are a “true” champion. Pete – your courage throughout this entire season has been amazing.

Enjoy the off-season, and go after ‘em again next year!!!

Kindest regards,

Pete Cavender – Pete and Jeff’s uncle, Reno, NV

I lived in Boise from 1997 to 2002. Even though I am an Ohio State graduate I attended most of Boise State’s home football games during that time. I saw how hard the Broncos have worked to get to the Fiesta bowl. I took great pride and enjoyment in watching them out maneuver and outplay the much larger Sooner team. It just goes to show the heart that Boise State has. Everyone here in Texas is talking about Boise State. Imagine that. My two favorite teams are both undefeated for this college season. I hope it ends up that way next Monday as my Buckeyes play Florida

Rick Peters

When I moved here 3 years ago from Phoenix, I was a die hard OU fan, and slowly but surely, the Broncos have won me over. Between their amazing play, amazing coaching, amazing fans, and amazing hearts, they have become my team. I now bleed blue and oarnge, this was never more apparent to me than when I watched the Fiesta Bowl and never once found myself rooting for OU, almost cries when we threw THE interception, and jumped off my couch on numerous occasions. Thank you BSU for playing with so much heart and courage, you show people what the game and sportsmanship is all about. Woo hoo, go Broncos!!!!!

Jessie Trujillo, Boise

I wanted to say a huge thank you and congratulations to the BSU Broncos! Fans all over the country are so proud of you, your talent and heart have shown the whole country that you are worthy of a championship game! Thank you! It was the best game I have ever seen! My whole family proudly wears its blue and orange!

Susan St. Clair, New Market, Alabama

The sentiments, shared by millions across the country, have already been expressed by many. Words can hardly do justice to the grandeur of your Fiesta Bowl effort and triumph. But let me try anyway:

What preparation by coaches and players!

What determination!! What effort!!! What resilience!!!! What class!!!!! What gutsy play-calling!!!!!!

Fantastic finish -- simply the most thrilling, inspiring football game in recent memory, perhaps ever.

4th and 18 from the 50, about 20 seconds to go in regulation...need a touchdown to tie... do-or-die hook and lateral... dive into the end zone just barely ahead of the tackler with only 7 seconds left on the clock... ARE YOU KIDDING??!

4th and 2 in OT, again need a touchdown to stay alive vs. the vaunted OU Sooners: QB in motion, direct snap to a non-QB who rolls right and throws a perfect TD pass to the TE... BRILLIANT !!

Statue of Liberty for the winning two-point conversion... AWESOME and almost UNBELIEVABLE.

I'm on the east coast and almost never stay up that late to watch a game, even though I'm a sports junkie. But that was one for the ages. WOW.

Whether Ohio State or Florida wins next Monday's game, and particularly if it's Florida, they have to know that they're not the undisputed national champs unless and until they prove they can beat the undefeated BSU Broncos.

You guys are the best. Congratulations on a magnificent season.

Chris Glockler, Darien, CT

As a BSU Alum, living in Minneapolis, MN, I talked up the Fiesta Bowl andthe Broncos to my coworkers in the weeks prior to the big game...

I was met with kind and patient smiles that clearly implied what mostNON-IDAHOAN'S thought: that BSU was a cute little team, with a cute littleblue field, but of course they would lose to the big dog.

As I walk into the office on Tuesday, I'm treated like I'd played the gameall by myself - people were emailing, stopping by my desk, asking for meabout the school, the town and the team... basically, worshipping me byproxy.

The consensus was simply this "the Fiesta Bowl was very likely the bestcollege football game seen in a long, long time - if ever, by most"

I've watched the pre-game show and the highlights on my iPod about 10 timessince yesterday and it only gets better each time.

Congratulations Bronco's, Idaho and BSU. I'm proud as hell and I miss youall!

Susan InglisClass of '87

Thank you Broncos for bringing real all American football to Phoenix, Most of the people I have spoken with here in Phoenix were rooting for you. It is so refreshing to prove that college football doesn’t just belong to the big schools. As far as Im concerned we have our National Champs. I cant wait to follow you next season and continue to enjoy your success. A Class Act.

Dennis Chavez, Phoenix, AZ

First and foremost, congratulations to the Broncos on an outstanding season and an outstanding performance in the Fiesta Bowl. The team showed both poise and confidence in the face of adversity. I believe that "Z" should really be congratulated on his outstanding composure and confidence. "Z" showed what a true Bronco is all about as he stared adversity in the face multiple times throughout his BSU career. First, the Georgia performance, then the U of I Benching and booing he recieved in 2005. Finally, when it looked like a disastrous interception in the Fiesta bowl, "Z" stared adversity in the eyes, and fought back to win the battle. How many times would we have seen a player throw a towel over his head and sit lonely at the end of the bench after such a play. "Z" never did that, for the balance of the U of I game in '05 he signaled plays in to his back-up QB. In the Fiesta Bowl, he held his head high and told himself, "it's not over". How easy could it have been to throw in the towel in any of those instances. "Z" stood up like a man, a true Bronco, a well prepared and well coached individual and showed the rest of the world what it truly means to play for BSU. Never say die. The entire team plays with such heart and such determination, and it started and ended with and outstanding contribution from "Z" and a championship and MVP trophy! I can't wait for next season, set the bar higher yet again!!!!

Dave Folger ,BSU alum '85, San Diego, Ca

Way to go Broncos! I am a George Mason Alumnus and a fan of the WAC from when I was a kid watching UH at Aloha Stadium. I did not know much about BSU until ESPN brought Boise State and the blue turf to my TV and I have been hooked! I enjoy watching your team and am so happy, what an ending!

Like the true undefeated champions that the Broncos are they played with poise and confidence that game was fun to watch right from the start of the game. I hope that at the end the Broncos get their due and snag at least a number two slot in the final poll. For me, you guys are #1 in football. I look forward to seeing some of the BSU love out at our Patriot Center!

Art Narro, Woodbridge, Virginia

I am a Vandal, from an all Vandal family but besides that, Congratulations to all. I was unable to see the game as I live in Spain. But seeing the news this morning, the chills came to my spine. What a tremendous victory. I just saw the highlights on the fox internet news page, and seeing the highlights it was better than I could believe. From Spain ENHORABUEÑA to all the coaches, players and fans. Dayne R. Bower

I have to say that I have never enjoyed a football game more than that oneagainst the Sooners. Having attended Boise State in 1966 & 1967 makes meeven prouder. I attended Boise State with a music major. I played in themarching band at half time during the home games. I still tell people that Iplayed in those games. It is so wonderful to be even remotely associatedwith such a great program.

Mike Sparber, Oregon City, Oregon

I am not from Boise. I am not from Idaho - and I have never lived there. In fact, I am from deep in the heart of SEC country (Atlanta, GA - grew up in Athens, GA) where people think that the SEC reigns supreme over all other conferences - and certainly the lowly WAC. And the truth is, there is probably some thruth there. But I can say that they do not reign over Boise State. People around here (and everywhere else around the country) can no neglect giving this team their due credit. I don't know where to begin in congratulating this team. One part of me wants to say that they are the best-coached team in the country and that they were incredibly well prepared. However, often such a statement would carry the connotation that the team is not talented, that they are merely smarter and stick to their assignments and do their job - Or perhaps that they have a rinky-dink gimmick/one of a kind offense that the opposition has never seen before. Well, it is incredibly obvious that this team was remarkably well prepared, but they played their game - they simply beat the other team. Boise State is better than Oklahoma - but not just in coaching or preparation. In every facet of the game - Boise State was superior. They stuffed the run, they ran the ball, Zabranski was amazing, the wide receivers were amazing - Everyone was incredibly cool under the most pressure-packed of situations. The entire team was just phenomenal. Boise State deserves the respect of a champion - They have earned it - and anybody that can't see that is not paying attention. I was at the game in Athens, GA last year, and this Boise State team is light years beyond the one that I saw then. I have no reason to believe that if Boise State were to play Georgia again, that the Broncos wouldn't be victorious. They are a team for the ages. It was an absolute privelage to watch their greatness. I was humbled by witnessing something truly special. I was planning to take a fly-fishing trip out to Montana, but I will almost definitely change it to Idaho - I feel as though I have to in some small way contribute to the economy of your great state. After what you've given football fans everywhere, I am certainly in debt to you

Thank you for a wonderful performance and congratulations to perhaps the best college football team in the country.

Greg in Atlanta, GA

I'm a computer geek and have never watched a football game in my life. However, I watched the Fiesta Bowl. Great job, Broncos! Daniel Hennis, Meridian

Kudos to the Broncos!! Way to grab the attention of America.I'm a resident of the Phoenix area and saw the game on Monday night. I, like most of the nation, came in skeptical that Boise St. belonged. My opinion and heart were quickly won over as the magic unfolded. It will be mentioned as one of the greatest Bowl games in history, but it transcended athletics. It was a spiritual and moral lesson, the voice for all those that may be unfairly looked over as legitimate. I'm sure even a few Sooner fans quietly applauded. This is a story for the ages and I'm thankful that I witnessed it in my lifetime.

Trent Agnew, Gilbert, AZ

I just want to congratulate all the Coaches and players for a JOB well done! I am a proud supporter of the Broncos as well as a gradutate and last night they made me reallly PROUD. Here in SEC country it is really hard for anyone to believe that football can be played anywhere else. Last night proved that it can and was by a team with a lot of HEART. I have had people come up to me while wearing my BSU hat and say what a great game and great team. I also read the story on SI and was pleased to hear the the Team represented Idaho by being great examples and behaving themselves. What a great year for BSU and BSU Football. Way to GO BRONCOS!!!! Dave Hunter, Irmo, South Carolina

What a TEAM, what a YEAR, what a GAME. You ROCK!!!

Thank you for showing the nation what hard work and dedication can do.

Dennis and Donna Sirus, Middleton, Idaho

Our BSU house flag has proudly flown over our Raleigh, NC, home for several years. We have worn our BSU shirts all over town, with few comments. The comments were sometimes "That blue field gives me a headache". Yesterday there were comments from lots of people who now know the difference between Iowa and Idaho. You played with dignity, pride, and great skill! You put a crack in the East Coast snobbery that says the East Coast football programs are the only ones that count!!!!! Congratulations and thanks for a great season. Kathy Bowler, Raleigh, North Carolina

Love those Broncos. Absolutely the best football game I have seen, in mylife. Fourth quarter, my wife took her blood pressure reading, because ofthe intensity.

Too bad Jimmy Johnson and his side kick didn't do their homework, beforethe Fiesta Bowl. Boise is steeped in football tradition going back to HighSchool rivalries of Boise vs. Nampa and then a long history of Boise vs.Borah. Borah, in the 60's and 70's, annihilated Idaho teams from Pocatelloto Sandpoint and the best from Montana, Oregon, and Hawaii. The City ofBoise used to shut down for the Veterans Day Game, at Boise Junior CollegeStadium.

BJC became a four year school in 1967 and has taken those packed houses tothe collegiate level. Building it's record and reputation has taken arelatively short period of time. This is just the beginning. The nation isabout to experience football, Idaho style. It won't be long before those"Big Dog" teams are lining up to get there shot on the Blue.

Robert Burns, Meridian

Congratulations and WELL DONE to the Coach Petersen and the 2006 Broncos. Your Fiesta Bowl performance was inspiring, motivating, and moving. Gary Randel, BSU Grad, Camp Slayer, Iraq, and Eagle, ID

My fiance and I live in Charleston South Carolina and as we watched the game all we could do iswatch with amazement. I graduated from the University of Idaho and have been a die hard Vandal myentire life..but as we watched the game all I could think about was how incredibly proud I am ofBoise State for representing the state of Idaho so well as they did. I AM STILL A VANDAL....andalways will be...but I now will always watch and respect the Broncos. THis win was not only for theUniversity..but was for the City..the Conference..and the State of Idaho. And I hate to even admitthis but...this game will go down as the greatest college football game ever!

JD Hanks, Charleston, South Carolina.

I was SO looking forward to the "National Championship Game" on January 8. Now it just seems like a sad, irrelevant event. The country knows who the national champions are - they're a team from Idaho who pulled off two of the utterly coolest plays in the history of football, and under total pressure, pulled them off with the nerves a burglar. I thought that nothing could ever top the Cal miracle finish kickoff return, right into the Stanford trombone player, but those guys just look like stumbling Keystone Kops compared to the indelible image of Zabransky nonchalantly standing there with the football behind his back on the two-point conversion, like a guy just hanging out, leaning against a lamppost. In 50 years of watching football, I've seen some incredible games. Last night, I saw the first one that was mythic.Congratulations, and thanks, to all involved.

Daniel Scott, San Francisco

Congratulations from Pensacola, Florida. I'm a Florida alum and big gator fan, but if we beat Ohio State for the title next week, I would be honored to share it with a team like Boise State. BSU played with guts and fought like a champion, you've got respect from this underdog. -Stephen Ove

Go Broncos - each of you deserves a 21 gun salute! WHAT A GAME - part of my family and 2 grand kids were jumping up and down in front of the TV here at home in Boise - yelling "go Blue". The other part of my family - including two more grand kids - were jumping up and down and yelling in the stands at the Fiesta Bowl - thoroughly thrilled by the obvious unrelenting drive of the Broncos. What a class act - every one of you. And coach, what a marvelous, marvelous model you are for your assistants, the young players you lead so well, and for every young person watching the game. That was - without a doubt - the most spectacular game I have seen in my 74 years ! ! ! It was incredible ! What a thriller - Congratulations ! !

Vivian Brault - a Boise Gramma.

What a fantastic finish to a great season. Looking forward to playing you again someday. Best of everything next year. BEAT THE DUCKS !!! From a OSU Beaver Believer who enjoys and appreciates great football and players with tons and tons of heart and fans with class.. Rudy Hoyos

Congratulations to Broncho Nation. As a lifelong and loyal Sooner I hate to lose any game anywhere. However, the class and skill and pure guts shown by this little team from the north -- well, it was an outstanding evening of entertainment. To your coaching staff all the way to the band -- congratulations. Gary Creager

The Boise State football team are NOW my heroes! Thisjust proves the old saying, "If you BELIEVE, then youcan ACHIEVE." Congratulations go out to the team andcoaching staff! Even as a UCLA alum, I NEVER boughtinto the fact you couldn't compete with the so-calledbig schools. You guys are TRULY an inspiration to usall. I'm a believer in the BRONCO NATION! BEST WISHESin continued success!

Samuel Buenaluz, Jr. from Los Angeles, CA

We don't usually watch college football, but soooooooo glad we did to see your Boise State Broncos make that fantastic win! We are in a small mountain town of Chester in No. CA, and usually just watch the NFL. Let me say that your Broncos put the Denver Broncos to shame ( and I am a Denver fan, and was very disappointed in them losing to the 49er's!) I have a blue and orange hat that says "Broncos" on it, and from now on it will refer to Boise State! So nice to see the "little guy" come out on top! Thanks for a great effort and great win.

Jan and Ron Gilmore

Go Broncos! I've always been proud that I graduated from Boise State. I liked the school so much at the time that I didn't want to graduate even after my adviser said I could! Now we grads, students, faculty, coach and fans have even more to be proud about! Keep it up've got the spirit! Your an example to ALL! Samuel Burris, Senior 1968 , Retired in Pattaya, Thailand

Congratulations to Boise State University, the Broncos team, Coach Petersen, and his coaching staff for winning the Fiesta Bowl and for giving us the most exciting football game! Your determination to win and refusal to give up was simply astounding. I lived in Boise and followed the Broncos for 17 years. This was the best game ever! Since 1991, however, I have only been able to follow BSU sports in the newspaper, online, and on the rare occasion when a game appeared on ESPN. Seeing BSU in the Fiesta Bowl was exciting but that proved to be nothing compared to the excitement you gave us with your Championship performance! Ohio is my home state and I have been a life-long Buckeye fan, but this weekend I couldn't have been prouder of being a Boise State Bronco fan. FINALLY, everyone knows about Boise State University and I hope this will prompt the major networks to show a lot more BSU sporting events in all parts of the country. You have made a lot of new fans. THANKS FOR A GREAT MEMORY!!

Arlene McCloskey, Sandusky, Ohio

Congratulations to all students, employees, alumni, and supporters of Boise State! As a triple Sooner-alumni, I've seen many a game at OU and elsewhere, including several bowl games. While all Sooners cheer our team to win, we are all college football fans, and there isn't a better story than BSU's victory in the Fiesta Bowl.

There's no doubt that BSU outplayed OU, outcoached OU, and showed the heart and courage that is emblematic of college football. This ending is much better for all of college sports, and the college spirit in general, than if the Broncos had not won. I felt some remorse when OU had taken the lead with a minute or so to go; we have many victories and championships, and know full well the history of college football, and how it is furthered by victories such as yours. It was gratifying and heartwarming to see you come back and win, and the fashion in which you did is even more exhilarating! I hesitate to call it a "Cinderella story," as that implies you didn't belong at the ball: certainly you did, and will no doubt continue to belong for years to come. The only problem is that now you'll be expected to continue at this level, which is difficult to do; fans should realize the significance of this moment, and not measure future teams to this one, as this is truly special. Future Broncos should not be held accountable to repeat historic events, but should be celebrated for their efforts in their own right.

The list of storied college football programs has many members, who (hopefully) hold themselves with integrity even in the most dire of circumstances. You are a championship school, not of a lesser league, but nationally.

Welcome to The Club - you got here the old-fashioned way: you earned it. Congratulations!

Bernie Maroney, OU '84, '86, '91, Vancouver, BC

Just want to say, that this was the best Fiesta Bowl Game I’ve ever seen.

Broncos, You Rock!!!! Thanks to Albert and Kathy Oviedo from Nampa, Idaho

For taking us to this memorable game. That was the best Christmas gift ever!!!

Danny and Zulema Avis, Maricopa, Arizona

AWESOME GAME BRONCOS! we know you could do it!we are going to miss all you sr's next year!let's go pete are you ready for another 13-0? Rebba Wallace

I was there third row in the sooner section...Thank you Boise State for putting us on the map and by us I mean us Idaho kids...Idaho athletes...Like I told the rowdy Sooner fans around me all game "We want this more." Thank you guys for the inspirational effort...Never have I been at a game so emotional it brought tears to my eyes and left me with goosebumps for hours...Thank you Boise State and Coach Pete..

Devin Iverson, Eagle, Idaho

The Treasure Valley has inherited the best gem of all, bragging rights that all of us can own together which will last for sports eternity. Victory loves company. Thank you BSU Broncos! Shary Tenorio and family, Boise, Idaho

I cannot say enough about BSU's incredible performance in the fiesta bowl. that was simply the best football game i have ever seen. this loyal fresno state bulldog fan will be the first to stand up and salute you when you visit next year. the attention and respect you brought to our conference is outstanding. enjoy the ride with pride until we beat you next year!!!

Brian Hickman, Fresno, CA

I'm a BSU alumni and proudly wore my BSU sweatshirt yesterday as I watched the Broncos defeat the Sooners in the most exciting bowl game I have ever seen. The team's courage and spirit was infectious and exhilarating. I have to admit that I gave up hope of their winning after Oklahoma intercepted the pass and scored a touchdown with a minute left in the game. But BSU battled back and brought a lot of joy to me as I sat watching it in my home in Austin, TX. I'll never forget that game. Well done, Broncos!

Karla Slattery, Austin TX

Being a University of Hawaii graduate, I am always happy when a WAC team beats anybody from the Mountain West Conference but the Big 12 champ? Unbelieveable! I'm going to the BCS Championship game next week (I won the tickets off a bag of Tostitos) but I wish it was the Tostitos Bowl instead. I doubt Florida-Ohio State will compare to BSU-Oklahoma! Thanks for the best game ever.

Adolpho Palar, San Diego

Congratulations Boise State Broncos! Your win will forever rank as one of the greatest bowl victories ever! As a graduate from Northern Arizona University, I've cheered against you in the past but not last night. You did the WAC proud!! Russell Luder, Northern Arizona University, 1985, Phoenix, Arizona

Two days ago, I was a college student in Iowa, who remembered Boise State as the team on the Smurf Turf with some dude with a Z-last name and a high powered offense who beat up on its sub-par conference.

Today, I am a college student in Iowa who is a Boise State fan and will never forget the best football game I've ever seen.

Practicing the behind the back hand-off for my next back yard game,

Ted McCartan, Iowa City, Iowa

As a multi-year NFL team season ticket owner and a resident of a state with a Big 10 football team I can honestly say that folks in my neck of the woods are football poor in comparison to the fine folks in Boise and Greater Idaho. Your team played with true grit, guts, determination, and heart! What magnificent play calling by a great coach! I am envious! I chose one college bowl game to watch this year and I firmly believe it was the best football game that I have ever and may ever see. Thank you for the great performance! Congratulations to BSU and all of Idaho! Troy A. Edwin, Osakis, Minnesota

Wow, As an Idaho native living in Oregon, I was blown away at the poise, attitude, and quality of play I witnessed last night. Best game ever! Growing up in Eastern Idaho, it was hard to even field a full football team because the potato harvest was in the fall and everyone was in the fields. You guys reminded me why I am proud to an Idaho Spud! Congrats to all the classy young men and coaches who showed how it should be done. You deserve to be #1 and you are in my book. Tom Williams Beaverton, OR.

Thank you Boise State for one of the best football games I have ever watched. It was also an excellent teaching moment for my son who plays in Pop Warner. Watch this team and see how discipline and focus wins games!

Dr. C.A. Irizarry, Orlando, Florida

As a lifelong Oklahoma Sooner fan and Fresno State alum, as well as avid Bulldog football fan and booster. I commend the Bronco football program on arguably the most exciting game I have ever seen. Go Broncos( unless my Dogs are playing).

Russ Akins, Bakersfield, CA

I wanted to congratulate a group of players and coaches that played a magnificent season and played a game that will be talked about for years to come. You have done yourselves proud and brought a great amount of pride to your school, city, and our state. As an Idahoan I am proud to have such a wonderful group of people representing us. I look forward to many more productive years and GO BRONCOS!

Steve Anderson, Pocatello, ID

What a great game and wonderful way to start 2007! First San Jose State, Hawaii, then Reno and the big one with the the BSU Bronco's and the WAC really grew up this year. Lou Holtz said it best on ESPN last night. "Boise State is a really good team! They were expertly coached , extremely well prepared and came ready to play". Don't need to say anything else!

Congratulations Boise State and thanks.

John Naftzger, Boise, ID and Newbury Park, CA

What a game! What a game! Fantastic execution (from the first minute of play) great coaching, teamwork....can you say determined?

You guys were awesome

Thank you Broncos for job well does it feel to know everybody was pulling for you.

Danny McGill, Dunkirk, New York

I am an alumni of BSU attending graduate school at the University of Southern California. Best game I have ever seen played by a team. I can't beleive the heart showed and talent played which has sent shock waves to all major Div IA teams. An instant classic and all that more memorable to BSU Alumni. GO BRONCOS Good Luck Ian and Crissy

Blake Dayley Los Angeles CA

Congratulations!! What an amazing game. You rocked the house down!! That was the best game I've ever seen. I love Idaho. Way to go Broncos!! You all were wonderful!! Again, Congratulations!! Nola Cantrell, Homedale, Idaho

I am vacationing in Loreto, Baja California, Mexico. What a great experience watchng BSU play (the first half) of the Fiesta bowl with the expatriated American crowd at a packed local gringo bar. The game started just as happy hour was ending and folks were feeling their two-for-one drinks. Everyone was rooting for BSU even though they kept asking who the heck was Boise State and how did they get into the Fiesta Bowl.

Unfortunately, the bar tender had celebrated New Year's Eve too much the night before, started work at 8 AM (gringos apparently start drinking, or should I say keep drinking, in the early AM), was exhausted, and decided to close the bar early. So I had to watch the second half somewhere else. I looked around and found a Mexican restaurant bar that could tune in the game...broadcast in Spanish with Spanish speaking anouncers. It was on the international Fox sports channel, I believe.

Well,the game went on beyond the normal closing time but the bartender let me stay on to watch the game as he cleaned up. With all the excitement being announced over the TV, a couple more Mexican restaurant workers gravitated to the TV. In the closing moments of the game we were all cheering on the Broncos. They did not even know where Idaho was and had probably never watched an American college football game before. It was quite interesting trying to explain to them, in my limited Spanish, how the overtime period worked.

Like everone else, I am sure, we rode the emotional roller coaster ride of the last several possessions. When Johnson scored the winning points in overtime, the 3 Mexicans jumped up with a spontaneous cheer of joy. It was a great moment for international relations between Mexico and the USA.

So three (Mexican) cheers for the BSU Broncos...demonstrating how sports can bring a community together, even an international community.

Jim Acee, Boise

Boise State Football, OutstandingCongratulations for an Outsatanding Season, Fiesta Bowl Victory, and an Outstanding Football program. Not only did you prove that you could run with the Big Dogs but you took a hunk out of them. In my book you should have, at the least, a piece of the National Championship if not the National Champion. You proved that your season was not a fluke and that you are a true competitor, able to play on any turf, ANY TURF! I have lived in Idaho and have been to Boise too many times to count. I love Boise and if given a chance to live up there again I would. The Boise State University Football team is the ipedomy of all Idahoans, with your heart and drive you can accomplish anything.Again Congratulations on an Outstanding Victory. With your Bark and Bite, all of the Big Dogs are now taking a step back and actually wondering if they can run with you.....Bark Loud.......Run Long........Bite Harder...

Michael Alderson, Huntsville, AL

I live in Toledo, Oregon.....watched your game and felt this overwhelming pride in your outstanding win over Oklahoma. You made January 1, 2007 a day I'll always remember. Sharon Branstiter

That was the MOST EXCITING collage or professional football game I've ever seen. Thanks for a VERY SPECIAL night!! You did it all with not only your physical skills, but with the heart, guts and class of a REAL CHAMPIONSHIP team!! It was SOOO MUCH FUN!!Enjoy the well deserved NATIONAL ATTENTION. Blessing in 2007!! Tim Seipel........Poway Calif.

Congraulations to the Broncos and Coach Peterson!!! That was THE MOST EXCITING AND ENTERTAINING GAME EVER!!! The Boise State players and coaching staff should be VERY PROUD of the manner in which they played so hard and never gave up even after the interception and Adrian Peterson OT run. The guts to call the halfback throw, the 'hook and ladder' and to go for the WIN on the 2 point PAT with the 'statue of liberty' is behond comprehension! That fact that the players executed these plays flawlessly against Oklahoma is a credit to their determination. If they scripted a movie like this it would be too far-fetched to be believeable. Coach Peterson and Ian Johnson and the team showed a lot of class.

Doug Tallinger, Rochester, New York

Thank you, Broncos!! I was born in Oklahoma and have lived here most of my 47 years. I grew up loving OU football, Switzer, etc. I even attended the 1971 "game of the century" OU-Nebaska when I was 11 and cried after OU lost. I don't care to follow them any longer because of the lack of sportsmanship and cockiness displayed in alot of the players and especially the fans. Most of them can't even win with class. I loved watching Boise State win that game and win with class!! Congratulations!!!

Billy Wells, OKC

Thank you so much for a thrilling evening of football---I am not an avid sports fan, but I was riveted to the screen --- This event sounds like a perfect script for a hollywood property--Truly, David & Goliath !!!

Dolores Bauer San Carlos, Calif.

Watch reruns of the broadcast and you will hear former U.W. football Coach Barry Alvarez, a Legend here in Wisconsin and elsewhere, ( one of the commentary team), say at the end of the game, something to the effect that- it was the greatest college football game he had seen .Wow! I can't recall a more thrilling or inspiring game. The team, led by quarterback Jared Zabransky, were on a mission, that had a lot to do with the triumph of the little guy and making a case for a National Championship open to all colleges. The gutsy, imaginative calls and personnel shifts, unrelenting desire, daring, and depth of heart will long be remembered.

Richard Olson, Madison ,Wisconsin


Moved to Tulsa 5 years ago and have had to suffer with Sooner rudeness and arrogance ever since (legends in their own minds). I will be gloating for years to come! WELL DONE! Now close in the other end of that stadium and bring on the PAC-10?!

Clark Hyvonen

It wasn't just about the football. Not that that wasn't astounding- like something right out of a movie. In fact I'm expecting someone to make a movie about this bowl game, something along the lines of "Rudy" or "Hoosiers".

Like those stories, this game gave a nation insight to the real quality of Idahoans: both the native born like Korey Hall from Glenns Ferry, and the newly arrived as well. Gentlemen, (and I say that proudly, for sadly,not all atheletes are) your heart, talent, stamina, and nerve were eclipsed only by the class you showed in your conduct. From Coach Peterson publicly crediting the back up QBs for the winning plays to the Blue Thunder Marching Band's choice of music. All of you showed the world how it should be done.

Oh you make me so proud. They patronized you, pooh-poohed you, and you showed yourselves to be so above that. And you took us along with you. That is what sports should be. Bless you.

Carrie Thorburn, Caldwell, ID

What a game!!! What a thrill!!! I've watched football for fifty some years and that game was among the best I've seen. The Broncos team and coaches deserve the national spot light. And I want to thank them for making it one of the most entertaining games ever. I loved the trick plays and the fact that the other team seemed to think because they were Big Ten that the Broncos would'nt be able to touch them. Boy did they get fooled!!! Yahoo!! Go Broncos! Lucy Ziemer

That was one of the most epic games ever played on a football field. What a tremendous show of heart and pride by the broncos. Now the rest of the nation knows who we are and how we play football here in Idaho! GO BRONCOS!!

George Thornborrow, Buhl, ID

Congratulations, Boise State! Though we now live deep in SEC country surrounded by Volunteers and Gators, we are proud to have called Boise home for 17 wonderful years. The Fiesta Bowl served us up a big juicy slice of Boise pie. What a spectacular game! We were yelling and cheering until the last play at 1:00am. That broadcast should win an Emmy award for Best Drama. What an incredible demonstration of talent, determination, sportsmanship, heart, and class. Thank you, Broncos, for the most amazing football game we've ever seen...and probably ever will see. Mike and Jan Hone, Celebration Florida

I have been a BSU fan since the mid 70's, and with all the great teams of the past, the 2006 Broncos have set a standard of play that may can NEVER be beaten. My hope is that it will equaled in the years to come.I talked with Karen Hall Korey's mom in April about the coaching change, she was nervous and I told her I wasn't it was going to a huge step forward as the last 3 changes were. In August, after studying the coaching staff and seeing the progress of the team I told her that the Broncos, if they beat San Jose State would go undefeated and win a BCS Bowl game. My confidence never wavered a moment. I called her this morning to remind her of it. She said the game was the most incredible event she had ever seen. I was online with a friend last night in Chicago making sure he too was watching the game when the Sooners scored to take the lead in OT, I told him keep watching you NEVER quit and victory was your destiny. All season long I have told him you were the team to watch, he believes in the Bronos now. Michael Bowman

I was rooting for Boise State as the underdog, andthat finish was amazing. But the MOST amazing play Ihave ever seen was the 4th and 2 play in overtime.With their undefeated record and Fiesta Bowl title onthe line, in what was likely to be their last playfrom scrimmage this season, Boise State sent theirquarterback IN MOTION to the left side, and hiked theball to a player who was not the quarterback and whohad not thrown a pass in a game all year. I have seenplays similar to the hook and ladder play that tiedthe game in regulation. These plays rarely acheive thelevel of success of Boise State's play, but I haveseen this play attempted. I have seen misdirectionplays such as the play Boise State used to score thetwo-point conversion in overtime, although rarely arethese plays pulled off with such skill and panache asthat exhibited by Boise State. But I don't recall everseeing a play for the winning touchdown where theQUARTERBACK went in motion before the play. CongratsBoise State, you deserved to win.

Roy Henninger, San Jose CA

From Pocatello, thank you Broncos for a Wonderful, fullfiling win and exciting, to the last minute Statement. Thanks to Coach Pete and the players for a real Class act in every respect. To the Coaches, your efforts really show, a special thank you..

Bart and Nola Emigh

I just want to say thank you to all the players and coaches that madelast night happen. I've been a fan for many years... Graduated fromBoise High and was a student at BSU 1995-1998. I'm a huge fan, I justlove college football and BSU is my team. I've taken ribbing frommany for my loyalty, and last night was beyond sweet... I'm stillsmiling!

Big Z major props for not even letting that interception phase you, Ihave to admit I feared the worst... My heart sank, I thought it wasover. That hook and ladder had me on my feet screaming at the top ofmy lungs! My 18 month old son even got in on it after he realized Iwas happy.

So today back at work without my voice I just want to say thank you toBSU for showing the country that football is not always about money.It's about heart, and there are still programs out there that takewhat they get, and mold them into Championship teams

Much love from our own little piece of Bronco Nation ...

Brooke Tess & Maddox ~ Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations Broncos….You guys played a great game. I'm not from your area but you made a believer out of me. You've shown the big schools that you belong….that all schools deserve a real chance to play for a national title, not just the schools from the conferences that helped setup the BCS.

Cedric Rudisill, Christainsburg VA

Dear Bronco nation -

As a University of Nevada alumnus (83, 87), I wanted to offer mycongratulations to a wonderful football team who has had a magical season.Not only did you have the better TEAM on New Years Day but you totallyoutclassed OU. THANK YOU for not responding to their woofing and smack andmaking your statement on the field where it counts. As a big time followerof college football, your team and fans and city display the true spirit ofcollege football. You stuck together, never gave up and supported oneanother all year. Many who could not go to Arizona attended the MPC Bowl andwere great fans rooting on my Wolf Pack. While I am still a true Silver andBlue Nevada man, BSU has won my respect and admiration for their outstandingseason and their classy behavior.

John Holman, Captain, US Navy

Congratulations! Baltimore, Maryland, loves Boise State! The Fiesta Bowl win was an American sports epic.

Joe Baniszewski, Baltimore, MD

I just wanted to say that was the best played game i have ever seen... you did really awesome keep up the good work.... im thinking about going to BSU after i get out of high school so yeah good job boys and we love ya all....

Amanda Peterson, Meridian

My grandfather was an All-American tight end for the University of Oklahoma. I attend all home football games for Oklahoma, and am a member of the Sooner O Club. I have seen every OU football game for the last 25 years. Congratulations on a great win and contributing to one of the most remarkable finishes in the history of college football. Take it from this die-hard Sooner. You out coached us, out hustled us, out played us physically. That is not a denigration of OU. We have a great coach, players with tremendous desire, and to a man, we are a physically tough team --- and we gave it our all against you. This is a compliment to Boise State. You deserved to win. You were the better team Monday night. Congratulations. Wade Burleson

Parents of two Notre Dame grads here in Beavercreek, Oregon. We have been fans of the never say die Broncos for several years now, so we were really pulling for you guys last night. Thank you for one of the most memorable events we have ever witnessed, not just in sports but in all of entertainment. It was phenomenal, not just for the athletics on the field, but for having the father of your football program there to witness it and having the hero of the game propose to his sweetheart at the end. There's not a director or author alive who could do it justice. This was the real deal! Mark May had the line of the night when he said "fifteen or twenty years from now, 400,000 people will say I WAS THERE!"

It's taters no more: Boise will forever be known as the Home of the Broncos!

The Park's

Congratulations Boise State for the best football game I have ever watched and maybe I speak for the entire country. Your unequivocal belief in your team, your university, your coaches and teammates is inspiring to us all. As we all that watched you perform your magic, we were all consumed in Bronco Spirit. You have earned the respect of the entire country, especially in that great State of Oklahoma. No more BS in OK!

Mike Kohut, Chico, CA

Having moved from Boise to Anchorage, Alaska 10 months ago this was a wonderful gift for the new year. I can't imagine a more wonderful event to occur for the city so devoted to their football team! Congratulations Broncos!!! I look forward to next season already!!! I really miss home!!!

Richard Dreese

This was a game worth staying up for! When I was in college at the University of Northern Iowa in the early 90's, I remember a play-off game or two pitting UNI against Boise State (I-AA at the time). Great victory last night, Broncos! By the way, if there are any BSU sweatshirts for sale in the Kansas City area, I'm buying one.

Derek Anderson, Overland Park, Kansas

Congratulations to the Boise State Broncos, Coach Peterson and hisstaff! You have made the whole State of Idaho proud!!!!! (Yes, evensome of those U of I people up north.) Not only did you win the Fiesta Bowlyou did it with style and class!!!!! The BSU Cheerleaders, BSU Band, and last but not least the Bronco fansshould also be congratulated! Your support has been incredible!Thanks to all of you for a job well done!

JoAnn Northup, Boise, ID

I'm writing from Atlanta, Ga. What a phenomenal game! You all should be so very proud of that team, each player, coach and fan who never gave up. What a great example of believe in yourself and your teammates, never say die, and perserverance. An instant classic! I'm an avid football fan and football mom, and I saw my son's high school team pull out 3 huge wins this year when they shouldn't have, playing bigger, faster, higher-ranked teams, coming from behind. Football like this teaches life lessons...I'm thrilled I got to see it. I was pulling for you all and I'm so happy for the outcome for all of you.

Margaret Lane

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are awe inspiring you have earned everything. The boyz believed in their leader, and Coaches had the nerve to call the plays that made us all proud of you. Thank you for the emotional roller coaster that left no doubt on the field in Glendale. Way to GO BRONCOS!! Z oh how you have grown and believed in yourself as others have, count me as a believer. Congrats,

Jorey Newcomb, Boise

I just wanted to congratulate Boise State on a wonderful year. That wasone of the most exciting football games I have ever seen. Even thoughI am not a BSU fan per say, but thank you for representing the Northwestso graciously, and showing everyone why games are played on the field.

Willie Johnson, Portland, OR

I am a Bronco admirer living in NYC. I played Division III football and have always admired the Broncos since the mid-80’s when they were contending for the 1-AA championship. I loved watching DaWuan Miller play on that 1994 team that went to 1-AA championship game. Everyone who follows college football is a fan of the Broncos and what they stand for.

Last night’s game was an example that is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. The Broncos did not quit and the Broncos played to win! That is so vital in life. We are so complacent. Coach Peterson in his post game comments talked about competing. Well, he sure gave me an example of competing by what those young men did on that field in Arizona. Even with Zabresky’s pass being run back for a TD, they did not stop competing, did not stop playing to win. The 4th down play in OT, the Statue of Liberty to win the game, the Broncos did not quit, did not stop competing, and they played to win.

The most telling thing for me is the way Coach Peterson shared the credit. He told a national television audience that the TD play at the end of regulation was called by the two back-up QB’s. Now, that’s leadership. A sign of a great leader is a leader who will share the credit. Man, did he!

I hope Coach Peterson will stay at Boise State. The Broncos are what Gonzaga is to major college basketball. Young men from all over North America are going to come to Boise to play. They are going to be part of the Broncos. I wish I was 20 years younger so I could walk-on at Boise. I’ll make sure to send my son. The Bronco program is going to continue to grow yet I hope it maintains its focus on what makes it a great program now, it’s people. Jared Z. Ian Johson, the entire Bronco nation. The rest of the world learned about what great people and great character, and that it comes from anywhere! As Mark Few of Gonzaga knows, and Coach Hawkins is learning, bigger isn’t better, better is better. The Broncos are just better and will continue to stay that way. Now, when tough times come in my life, just as they are now, and always will be, the memory of this game will pull me through. It’s already doing so now. At my bleakest moment I saw the way the Broncos competed and it totally changed my attitude. I almost did something completely stupid yet the Broncos did not give up, and for that I will not give up, I will not stop competing, I will not stop playing to win.

Thanks for the long-lasting memory, and the help

Anderson Fils-Aime, Richmond Hill, NY

Congratulations on the win! You earned it!

Hey all! It was a difficult decision on who to root for because I am a diehard Vandal Alum and football fan. In the end I decided to go for theunderdog who was playing for Boise and the state of Idaho. A long storyshort - I have never seen such an amazing football game where I was on theedge of my seat for four hours. Congratulations goes to the Boise Statefootball team and all involved! All I can say is WOW! They showed truededication and never gave up. That was a National Championship performanceand a wake up call to the big boys!

Scott Wilmonen, Meridian, ID

We yelled, we screamed, we cried, we saw the interception and felt sad, we saw the touchdown and we blew up, then we saw the Statue of Liberty and we could not sleep all night... In Utah, Sport Radio is trying to compare BYU or Utah to BSU....BSU has too much class right now.. Thankyou for the memories...I will never forget...Good job Broncos....

Marco Valle

Congratulations to the Boise State Broncos! What a game! Thanks for your hard work, guts and class! Bronco football has always had a fun team to follow. This year was the no exception and the Fiesta Bowl is the best game I've ever seen. I am surrounded by Nevada fans and more than a few doubters; even they are excited about the future of the WAC. Keep up the good work!

Johna Reeves, Class of 77, Battle Mountain, NV

Congratulations to Boise State University, the Broncos team, Coach Petersen, and his coaching staff for winning the Fiesta Bowl and for giving us the most exciting football game! Your determination to win and refusal to give up was simply astounding. I lived in Boise and followed the Broncos for 17 years. This was the best game ever! Since 1991, however, I have only been able to follow BSU sports in the newspaper, online, and on the rare occasion when a game appeared on ESPN. Seeing BSU in the Fiesta Bowl was exciting but that proved to be nothing compared to the excitement you gave us with your Championship performance! Ohio is my home state and I have been a life-long Buckeye fan, but this weekend I couldn't have been prouder of being a Boise State Bronco fan. FINALLY, everyone knows about Boise State University and I hope this will prompt the major networks to show a lot more BSU sporting events in all parts of the country. You have made a lot of new fans. THANKS FOR A GREAT MEMORY!!

Arlene McCloskey, Sandusky, Ohio

For the first time in my life, I willingly watched a football game all the way through. My husband and I were on the edge of our seats, He wore a BRONCOS baseball cap given to him by our son, Greg, who recently moved his family from California to Boise. As a Mom, I watched the game to support him and his family, but I ended up enjoying it every bit as much as my "football crazy" family. You guys are fantastic and played with all your heart. I hope it's only the beginning of what's to come. God Bless each of you! GO BRONCOS!!!!!

Susan Krueger, Modesto, California

I wanted to congratulate a group of players and coaches that played a magnificent season and played a game that will be talked about for years to come. You have done yourselves proud and brought a great amount of pride to your school, city, and our state. As an Idahoan I am proud to have such a wonderful group of people representing us. I look forward to many more productive years and GO BRONCOS!

Steve Anderson, Pocatello, ID

I have never seen such a great played game ever. Now they can't talk all the negative about how a small collage can't compete. I have been a boise state fan for 6 years since iI was stationed in mtn home. Thank you for such a great game

Adam Flaherty

Thanks for one the best football games I've ever gotten to see!

Michelle Dale

Congratulations for the greatest Football game in the history of Division I-A College Football .The game fittingly reminded me of two of the greatest Heavyweight Fights in History: Muhammed Ali vs. George Foreman in "The Rumble In The Jungle" in Kinshasa, Zaire, and "The Thrilla In Manilla", Muhammed Ali vs. Joe Frazier, in The Philippines. The coaches and players are too young to know about these Classic Fights. However; the way the coaches called the plays and the way the players executed, it would be easy to say they looked like Muhammed Ali at his absolute best in these two fights. As Zabransky passed to Drisan James who lateraled to Jerard Rabb and Ian Johnson grabbed the football from Zabransky and they all ran to the end zone on their separate plays, I could see and hear Muhammed Ali & his sidekick Bundini Brown saying, "Float like a Butterfly & Sting Like A Bee, Rumble Young Man, Rumble! When Muhammed Ali defeated Sonny Liston for the first time to win the World Heavyweight Championship he said, " I Shook Up The World"! "I Shook Up The World!! "Boise State Shook Up The World"!!!!!!!!! Boise State Shook Up The World!!!!!!!!! Congratulations,Billy SmithNashville, TN

WOW,What a game!!! CONGRATULATIONS BSU!!! From All in Reno, NVThat was probably the best game I have ever witnessed, I live in Reno, NV and was at the game when the Broncos dismantled our Wolf Pack andafter that game I told everyone this team is AWESOMEI thought they could beat OU, The only thing I thought that stood in their way was maybe the pressure of being in a big bowl game. Then in the third quarter things started to fall apart, I thought maybe they are out of gas and OU just wore them down. Then the interception everyonethought the game was over, I turned to my friend a said this team has huge heart, I wouldn't count them out yet, but it doesnt look good.Itwould take a mirical. And the rest is history !!! I looked around the room at peoples faces it looked like they had just seen the virgin mary. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

I want to thank BSU for representing the WAC in style and to an incredible team. You deserve to be National Champions if Ohio loses you have put the whole BCS in a dazzling confused Shock and Awe Enjoy your celebrations Way to Go BSU!!!!! It's been a pleasure and honor to watch this team this year!!!God Bless

Rick Anderson

I am an East Carolina University graduate and an avid BCS opponent. I can honestly say that I would never stay up to one in the morning to watch any other teams bowl game, than Boise State's. To do what you did and in such confident fashion, that was amazing. I strongly support a football playoff for teams like Boise State to have there chance at a National Championship. I have been a fan of the Broncos since your initial attempt earlier this decade to crash the BCS party. Since then I've rooted for the Broncos in every game televised here in NC. And have followed up on the scores of every game. I also am amazed no one has mentioned how Boise beat Oregon State easily, which was the same team that beat the mighty Trojans of USC who were long in the race for the title game. GO BRONCOS!!!

Nate and Katy Mayer, Fuquay, Varina, NC

“Broncos” you did it. 13-0, no one can say anything against our program now. I graduated from Boise State University in 1980. I live in Woodstock, Ga. And coach a local middle school football team. Last year when we played UGA I woofed to players, coaches and friends about our Broncos. I took my son and ten high school football players from the Woodstock High School football team to the game. Needless to say the results were far from what I wanted and expected. I endured a year of over rated taunts from everyone. Same thing happened until last night. During the game I received tex messages and calls from all the non-believers in support of our Broncos. At the end of the game the calls kept coming in on our Bronco victory. You have made believers down here in the heart of the blue blood programs. The kids on the football team know about the Broncos, and several said they would love to play for Boise. The recruiting door is now open, now Coach Peterson needs to step through the door, and recruit, because there is a lot of talent down here that will help continue the rich tradition of the Broncos. My son who played mike line backer says he going to walk on at BSU. Can a dad’s and a BSU Alumni dream come true? After last night, anything can and will happen.

Dennis E. White, Woodstock, Ga.

Speaking as a graduate of East Carolina U., you did all of the so calledmid-majors proud.It was one of the most exciting games I've ever seen. Go Broncos!

Allen McDavid, Greensboro, NC

As a 45 year Nebraska fan and Idahoan who is temporarily "dislocated" in California the game was double sweet - to see Oklahoma humbled (although if true to form they will find some excuse for the loss) and to have it done by the Bronco's - well it just doesn't come any better. The class displayed by the team, the staff and the fans showed the sports world what BSU and Idaho is really all about; First Class all of the way! How sweet it was to watch Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switsher have to eat crow on national TV - wasn't it great to see the feathers all over their mouths? The best complement was paid by ESPN sports staff when they couldn't decide who should get the hero sticker for the game and resorted to presenting a whole handfull of them to the players, the staff, the fans and every one else they could think of associated with the team and the school - what a complement from some commentators who were very cynical before the game. That was the best College - or any other football game - I have ever seen played. Congratulations Broncos and Boise. - By the way someone put a chain on Coach Peterson's leg so he can't get away!

Val Devitt

Way to go Broncos. You proved everyone wrong except BSU fans. We knew you could do it. You deserve a shot at the title. So what is the BCS going to do now, especially if Florida beats Ohio State. You are the heroes from Idaho. We are in the Marine Corps and we were stationed in Boise from 1998-2005 and then had to move overseas to Okinawa Japan. We got to see the game and we sure do miss Idaho and we will be back soon, keep up the great job and success and we will continue to watch your games overseas as much as they will air them. GO BRONCOS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have our support from overseas and from afar. The McGraw Family- John, Tonya, Brittany and Jason

Congratulations to Boise State’s players, coaches, faculty, staff, alumni, and student body. You have earned the respect of a nation in a few moments of play, and as a former student and staff member, I applaud you and your fantastic game.

Morgan Battisti, Columbus, Ohio

BSU you rock!!! that was the most intense game of college football that I've watched!!! Here's to the Bronco Nation!!!! Go Ian Johnsan that Statue of Liberty play was absolutely amazing!!!

Austin Bahr, Boise ID

Anyone that was at the "Fiesta Bowl" got their money's worth. The newspapers say "Ohio State is number 1. Cross out the "Ohio" and put "Boise" in there instead.

Keith Kersey, Florence, Oregon

An impressive victory and undoubtedly the best game played this century. This game matched the best game of the previous century wherein Oklahoma alsolost to Nebraska on Thanksgiving day 1971. As a Colorado fan any victory over Oklahoma was always relished. I also am relishing deserve a shotat Ohio State.

AL CORDOVA, Colorado Springs, CO

Yesterday was a big day for me yesterday because 2 schools I graduated from were playing in bowls. I watched the Rose Bowl with interest as "my" Trojans defeated the Wolverines. But my heart didn't start to pound until 5:30 PM (PST) when the Broncos took the field. I was spellbound for the next 5 hours as I saw skill, guts, determination and heart win the day. While USC has a pretty good football team, this Bronco showed that they are great! Thanks, Broncos, for stirring us all - and for reminding me that Boise will always be in my blood. Mike Davis - Irvine, CA BA Communication (BSU), 1986 MS Education from (USC), 1993

WOW – WHAT A WIN, BOISE STATE! Congratulations from Nittany Lion country. Absolutely awesome victory. WE LOVE YOU! Ken and Jan Wilson, State College Pennsylvania

It is not often that I will stay up and watch football, however, since BSU is my Alma Mater, when it was BSC, I always love to watch the games when I can. Last night at the Fiesta Bowl was an outstanding game! It was played with heart sole and is an inspiration for those who think that when you are down and out, just keep on trying and that is what the Bronco Nation did last night. It was such an exciting game that it took me two hours to wind down so I could go to sleep (since I am in the EST zone). Thank you Boise State Broncos for an exciting start to 2007. This was for sure, a real thriller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the post game show Chris Peterson and Ian Johnson showed that they are both a class act and ambassadors of good will for Boise State, The City of Boise and people of Idaho. They handled themselves well in the public forum and I have nothing but respect for both of these gentlemen. Thanks for an excellent start to 2007. Lou Hansen, Fairfield, OH

Boise State Broncos, WOW! We are so PROUD of you! I grew up in Boise, graduated from Bishop Kelly High School in 1972 and was fortunate enough to play an exhibition game on the BSU field. All of you gave an excellent exhibition on heart, determination, focus, playing as a team and playing with that Spirit within! You showed us the class and poise that we all strive for and is apparently alive and well in Boise Idaho! Thanks!.

Bill Baril, Orlando, Fl.

Congratulations Broncos and thank you for the most exciting college football game of the season.


Carl Medeiros

Honolulu, Hawaii

I just flew from Phoenix to San Francisco. I must have been patted onthe back 20 times by strangers congratulating me on the BSU win! Inoticed an Oklohoma player on the plane and decided not to approach him.He had Rufus Alexander nametags on his luggage. I realized it was thegreat Oklohoma defensive player. Rufus has a lot going for him I amsure. But, he did not have the burning pride I was feeling as the hookand ladder play, and the 2 point statue play kept playing over and overin my head. He did not feel my pride as a Boise State football fan, andhe did not feel the pride the whole state of Idaho is feeling.

Boise is the greatest city on earth to work in, and has one of the 5best football programs in the country. Thank you Broncos! Thank YouBSU coaches! Thanks for the unforgettable season!!!

Bryan Thompson, Nampa, Idaho

Undoubtedly one the most memorable games I've ever seen in my 53 years, and I say that as a native Oklahoman and die-hard Fresno State fan. In the last moments, right after BSU threw an interception to put Oklahoma ahead, the camera was on the BSU quarterback on the sideline and I could see in his eyes he wasn't finished.

Wow! I wasn't disappointed! The only "downer" I noticed was with the presentation of the trophy. During the game the cameras showed tournament officials unpacking the trophy from it's container over on the sideline and it was REALLY beautiful, elegant trophy about 4 feet high. But did you notice that when the chairman of the Fiesta Bowl committee presented the trophy to the BSU coach, he broke off the football on the top of the trophy and handed it to the coach, leaving about 3 and a half feet of trophy sitting on the stage?

Oh well. There was certainly nothing broke on the Boise State Football team.

Get going, Broncs!

Ray Foster, Cathedral City, CA

Congratulations to the Bronco's!! At the end of a day of mediocre college football, thanks for capping off the day with an unbelieveable football game. My son and I watched cover to cover as you outplayed, outhussled, outcoached and showed more heart than the Sooners. It was so interesting to see Coach Stoops' level of frustation increase with each passing minute of that historic fourth quarter and overtime, compared to seeing Coach Peterson's level of confidence and presence grow with each passing minute. With so many players from Southern California on your team, who chose to play for the Boise State Broncos, this victory speaks volumes of the work that the Bronco's coaching staff has done in recruiting and preparing young men to play at the highest level of Div 1-AA NCAA football. Enjoy the victory and all the praise and expectations that comes your way. Tom Lu - Yorba Linda, California

Ha. Score another one for the great Pacific Northwest. Best game in ages.

Dale Leavitt, Yokohama, Japan

Congratulations!! I was born and raised in Idaho and am so proud of what your team did last night. You showed an amazing amount of heart, determination and teamwork. You deserve all of the honor and respect of any football team in the nation. I’d even argue that you deserve more because you had more to prove! And what a finish!! What I commend you on most is that you never gave up. You looked your opponents in the eyes and told them you weren’t finished, not even close. Thanks for playing so hard and well. Congratulations once again.

Lorin Moser, Salt Lake City, UT

WAY TO GO!!! – For 4 ½ hours it was the most awesome football game. You made Boise State, your parents, and ALL of IDAHO proud. I am just honored to have watched it and also to be a born and raised Idaho kid. Thanks!!!

Sandy Edwards

Congratulation Boise Broncos from Macon, Georgia (formerly Boise resident)! You were awesome. Wish this would have been the year you had played the University of Georgia Bulldogs, you would have won for sure. You make us proud and we miss living in your wonderful city. Hope you have a fabulous time celebrating. Just think, people will be talking about this game for years…you’ve made history. BOISE BRONCOS are the National Champs!

Shari & Billy English, Macon, GA

The best game ever - we can't stop talking about it. Congratulations!

Mike and Judi Hertz , Portland, Oregon

as a 55 year old former idaho vandal, i used to subscribe to the stancethat if boise state played the russians, i would be for the russians. but,of course, that was during the cold war. times have changed and i havemoved on as well and for the past several years, have greatly enjoyedwatching bsu pound on various opponents on espn.

what impresses me the most about boise state's football team is theintegrity with which they play. there is no taunting, no individualdemonstrations, no whining, no trash talking, all of which are sopervasive in other leagues and sports. former coach hawkins and now coachpetersen are to be lauded for teaching young men not only how to play teamfootball, but how to act in the process. the broncos are a credit to thestate of idaho, the western athletic conference and all of the "davids"who exist in a world of "goliaths."

Neil Stevens, Henderson, Nevada

As a high school tennis player in Lewiston in the early 1960s, our team would travel by bus to Boise every spring to play in the Idaho Stae High School Championships on Boise State's campus. Ever since those great experiences, I have rooted for Boise State's athletic teams. But nothing, I mean NOTHING, compares to the great win over Oklahoma last nite here in Arizona. The Broncos have to be the proudest football team in the country right now. Since, unfortunately the #1 ranking will probably end up going to the winner of the BCS Championship Bowl, without a doubt, BSU deserves, as a minimum, the #2 ranking. The entire state of Idaho should be VERY proud!

A. S. (Sandy) Farquhar, Tucson, AZ

I just want to say to you Boys…..AMAZING..AMAZING AMAZING……This was undoubtedly the best football I have ever witnesses. The only thing I can say is I wish I could have been there live to see it….Congratulations and keep up the good work…..

Syndi Jackson

I wasn't sleeping and just turned on the tv to see that you and OK werein the final minute of regulation play. I watched the last threeunsuccessful tries at downs and thought the favored team would go on towin with 18 and goal on 4th down. Not to be! Your team played like a teamwith heart--to say nothing of skill and evidence of hard work.Congratulations for that memorable overtime win. Personally, I hope thatwhen the UoL Cardinals win the Orange Bowl tonight in Miami that it isnot nearly so exciting!

Barbara Nicholas, Louisville, KY

I cannot begin to express how much joy that the entire Bronco's squad has brought me with this history making season. I am a retired Navy Master Chief living in Oak Harbor, Washington which is primarily a town of Navy Pilots and those who support them. All of these folks sport their college flags and talk about how great their football teams are and snicker at my Boise State Broncos flag which is flown proudly from my home. When I comment on what a great team BSU has and the impressive record they have had over the past years I always hear comments like "That's nice, but they wouldn't last against a real college team." Well thank you Broncos, they all will be eating their words for a long time to come. You showed all of the traits that a true championship team has, determination, strength, perseverance, and class. To all of you my most sincere thanks, appreciation and best wishes for continued success both on and off the field. David Thomason, Oak Harbor, WA

I grew up in Parma, ID and have been following the Bronco's since I was 8 years old. I am so very proud of all of you guys!! My heart is just busting with pride and happiness after that dramatic win. I live now in Nashville, TN, and even though I follow the Vols, it is still wonderful to come back to my roots as a Bronco Fan. I watch every BSU game possible. Congratulations and Thank You for one of the best game I have ever seen. I witnessed a Music City Miracle, now there has been a Boise State Miracle...AWESOME!! GO BIG BLUE!!

Mike Modine, Nashville, TN

Congratulations for the greatest Football game in the history of Division I-A College Football .The game fittingly reminded me of two of the greatest Heavyweight Fights in History: Muhammed Ali vs. George Foreman in "The Rumble In The Jungle" in Kinshasa, Zaire, and "The Thrilla In Manilla", Muhammed Ali vs. Joe Frazier, in The Philippines. The coaches and players are too young to know about these Classic Fights. However; the way the coaches called the plays and the way the players executed, it would be easy to say they looked like Muhammed Ali at his absolute best in these two fights. As Zabransky passed to Drisan James who lateraled to Jerard Rabb and Ian Johnson grabbed the football from Zabransky and they all ran to the end zone on their separate plays, I could see and hear Muhammed Ali & his sidekick Bundini Brown saying, "Float like a Butterfly & Sting Like A Bee, Rumble Young Man, Rumble! When Muhammed Ali defeated Sonny Liston for the first time to win the World Heavyweight Championship he said, " I Shook Up The World"! "I Shook Up The World!! "Boise State Shook Up The World"!!!!!!!!! Boise State Shook Up The World!!!!!!!!! Congratulations,

Billy Smith, Nashville, TN

Just wanted to say congratulations to the broncos!! i live in Oklahoma City and I am a life long sooner fan, however i had lived in Boise for a few years and followed the Broncos closely, i told all my family and friends thats this wasnt going to be a easy game, of course they didnt beleive me, this was the best game i have ever seen, i wish my sooners wouldve of pulled it out, but the broncos were the better team. again congrats Broncos form the sooner nation, and good luck next year!! Rick Williams

Congratulations to Boise State!

Your team was rock solid throughout the entire game. We were flat out-played! The Fiesta Bowl trophy couldn't have gone to a better team. Congratulations again!

Candice Lambert, Norman, Oklahoma

You guys deserve every accolade! For years Boiseans said BSU was that good, but you were the team that proved it! Congratulations and thank you.

Garrett Ott, Boston, MA

I jumped out of my chair and immediately called my Dad to see if he'd seen it.. the hook and ladder play. I haven't done that after a sports play in years.

To call this a Cindrella story or major upset would be an ignorant statement by someone who has not witnessed the growth of a rising program. On top of that, it appears to be an ascent done the right way.

To top it all of, Johnson's proposal was a befitting end to what appeared as a great family victory. Sports purists nationwide applaus mightily, and send an apology to Ohio State and Florida. The best game of the year has been played..the National Champion Crowned.

Jake Query, Indianapolis, Indiana

What an incredible game!! From one displaced Boise fan living in Husker country, I say "WOOHOO" for the Bronco's and Coach Pete! After many weeks of listening to and reading the less than flattering press in this part of the country towards BSU, I for one am glad to see a little crow being eaten! I never doubted that the Bronco's had it in them, and thanks to last night's performance, now the nation knows there is more to BSU than it's blue field! Congratulations, Boise State University! I'm looking forward to many, many more years of fabulous football from the Broncos! Ginger Guilfoyle, Omaha, Nebraska (formerly of Boise)

What an amazing football game. I will remember it for the rest of mylife. I stayed up until the end (past midnight) despite having to get uptwo hours later and commute to Houston to work, and it was well worth it. I thought last year's Rose Bowl was the most exciting game I had everwitnessed, but last night's game was better. I don't think my heart cantake anything more exciting. Makes me wish I was a BSU alumni, eventhough I'm from Texas.

Ed Reed, Orange, Texas

My wife asked me early in the day, "why aren't you watching any of thegames?" - I responded by stating I was really only interested in the FiestaBowl, she asked "why?"! I finally got her to sit down and watch midway thruthe fourth quarter......this University of Washington Huskie fan is NOW aBSU BRONCO fan.......BIG TIME!!

Congratulations to the entire BSU football family, especially the coachingstaff - they out-coached, out-smarted the entire Oklahoma football program!!

Tabb Randolph, Woodland, CA

What excitement, what a roller coaster, WHAT A GAME! It was good to see a great team beat the uniformed UO. I'm a transplant from Idaho and watched U of Oregon beat the Sooners this season…that was great to see, but you BEAT them; no controversies! No contest!

You all played with heart and in a style that should wake up your 2007 opponents. Congratulations to the whole team, the individuals who demonstrated they could get down and dirty and to the coaching staff…Just remarkable!!!

Go Big Blue.

Brent McMullin

Having lived in Idaho for 22 years and followed the Broncos the entire time, made watching the Fiesta Bowl a dream come true. I now live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Being able to witness the most incredible game ever played, I feel honored to say, I lived in Idaho. I've coached optimist football in the 80's on the "Blue" and can honestly say there is no other stadium in the country that compares. I believe the entire country now knows who Boise State is, including the University of Oklahoma Sooners. It's no longer a dream. It's reality. GO BLUE!!

Steve Jones, Scottsdale, Arizona

I have been trying to teach my 11 year old son the valuesof courage and not giving up.We were rooting forBoise because we wanted them to send a message to the BCS about having a playoff system by going undefeated. After Zabransky threw the interception near games end Ithought it was over for Boise in spite of my teachings.Ikept the game on only because I wanted to hear the post game interviews. When the near miraculous hook and ladder play lead toa touchdown my son jumped up and yelled "dad they can do it"....After the 2 point statue of liberty play that won the game my son cried out "Courage and not giving'sright there ..I get it." Hopefully this may be a landmark experience for him thathelps guide his life to a successful future. Congratulations and many thanks from a grateful parent. Jerry Silverman, Glendale Ca.

I attended night classes from BSU while in the Air Force. I have always had fun claiming the Broncos as one of my schools. Living in Alabama we love our football, now the people here know there is more than a blue field in Boise. Congratulations on a great game!!!!!! Steve Hood, Mount Olive, Alabama

Congratulations from Buckeye fans in Seattle. Boise State looked so impressive and deserves a shot at Ohio State. It would be a great game and Boise State would have a legitimate chance to win. You proved that the David and Goliath media hype was just a myth, by playing at least as strong in the trenches as the Sooners and showing at least as much athletisicim. Also, what tremendous play calling! You all played like true champions and it will be a game everyone will always remember watching. Chip Augello, Port Orchard, WA

Congratulations to the Broncos and all of their fans. You did it right. To anyone that knows anything about Boise State and the WAC are not at all surprised at the outcome. You guys are awesome!! You did us all proud.

Ken Peaslee, Fresno State Bulldog fan

Congratulations to Boise State from two bronco alumni in the Washington, D.C. area. The game was absolutely the best game we have ever seen and without a doubt worth staying up past 1am. Your determination and heart throughout the season has converted many east coast fans. Thanks for making college ball exciting and fun. Our new family motto is......Never Give Up! Way to go Broncos!

Mitch & Marti Miles

Even though I have not lived in Idaho for 25 years my family remains. The gutsy way the team played and came back made me proud to say I was born and raised in Idaho! Having to watch Big 12 football here in the Midwest, I can tell you that the win vs Oklahoma was a huge upset considering the tradition and the way they manhandle the rest of the Big 12 teams. My aunt and uncle have season tickets and my uncle has cancer and what a special gift this night was for him.

Thanks Broncos!

Bob McDonald, Columbia, MO

Congratulations Broncos! You guys were awesome!!! You all went out there to make a point…I’d say, “POINT TAKEN!!!”

Julie and Mark Travis, Mountain Home

Go Orange Go Big Blue!!

We live up north in Vandalville and had to watch the game on the computer via a FOX feed out of San Francisco. We pulled up the piano bench and all gathered around the 6 inch fuzzy picture for the best football game I’ve ever seen! Thanks Broncos!! We’re proud to wear our colors in Moscow.

Anne Scott

BSU Alum ‘89

There was no better place to watch this game than right here in the stadium at the Fiesta Bowl. There are no words to describe what unfolded in the game against the Sooner Nation. The players, coaches, and fans showed up for one of the best college football games to ever be played.

As a BSU bronco alum (1978) I must say that my wife and I watched the greatest group of kids put together a total team effort to beat the mighty Sooners. They did not give up. They believed in each other. They listened to the coaches - and Jared - you perhaps have grown the most in your years at Boise State.

Great job to all involved in the biggest win in the history of Boise State.

And as for Ian - you better get started knitting that wedding dress!!

Joe and Nina Dunkle, Nampa, Idaho

As an alum, class of 82, I could not be more proud of all of you hard working, dedicated guys! You've made BSU, Boise and the State of Idaho very proud!!!

Randy Robinson, Palo Alto, CA

I lived in Boise for over twenty years before relocating to South Florida. Last night the Broncos made the whole country sit up and take notice of their exceptional program. Congratulations BSU for the best game I have ever watched and for making all us feel so proud.

You have always been #1 in my book and now you are there with the rest of the country !

Best Regards,

Donald Lassaw, Boca Raton, Florida

Way to go BSU! That was simply the greatest bowl game ever played - andthat's coming from a Texas Longhorn fan who thought he had seen it in lastyear's National Championship.

Curt Harris, Dallas, TX

Congratulations to the Boise State Broncos on stunning victory last night!!!! You showcased how a real team gets it done- with giftedness, guts, grit and above all, unrelenting doggedness that the big dogs lacked. You've indeed left sports fans with a legacy, capping your fantastic season with a jewel of a game. We were amazed, even the Dutch side of us who thought he knew real football ; ) How we ever fell asleep after it was over, we'll never know. We'll be looking for the DVD!, thankfully, some of those Ohio State fans around here can see how great football is really played. Silence. Finally.

From huge fans in Cleveland, Ohio, Elizabeth and Ton van den Bogert Go #80!

Class of 1988, B.A., Economics. You make us proud. Thank you for yourtenacity.

Doug Warr

As an 1977 BSU graduate residing in New England, I don't often get the chance to follow the Broncos with live TV coverage. Yesterday, with great pride, I held a BSU Bowl Party so that my UConn friends and I could get together to cheer on my beloved under graduate school. What a terrific show our guys put on! The great team work, sense of unwavering duty, and dedication to the task at hand was a real pleasure to observe. The skill and cunning provided by the team and coaches was a real treat for all to see. After 30 years I still wear my BSU sweatshirt, even though it's now full of paint and grease stains - guess I need a new (and larger) replacement to keep up the BSU Bronco pride in Connecticut. Joe Thon

Great game Broncos! You guys played excellent and had an amazing season. With the undefeated season, the thrashing of Oregon State, and the Fiesta Bowl win, why not more talk of the National Champions being in Boise? Mid-major BYU got it in '84, I think you guys deserve it in '07!

Daniel Jensen Elk Grove, CA

As a long-time Oklahoman, I want to congratulate the Boise State team for a great game!You have great hearts, and great skills, too. Best of luck in the future!

Jeannine Bettis, Oklahoma City

You stole our hearts, you stole our breath, and you awoke America and gave them a thrilling ride!!! We could not sleep all night and today our mouths hurt from smiling!!! WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD AND IN AWE OF YOUR EFFORTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!! Our hearts are beaming and bursting with pride! We love you Broncos!!!! The nation has warmed up to you and, Ohio State win or lose, you are DEFINITELY No. 1!! Soak in the unbelievable emotions and enjoy! Bronco Alumni ’94.

Valerie N. Charles, Boise

I wanted to congratulate the Broncos on an outstanding game played and an outstanding win! The coaching staff had the guts to call the plays to win, and the players executed and left nothing on the field. I am a die hard Oregon Duck, but I felt proud of your performance, and how well you represented the northwest and the national (minus Oklahoma)! Again, congratulations on winning the best game ever played!

Brian Martin, McMinnville, Oregon

Don't underestimate those boys from Idaho! Years ago I moved from Texas to Idaho and expected the Idaho athletic programs, especially football, to be mediocre. It didn't take long for me to recognize I was wrong. I saw a lot of talent, but more than that, I was amazed by the drive and almost crazy determination in the players. Now the rest of the country is agreeing with me, there's nothing mediocre about Idaho football. Thanks Boise State, for reminding the nation why we love college football. It's not about the big names, money or the best recruits, college football is about tenacity, heart, and believing in your team. Way to go Broncos!

Melissa Rollins (Springville, Utah)

Since I travel to Boise quite a bit on business, I adopted BSU as my "team away from home" second only to my beloved University of Kentucky Wildcats (and boy did they give it to Clemson in the Music City Bowl!). At 1:15 am Eastern Time, wy wife ran to the basement of our Prospect, KY home since she thought I was being murdered because I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Thanks BSU for perhaps the greatest college game I've ever seen! What a tremendous win for BSU and the beautiful city of Boise!

Go Broncos!

Quint Fawbush

Congratulations from an old Montana Grizzly. Last night's game was the most exciting I've ever seen. The ending was amazing but the team's play throughout proved that Boise State is one of the best in college football. Forget about Florida, Boise State should have gotten its chance against Ohio State.

Back in the day we Griz used to cringe about big, rich, tough Boise and take some solace in beating them on occasion. To find myself jumping up and down cheering for Boise last night was something I wouldn't have envisioned 10 years ago.

I live in Missoula and used to share a Christmas Eve toast at Missoula's Stockmans Bar with Pokey Allen each year. We still toast Pokey's memory and inspiration each year at the same time and place.

Congratulations on an amazing game.

Brad Colberg

Truly, that game was a heart-stopper. Living in San Diego, I can remember the two plays that Boise State ran last night - both which involved the Chargers in the Dan Fouts-Don Coryell era. The Hook and Lateral: The ESPN radio ran reminded the listeners that the Miami Dolphins used that play against the Chargers in the Jan. 2, 1982 playoff game in Miami, which closed out the first half in a memorable playoff game, which the Chargers won in overtime, 41-38. Who can remember #80 TE Kellen Winslow being helped off the field minutes after the game concluded on a Rolf Benirschke FG? The Statue-of-Liberty play: Dan Fouts used that play in a 1982 regular season game at San Diego vs. Cincinnati. That was a Monday night game, and the radio announcers, Jack Buck and Hank Stram, called the action for the national radio audience. Stram told the listeners about "the old Statue of Liberty" play, which worked beautifully. That was also a high-scoring game, which was also won by the Chargers, 50-34. No matter what happens during the rest of the bowl season, last night's game/win by Boise State will top them all. Cheers to the Broncos. They've earned the respect of the football world. William Blakeslee, San Diego, CA

Congratulations to Boise St. and the entire state of Idaho. We here in Hermiston Oregon were cheering on the Broncos right along with you. Way to go Jared and the entire Boise St. Team. We are proud of you!

Cindy, Alex & Mitch Thompson, Hermiston, Oregon

What a victory!!! Congratulations to the team, Boise State University, and the entire state of Idaho. This is not just a victory for BSU but for all of us in the West who feel slighted by the BCS. I have followed BSU football since I attended Boise State in 1988-1989 and have seen heartbreak of an unbeaten season in 2004 ruined by a Liberty Bowl loss to Louisville in another close game and I have seen the glory of other great seasons. But this the epitome of it all, beating a physically tough and disciplined team as Oklahoma while showing the world that WE BELONG IN THE BCS!!!!

Allen Pahl, Grantsville, UT

CONGRATULATIONS to a brave and courageous football team representing your University, City, State and Conference. I was boosting for you all the way from Clemson territory of SC. So exciting to see a WAC team show a great team like Oklahoma that they can be upset. All of you were GREAT as you played with all of your hearts and strength. Wear your win with great, great pride!!!!!

Milton Harrington, Taylors, South Carolina

That was a game that you can never forget nor deny its greatness. I don’t know how many Oregonians I’ve met today that have now have total respect for Boise State. It almost makes me want to move back home to Boise to be a committed, hometown member of the Bronco Nation. If it wasn’t for an absolute need to play golf year round and my coffee dependency requiring a Starbucks® on every street corner, I’d be back home permanently. I’m very seriously happy for Jared Zabransky, the entire team, Coach Petersen, and especially Lyle Smith. Outstanding job!

Marry the cheerleader, leave the WAC

Robert W. Hopkins, BSU Alumnus

After following your fantastic season all year, after losing the Fiesta Bowl with a minute thirty to go, after losing it again after Adrian Peterson's run and then winning it in glorious fashion, one can only recall the words that Joe Starkey used after "The Play" at the end of the 1982 Cal/Stanford Game - "Oh my God, the most amazing, sensational, traumatic, heart rending... exciting thrilling finish in the history of college football!" I'm still hoarse and I was watching in my living room. Congratulations on the never give up spirit shown by the gutsy Bronco team. I'm proud to claim honorary membership in Bronco Nation.

Ira J. Waldman, Los Angeles, CA

What a win! I think this is the absolute BEST group of players and coaches that could be assembled together to represent Boise State and our city and state. I grew up in Boise and thought I was an Idaho fan until I went to college at ISU in Pocatello. But, in the past eight years since we've returned to this great city, we've been convinced continually that Boise State is the team to watch. They're serious about football, but they're also serious about building a quality program with quality players. Our children, four and six year old boys love to watch football with us and I believe that every one of these players and coaches are awesome role models for them. We have been so impressed with the level of performance expected from these players both on and off the field. Our boys are always talking about Ian Johnson and we all love to watch him. He is our all time favorite! Congratulations to him on this achievement, and on the engagement! And congratulations to Boise State for the most amazing win we may ever witness!

Nancy Fehringer

I grew up playing football on the blue smurf turf for Borah High. I have followed BSU Football all of my life. I have since moved to Los Angeles, CA and attended the National Championship game last year which was the BEST game I have ever seen in my life and could have gone down as the greatest game ever played...until now. BSU stepped up and showed what the little man can do for a change. They took back their lunch money and left the BCS bullies with a bloody nose. In my book this is the greatest game ever played in the history of NCAA Football. I was excited for Texas when they beat U$C in 2006, but I have never yelled and screamed so much in my life, and I was in my living room watching the game. I have worn those colors with pride and always will. CONGRATULATIONS BSU!

Robert Wood

Coach Peterson, Staff and Football Team,

Congratulations on your Fiesta Bowl Championship and your perfect 13-0 season!

I am confident I am not alone in believing that I witnessed the best college football game ever...last night in the 2007 Fiesta on television.

I KNOW that your team was the best prepared team that I have ever seen. To remain so poised...after so many peaks and valleys, and get the job done is a real tribute to your coaching staff and players!

What a thrill for your University, your program, your fans, your supporters and your families! What inspiration you have renewed for all coaches and athletes!

Mike Phillips

Way to go BSU I recently moved from Boise to Pennsyvania, there is no Cinderella about spanking OU. You out hustled, out coached, and out played them from the opening bell and deserve to mentioned with the elite teams in the country. Get PSU on the schedule, I'm there!

Mike Davis

Since playing for Boise State in 1978, I have observed the progressionof this program from regional powerhouse to a national powerhouse. Lastnight, sitting in a living room filled with PAC 10 fans the 2006-2007Boise State Broncos made believers out of the group. Boise State is oneof the premiere football programs in the nation. Congratulations to theplayers, coaches and the Boise State University Bronco Nation.

Clay Farr

Wow! What a game! I lived in Boise for 12 years in the 70's & 80's andI attended many games then. Congratulations to Boise and the BSUBroncos for a truly stunning win!

Doug Honeyman

HAH! Oklahoma was out-played & out-coached by a supposedly inferior Boise State team. I loved it! Congratulations! Mike McInerney, Lucerne, CA.

I agree with Barry Switzer when he said that “Coach Peterson should be the Bowl’s MVP”.

What composure, play calling and class act throughout the whole Fiesta experience. Thanks Coach Pete and BSU staff and players for winning with style and grace.

Even if you would have come up short on points – your classiness and style won the hearts of many admirers.

Rod Lowe, Greenleaf

Congratulations on a great win by a great team.

Ralph Whittle, Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations on a wonderful game and victory in the Fiesta Bowl. Wow! What an exciting game! We fell in love with your team when you came to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. Great Team and Great Fans. Again, Congratulations and wishing you'all Much Success in the Future.

Bonnie Walker, Memphis TN

Congratulations on a great season and a super great Fiesta Bowl win. I am not too much of a football viewer however, my boyfriend convinced me to watch because BSU was such an underdog and he believed that BSU had a chance to win the game. We watched every minute of the game and could not stopped watching even if we wanted to because I knew that we were viewing something very special. This was one of those times that you'll never forget where you were on January 1st 2007, a feel good moment that will last a lifetime. I hope this game will expose the many flaws that a poll system possesses and that it is time for a playoff to be put into place so the championship can be decided on the field. Last night's game proved that there is room for all schools to be considered to be part of the championship process. It would have been a complete shame had BSU played a team with a 7-6 record because biased pollsters considered the WAC to be inferior and not deserving to be even mentioned with the likes of the "other" conferences. BSU and OSU would have been the greatest match up in the history of college football but that decision would have took guts for the pollsters to make and we know they don't have any! Again, congratulations to the entire state of Idaho. Anthony Gee, Peru, NY

Holy Bronco!! I am a Wisconsin Badger fan living in Tucson. I thought the Badgers (now 12-1) didn't get much respect this year, but it pales compared to the Broncos!! The Fiesta Bowl was simply the best football game I've ever seen, bar none! I hope my Badgers wind up in the top 5...but the Broncos should certainly be NUMBER ONE in my book! I can't begin to image the Buckeyes doing anything to top Bronco Showtime! Jim Jindrick, Tucson, Arizona

Holy dramatic finishes, Batman! What an incredible game the Broncos played. Congratulations to the Boise State players, coaches, and fans! As an alumnus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and lifelong supporter of the Huskers who sat through a number of disappointing losses to the Sooners, I enjoyed watching the Broncos execute the hook-and-ladder flawlessly, a play that OU used at the conclusion of the 1976 game to defeat NU and I have been cursing the name of OU tailback Elvis Peacock ever since. Although it was thirty years in coming, the Broncos showed me there is truth in the maxim, “what comes around goes around.”

Rod Krogh, Lincoln, NE

Way to go, BSU!! It was awesome to watch you play while living in watch you show you HAVE THE STUFF!! We couldn't be more proud to call Idaho home!! Congrats to all the team players, coaches and support staff. Terrific job, well done and you make us proud! Ryan and Judy Leonard

WOW, What a game. I am a former Boise resident for 14 years and had to move to Tx.Great heart, great coaching. Made very proud to say I was from Id. Thanks John Myers Cleveland, Tx.

Congratulations Boise State. I follow you as often as you are on tv, and admire your program. Congratulations, and keep up the good work. Bob Schiller, Dayton, Ohio

That was the single greatest football game I've ever seen in my life. Wow. Consider me part of the Bronco Nation.-Charlie Hill, Princeton alum, NY, NY

That was my Superbowl, some games you can just tell it's going to be a real humdinger! But I never thought in my wildest dreams that ya'll were going to pull it off. I always go for the little guy with the big heart as sports is 99.9 Heart and 1% luck and timing is everything. You guys real took it to them, cause you believed and now we do too!

David M. Leal, Stuttgart, Germany

I honestly can’t believe how much this game has affected me! All day, I have been reading the reviews from the sports pundits and the congratulations from fans (new and old) from far and wide – a lot of the commentary bringing me nearly to tears with pride. What a wonderful, heart-stopping, fun, exciting, energetic and courageous game last night! I had been so nervous for the Broncos in the days preceding this big game – I prayed through the whole game – cried, yelled, cursed and clenched my jaw until I thought it would break. The Broncos are just what we need as a nation right now, and the win could not have come at a better time. Thank you Broncos…what a spectacular game, an incredible team, and an unbelievable victory! You have made me even more proud to be a lifelong Boisean, an Idahoan, part of the “Bronco Nation” and a fan! GO BRONCOS!!!

Amy C. Hobson

Simply amazing! Where did you guys get those brick walls you call youroffensive and defensive lines? As a die-hard SEC Football fan, I have seensome great games, but this is the greatest since Alexander whipped thePersians. Congratulations from Guntersville, Alabama.

Regards, Marc Neuffer

As a 1965 and 1968 “Old Bronco Football Player” it was tremendous to see how my small college has grown into a national power house in football. What a great game and also a thrill to see my previous coach Lyle Smith still cheering on the team. Our team and coaches showed courage, class and most of all guts to run some of those flea flicker plays. I can’t wait until next year to knock off University of Washington.

Patrick & Chris Deja, Port Angeles, WA

Congratulations from Glendale, Arizona to a fine and exciting football team for “Winning this one for all the little guys who never made it this far.” My family and I live in Peoria, Arizona, just up the road from the University of Phoenix Stadium. I told my son before the game that this is going to be like watching HOOSIERS. Boy was it ever. What an absolutely exciting game with a tremendous outcome. I know that men are not supposed to show emotion, but I definitely had tears in my eyes at the end of the game. I have kind of followed the past few seasons of BSU on sportscenter and the occasional game on ESPN or FOX Sportsnet in our area. Your team and program have definitely caught the attention of all the big cigars and the high and mightys of the NCAA, the Pollsters, and the BCS. You definitely deserve all the accolades and recognition for your performance and CERTAINLY the RESPECT from all the major universities. Your recruiting program will heap big rewards from this win.

Again, congratulations and hoping for continued success of your program.

Gary M. Pavlovich

Congrats on a marvelous victory. It's the best college football game that I have ever watched. Your team neve gave up, never folded. Instead you believed and showed the world your heart--excellent mettle! Great job! Armando De La Garza in St. Louis

Great win. You guys played a great game. Hope you make the BCS next year.

Billy Teal, Huber Heights, OH

Congratulations! The character that was displayed yesterday was tremendous. I will be telling my kids never to give up, no matter what the circumstances, in no small part due to this game. All of the Broncos are terrific. Ian is awesome! Coach Pete's humble statement during the trophy ceremony was also inspirational.

Aaron Book, Boise

From the world of the ACC and a long time University of Maryland fan, congratulaions to Boise State on playing one of the greatest football games ever played! It was without a doubt a great ending to a great story. You have a fan forever! John Marcous

Greetings from Reno, the home of the second best team in the WAC. It was an honor and a joy to watch the Broncos win the greatest college football game I’ve seen in my 52 years on this planet. I loved every moment, including Ian Johnson’s proposal on national TV. If he is looking for a best man, tell him to give me a call! I will proudly wear the orange and blue!

Steve Hyatt, Reno, Nevada

The day after watching this game I'm still saying to myself "Wow what a game!". You guys showed at the Fiesta Bowl that outcomes aren't determined by experts or statistics, but on the field. Congratulations Boise State, your determination and imagination has truly inspired football fans not only across the United States but throughout the world as well.

D.J. Sun, San Jose, California

THE MOST amazing game!! Thank you for the inspiration! As a Hawaii Warriors and WAC fan, I'm proud to have a WAC team represent so well!! Thanks guys, you've truly inspired millions with your game!

Bart Hatler, San Francisco, CA

Last night was undoubtedly the best and most exciting football game I ever watched on TV. I may be a little biased. I lived in IF for 10 years and have a daughter who has two degrees from BSU and now teaching in Meridian. I will certainly be following the Broncos next year.

Marshall Beers, Lebanon, PA

Holy Moly - Dare I say perhaps one of the greatest games ever? Living in the western Pennsylvania area where football is king, I have to tell you that last night's game was one of the gutsiest performances I have ever seen. There have been no Super Bowls or other college bowl games that I can recall that have come even close to the drama and heart stopping action that you imparted in that game. The team members will serve as the basis for many wonderful conversations about the little guy coming up big. It's all about heart - BSU has it, OSU did not. Congratulations and hold out for the big bucks when Disney comes after you for the movie rights. You've earned them. Bob Grossman, Pittsburgh, PA

Mega-congratulations to the Boise State Broncos for showing such heart and grit to win one of the most entertaining football games I've ever seen! There's no doubt in my mind that, given the opportunity to play, BSU could pull off another such win over Ohio State - or any other school for that matter! The Broncos have my vote for #1 in the country!

Nora Schwab, Fair Oaks CA

As a University of Nebraska graduate my two favorite teams have alwaysbeen Nebraska and whoever plays Oklahoma. Now I can see that was for avery good reason!Congratulations on a great game and a great season. You guys are #1 inmy book.

Gary Leeder, Ventura, CA

I would just like to thank BSU for an unbelievable performance and victory in what will go down as one of, if not the, best bowl game ever. My wife and I have a cabin in Swan Valley, Idaho, and through our visits, we’ve met so many fantastic people from all over the state. And seeing how many supporters from Idaho came to Glendale, Arizona to cheer on their beloved Broncos didn’t surprise me at all. That’s what we’ve come to learn from the people living in Idaho. I just hope this victory will not just go down as a great game, but start the transformation of the BCS process to make way for mid-majors to have as good a shot as any to become National Champions. You deserve it Idaho. CONGRATULATONS!!!!

Shawn & Bridget Lipinski, San Diego, CA

I don't usually watch football but last night I watched this game on behalf of my Beloved Grandfather. He was one of the first football teams to ever play football for B.J.C. (AT THAT TIME)He would show me pictures of his yearbook and what the team looked back then. He moved back to Georgia in the early 1970's and made it back here one last time a couple years later for the alumni gathering. He would of loved this game and he would of been proud of what Boise State has become. You guys should be so proud of what you have accomplished. You proved to the Nation that we aren't just some football team in Idaho. Now when we say we're from Boise Idaho people won't have to ask where's Boise Idaho??? They will know that we don't have just a Blue Turf to play on, we have a Championship team that deserves to play with THE BIG DOGS!!


Wow, who ever thought this would happen? That was quite a game! I was rooting for OU since I transferred there after my Freshman year at Boise State. I am a Sooner even though I grew up in Boise. Sure never thought I'd see the day BSU would play OU in a bowl game and win! I am pretty happy for BSU fans and BSU football team! You all must be so excited after such a game, congratulations on your win!

Stacy Ployhar, Seattle WA

I am a 1972 graduate of Lewis-Clark State In Lewiston with ties to the Boise/Owyhee County area. I am currently in Gaithersburg, Maryland (suburban Washington DC). You all had me on the edge of my seat! What a win!!! Feel deserve it!!! You definitely made Idaho loom large on the map!!! Best regards to all of you

Mike Martin

Congrats BSU!!

What an exciting game - it left everyone speechless with excitement. I can't wait to see what happens when I wear my BSU t-shirt out in public again.

Jill Petersen Lex - Boise born & raised - now in the Chicago burbs

That was the greatest game I have ever had the privilege to see. My heart will always belong to the '94 Orange Bowl (FSU v Nebraska) and 2000 Sugar Bowl (FSU v Virginia Tech) when my alma mater (Florida State) won the National Championship. But this game was amazing to the nth degree. Boise State belongs at the top of the polls. No doubt about it. Thank you so much for providing the nation with such an entertaining game. Congratulations on an undefeated season that will never be forgotten. Steven Seitchik, Harrisburg Pennsylvania

As a Boise native, my heart swelled with pride as the Broncos proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with. My husband, a San Francisco Police Officer, had his entire station riveted to their radios between calls, and the station cheered madly when BSU won. I couldn't help but think of Pokey Allen, and that he, too, must have been smiling when his beloved Broncos made their stamp on the world of college football. After Coach Petersen's heartfelt tribute to the Bronco Nation and the city of Boise, don't be surprised to see a few more moving vans roll into town before the Broncos begin another historic season in 2007-2008 (including mine!) Shelli Murphy, Pacifica, CA.

Coming from Utah State Alumni and lifelong Aggie, nice job in representing the WAC and great state of Idaho. Normally I am not a Broncos fan, but my heart and soul last night was all blue and orange for one night and one night only.. Live it up... See you next year in Logan....

Dean Dominguez

Thanks for giving my brother Butch Henry (1980 National Champion Football Team Member - Construction Management grad) one of his best birthday's todate!(Yep he's a new years baby!) He and wife Jerri (also a BSU grad - accounting) were onsite in AZ,in from WA, for the big event. Way to go Big Blue!!!!!!!!!

JoAnn Henry-White

I want to extend my biggest CONGRATULATIONS to the Boise State University football team! You have shown the nation that you're a class act and deserve to recognized amongst the big boys!

Go Orange, Go Big Blue.....

See you in Seattle in September!

Chuck DavisVancouver, BCBSU Alum, 1987 - 1992 & original Blue Thunder member

Congratulations!! That was the best game ever!! Whenever BSU would get the ball the whole family would cheer. I am only ten years old and got bored watching the game in the second quarter. I was outside playing hide and go seek lying in the way back of my grandpa's car. I could hear the family cheering when we got a touchdown. Everyone was SCREAMING when BSU won the game. My cousin and I went out and yelled. I've never heard my grandma yell so loud!!!!!! Jericho Schroeder

I was born and bred in oklahoma.... then moved to Idaho as an adult... working at the Idaho school for the Deaf and Blind... I loved the Broncos then, and still love them today... I knew they would win after the first oklahoma series...They out worked, out coached, and out played the sooners...BSU is no longer a little guy on the block, they OWN the block... Great Job Broncos! Larry Burns, Vancouver, Wa.

Go BLUE or Go Home. You didn't get blown out, and you didn't just compete, You won! Way to stay on top. After reading some of the other comments from all over the states and walking into a coffee shop this morning full of about 10 old men talking up a storm strictly on last nights amazing victory, i see how much you have inspired the nation simply by playing your game. Last night everyone had a reason to stay up late and today everyone has a conversation starter: "How bout them Broncos?" congrats

Cassie Ward

Congratulations to the Boise St. Broncos and to the pride of Yuba City, California- Chris Peterson. Chris’ was a winner as an athlete and an even better coach as evidenced by this historic win. Boise is lucky to have him.

Randy Page, Yuba City, CA.

To the Broncos, Coach Pete, coaching staff: WOW!! What a show!! You put everything on the line and proved to Oklahoma and the entire world that we are a veritable power to contend with. And you did it with guts, talent, unwavering belief, and a whole lot of class. Bravo!! Thank you for an unbelievable season!!

Jeff Tauge, Boise, Idaho

I want to apply for membership in the Broncos Nation.I am 63 years old, and that was THE BEST football gameI ever saw!! Thank you all so much.

Even if the last play had not worked you had already made yourselves my new favorite football team. The way you controlled most of the game, only to have the momentum shift with the bad luck bad bounce on that punt.

But you kept believing in yourselves, and I am happy to saythat I too 'had a feeling', even after the interception made it35-28.

But I dang sure never expected that last (regulation) play; andthe 4th down TD in overtime was pure courage and beauty!

And then to decide to go for two! I know your defense was tired,but it was still amazingly courageous. That's when I said to myself,"Win or lose this game, THESE GUYS ARE WINNERS!"

And then the final play! WOW, just incredible!!

Roger Dennis, New York City

WOW!!! I have to say that was the best ball game I have ever watched and to have it be our BSU Broncos playing and winning makes it all the sweeter. Congratulations to all the Broncos, the fans around the US and everyone in the State of Idaho for one of the most amazing wins in Fiesta Bowl History. My family and I were settled in watching the game when my husband looked outside and saw our garage was on fire, so the game had to be put on hold until the McCall firefighters could put out the blaze. I have to mention that once I was allowed back into the house, I came in to warm up and of course check the score of the game. It was just before half time and the score was 21-10. I went back out and told the firefighters, who had been watching the game at their homes, and they hooped and hollered and got on their mobile radios and relayed the score to others. I thought it was something to share that even in a time of adversity, we are all Bronco fans and were rooting you on. You made an otherwise horrible end to New Years Day something we could rejoice and celebrate. Thank you for all your heart, your stamina and in my mind anyway, winning that game for my family.

Patty Hickman, McCall, Idaho

Wow! Best football game I've ever seen. Incredible!And even though I am a University of Washington Husky fan here in Seattle next season when the Bronco's come to town I will remember the game of Jan 1, 07 with a big smile. Thanks.

Chris Holland

Go Broncos – and I’m not normally a football fan. This grandma certainly felt pride in “her boys” last night! I hate to admit that we turned off the TV when it appeared that Boise had lost…we didn’t see it through to the end, so what an exciting piece of news when our son called this morning!! I haven’t felt this much pride for a long time. You have represented your families, School and all Idahoans so masterfully. God bless each one of you…may your bruises and soreness heal fast!

I am so proud of you!

Gayle Heinrich, Loma Linda, CA

The Fiesta Bowl pregame hype repeatedly mentioned the Oklahoma Sooner’s long winning football tradition (which it has), but what was overlooked was the Boise State football winning tradition that dates back decades as well, starting with Boise Junior College (“BJC”) winning at the JC level, Boise State College (“BSC”) winning at the Division-II level and BSU winning at both the IAA and IA levels…and now, this terrific BSU win in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma is a HUGE exclamation point on the long winning legacy that Boise State football has created… Way to go Broncos! Sincerely, ROB BARNETT, BSU Alumnus, SAN DIEGO,CA

I am proud of Boise State and what they accomplished. I attend a university (UC Santa Barbara) that, like BSU, is not in a BCS conference. Just as we beat UCLA to win a national championship in men's soccer, just like George Mason's run to the final four, you took down a powerhouse in Glendale. I hope that someday Boise State gets its shot at a national championship, and I hope that happens soon. My neighbors were asking me why I was rooting for the Broncos and I answered, "it's because no one is giving them a chance, the little guys from the WAC." It is an amazing feeling taking on these big boys and winning. Now people know that Boise State has talent, and it's not just about the blue turf. All those schools from outside the BCS congratulate you on a job well done. You earned that victory and that new-found national respect

J.D. Dickstein, Goleta, California

I imagine my getting to the Pearly Gates and having to confess thousands of hours of wasted time spent watching football on television, and Saint Peter saying, "Yeah, sure, OK, hey, did you happen to see the Boise State Fiesta Bowl Game?" Vince Ryan, Poulsbo, WA

As a rapid Georgia Bulldog and college football fan, I had to write to congratulate the Broncos for winning one of the greatest games of all times. It goes to show you that you don't need a team full of Five Star high school athletes to win in college football. I can't wait to see the replay on ESPN Classics.

Jeff Payne, Florence South Carolina

In nearly 70 years of following college football, this was the most exciting game I've ever watched.


John Sharp, Macon, GA

CONGRATULATIONS FROM AN OSU BEAVER! (we knew all along you guys were tough)Joe Holmes - Hillsboro, OR

What a game I was stationed in mtn home and plan to move back to boise in 1 year and can't wait to get season tickets I stayed up until 3:00am just so I could calm down to go to sleep. You deserve a shot at the national title game.

Adam Flaherty, Pittsburgh Pa.

Bravo, Broncos!

Last night was the most amazing football game I have ever seen.

Steve Poling, Tucson, Arizona

One of the best, if not THE best, college football games EVER! They'll be talking about this one for years to come. Congrats to all in at Boise St. And yes, you all deserve a shot at the title. Tim Lawless, Quincy, IL

That was the game of the century! There is nothing I could add that has not already been said except that the announcers had it right when they observed that the Boise State program does a wonderful job developing their athletics. As a loyal Oregon State Beaver, my hat is off to your team. While I enjoy visiting Boise, I am glad you are playing the Ducks over the next few seasons.

Ray Murphy, Kirkland, WA

I grew up hating the broncos because I grew up in Pocatello and I went to school at Idaho State University so I'll always be a Bengal. I moved to the Treasure Valley three years ago and I never plan to leave. I love college football and in the time I have been here I have fell in love with this team. You guys are fantastic and gave the best game ever played that I have ever seen. I am so proud to be from Idaho today and I wish you all the best and I will be there in the future to support the Broncos in spite of being a Bengal.

Gerald Bosen

Being my husband is a University of Oklahoma grad and I attended Oklahoma State University, I would normally cheer for anyone from the Big 12 in all the bowl games except this time. The bragging was so awful from Sooner Fans this year...I couldn't help but be totally elated when Boise State held Peterson from his record yardage and won the game. This just goes to prove either OU can't handle the WAC or their fans or delirious...or both. Go have made a fan out of me. As soon as I can find a blue/orange BSU t-shirt, I can't wait to wear it :-) Dea Foy, Oklahoma City, OK

Congratulations to Boise State Broncos! What a solid performance! Your teams sportsmanship and your fans sportsmanship is a breath of fresh air! Respect? You got it!

Jim Zimmerman, Rifle, Colorado

Congratulations on a truly stunning victory! You’ve earned and deserve the respect of all players and fans of college football.

Mike McCarron, Omaha, Nebraska

Thanks for 60 years of football from wooden bleachers to the Fiesta with the Broncos. You have earned running with the big dogs.

Corki & Bill Onweiler & Family in So California.

Aloha, first of all, 364 days out of the year I am a die hard Hawaii Warrior fan. You might wonder why I am sending acccolades to the Broncos then ? The reason is they played for all of us. I don't believe I have ever been so inspired by a football game like this before. The Broncos stood tall in the face of adversity, have not ever whined about their rankings and media coveage. You get the picture... But the bottom line is they outplayed the Sooners, hands down. The team and your community deserves all of the recognition that I am sure will come with this win. Boise State, thanks again for playing not only for Idaho, but the entire nation and never giving up.

Mike Koerte, Kekaha, HI.

Undoubtedly, that was the GAME OF ALL GAMES last night! Un-frickin-believable! I nearly had a coronary watching that game. I’m just happy BSU was able to win it & make it historical! As a former BSU student in the 90’s and native Idahoan…I’m the happiest guy in Charlotte, NC today! Way to go guys! You’ve given hope to all the little guys & humility to the bigger ones!

Jeremy Stokes, Charlotte, NC


Congratulations on a game well played and a season to always remember.

Dave Davidson, Ft. Hood, TX

Wow, I am a native Idahoan serving in the US Air Force (20 Year veteran) and loved that game. Thank you Boise State for making it come true. I am living in New Mexico. My Dad and mom still live in Boise and are big fans of your team! You guys played the best season and you will never forget this as long as you live!

Bruce Knee, MSgt USAF

CONGRATS to the BSU BRONCOS AND ALL THE BRONCO SUPPORTERS! As a former BSU alumni & BSU cheerleader in the early 80's, I thought the greatest football game the Broncos played was in 1980- winning the Division 1-AA Championship in Sacramento, CA. It was a thrill to be there in person and made the state of Idaho very proud. But nothing can compare to the thrill of watching my Broncos defeat OU in the last minutes in a crowded room with my kids and friends all screaming the name of my alma mater last night. The BSU Broncos deserved to be in the bowl games a long time ago and it's time that the world knows how great the Broncos really are! Shona Kunz, Greenwood Village, CO

Congratulations to BSC football team and to Coach Peterson. I could not take my eyes off the TV set and never expected to see anything so exciting in my lifetime. I was in the first class to graduate from Boise College in 1941-1942. I will continue to watch. Thank you Boise State.

Barbara Hamilton, Boise

I witnessed The Greatest Football Game in Bowl History last night!!. BRONCOS 43 vs. Sooners 42!!! Thank you Gentlemen!!!!

Congratulation to all the Coaches and every man on the Team for a Job well done. Bob Scott, Boise

Congratulations from a Tennessee fan in Indianapolis, Indiana. Your team, your school, your city and your state should be proud of your accomplishments. Greg Martin

Congratulations to the BSU Broncos and Coach Peterson and staff for aperfect season, ending in a thriller at the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ. Great job, great season and hopes for continued success in the future.

Jim Dearing, Boise

Fantastic year and who could ask for a better ending! Congratulations to LA and the rest of the Bronco team on such an impressive achievement! No one could have scripted this any better! Have never cared much for Oklahoma (old Cornhusker fan) so thank you very much for knocking them down a few pegs!

Tim Johnston, Salem, Oregon

I live on O’ahu, and have had to tolerate considerable verbal abuse when I wear the Orange & Blue around town – especially at the Univeristy of Hawaii/Boise State games at Aloha Stadium. I can tell you that your stallwart conference opponents from the South Pacific were rooting you on with the rest of the country during your triumph over the Sooners.

Thank you for the greatest gift a Bronco fan could have asked for – an undefeated season, a final victory over a storied (and disproportionately funded) elite football program, and a courageous act of defiance against the BCS conference-biased sports media. Cherish the memories. Embrace your place in history with grace, dignity and humility. You have worked hard and are deserving of the accolades.

Somewhere, high above, Pokey Allen is smiling.

Scott Rodie, Honolulu, Hawaii

WAY TO GO BRONCS!!!!!!!!!!






This was a dream season for the team, state and the fans. At last there will be some recognition for how well Boise plays. I have been a Boise fan since moveing here in 92. This year has made it so sweet. I was able to follow the games on line thanks to KBOI and now , the Festa Bowl. I believe that this game was the best I have ever seen college or pro's. You showed the fans and the nation its not just about size and speed, its about having the heart to believe in yourself.Congratulation's for a season to remember. Frank Dull, Korea

Congratulations on a courageous game and a historic victory for your program. Your coach just out coached the highest paid coach in America. Go figure!! It’s always sweet to beat Oklahoma, we should know.

Jerry Exner, Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you for putting on a wonderful and memorable Fiesta Bowl. Your team and the Sooners played what could be arguably be called the best Bowl game that I have ever watched. I hope this wakes up the BCS committee to the fact that their bowl format is simply a BS system. I agree with Bronco sentiments that BSU should be playing a National championship game. I am hoping that the Buckeyes lose to Florida so that when the Broncos are the only undefeated team in Division 1-A NCAA football, it puts more pressure on the BCS committee to change their system. This year's Fiesta result is a wonderful thing for your school and I hope this will help you to become an even more formidable opponent. Congrats from Canada. Chris Belcourt, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Congratulations to Boise State, who showed they really belonged in the Big Show!! As a lifelong Nebraska fan, I was heartbroken when OU took the interception back for the touchdown, but was more than thrilled when the Broncos showed the Heart of a Champion and tied the game. Unbelievable heart! This one ranks right up there with the Flutie to Phelan "Hail Mary" back in the day. I won't forget either game... ever! Congrats on 13-0! Give the WAC a BCS bid!

Kurt Goering, Monroe, WA

I'm a Boston College far, and I guess we reserve a bit of history for ourselves being the last team to have defeated Boise State.

But last night's game was one for the ages. I was, like most others, rooting for Boise State. Theirs was not one of those 'just-happy-to-be-here' efforts. The Broncos played with spirit, with excitement, with effectiveness. And, when all looked lost, the team pulled off two successful yet improbable fourth-down plays that will go down as two of the most exciting and thrilling plays ever seen on a national stage.

Boise State is a true champion. Congratulations again for playing a magnificent game that is truly an instant classic!

Chris Van Veen, Brookline, NH

I grew up my whole life learning to respect and love the Boise State football program. My father Rocky Lima, a ball player transplanted from Hawaii, played for legendary coaches Lyle Smith and Tony Knapp in the 60’s and 70’s. He along with all of the players from Hawaii and Samoa that played for Boise State (Boise Junior College at the time for many) never wavered in their love and faith in Boise State and its passion for football. Today the BSU or BJC ballplayers of the past celebrate with you in your BCS Bowl win!

Last nights game was by far the greatest presentation of athleticism, desire, and winning spirit I have ever witnessed. You not only made our community, state, and university shine, you honored those ballplayers and coaches that have come before you. Congratulations on a 13-0 season and winning the Fiesta Bowl! The Bronco Nation can honestly say we are proudest football fans in the country!

Finally, I want to say Aloha & Mahalo to legendary coach Lyle Smith and his wonderful wife. You are looking great! This is the house that Lyle Smith built!

Keoni & Lisa Lima – Boise, ID

Congratulations BSU on the Fiesta Bowl win! Not being much of a sports fan, I must admit that this game had me sitting on the edge of my seat! I've never seen anything like this before, and everyone in my family that watched agrees with me on that! Just another reason I'm proud to be a native of Boise, ID. A job very well done!

Cami Christensen

Way to go Boise State!! You make us proud!! I get a lot of razzing since I reside in Hawaii now, but believe me I give it right back since we have beat U of H consistently!! I'm proud to wear my blue and orange on any of the game days to show my support. Can't wait till they travel here this year and we can keep the winning streak alive! Good job guys!

Rovia Adams, Honolulu, HI

I am writing from Iraq. As much as I know you musthate all the Cinderella references what else could youcall the great win over Oklahoma? Let me tell you,there were more smiles on the troops faces than anyother game that has been played in the last year.

What a team! What a story!

John Jackson, LSA Anaconda/Balad Iraq

I wanted to send a very proud congrats to the Bronco’s my husband and were born and raised in Idaho but moved to Florida 1 year ago my husband is a real big fan of BSU and when they won he cried he was so happy for them. Good job boys!!

Well everyone here in Florida now knows who BSU is and what they can do. We are so proud of you!!!

Billy and Pam Landon, West Palm Beach Florida

Being a BSU fan for about 7 years, this game was unbelievable to me!! I was in shock last night, but today, as the reality of this amazing victory has started to sink in today, I have been fighting back tears since i woke up. Thank you Boise State Bobby Byram, Mountlake Terrace, Wa

Congratulations Chris Peterson- the pride of Yuba City California. You were a great athlete here and at Davis and an even better coach. Awesome job Chris.

Randy Page, Yuba City, California.

Congrats to the team, the University and the state!Job well done. That was 'the' best game I've seen in, well maybe forever. Not just college football, the most exciting team sport contest period!I'm a casual college football fan, but after viewing that game, I'm hooked!You guys deserve the National Championship if you ask me...way to go Broncos!!Best of luck in the new year, enjoy this victory guys, hell of a job!! J. Henderson, Bellingham WA

Last night an age-old story played itself out again in the Arizona desert as the Davids of Boise St. smacked the Goliaths of the football factory at Oklahoma right between the eyes with a big ol' Idaho baker! Congratulations to the team and the university from this old ISU alum. This was easily one of the most exciting games in NCAA football history. Now the entire nation knows that the Broncos are no fluke! Dennis Jones, Nampa

As a former Ohio Buckeye(buckeye is a nut) and current Idahoan(Tatorhed) my huge regret is the Bucks & Broncos aren't playing for the national championship. The Broncos are beyond amazing and played the most incredible game ever against Oklahoma. Utterly unique in football history. THANKS BRONCS! Gotta get me a BRONCO HAT!

Jim Netolick

Being a former BSU season ticket holder, now living on a little Island called Whidbey in Washington State, I absolutely went ballistic with joy for you guys. Our 15 year son, after last night, has decided to follow in his big brothers foot steps in attending BSU. Big brother, a graduate of BSU a few years back is an extremely successful business man in Idaho Falls. I have followed BSU football for 30 years. BSU's administration is tops in by book as they have always hired humble men with the highest of moral fabric. That says alot for Boise State University.Thank you coaches and players for giving us one of the most exciting bowl games in history. Larry Fleck, Oak Harbor, Wa.

Wow, was I proud of you guys! You really proved yourself. Hearty congratulations!!

Sally Parisi, Thousand Oaks, CA (formerly from Nampa and Boise)

I'm an Idaho grad - but I had to watch this game and root on this hardworking and very creative :) Bronco team as they made college football history. What a game! It was worth staying up until 1:00am EST! Congrats to ya'll. DeLoy Lance, Acworth, Georgia

I am a Vandal, from an all Vandal family but besides that, Congratulations to all. I was unable to see the game as I live in Spain. But seeing the news this morning, the chills came to my spine. What a tremendous victory. I just saw the highlights on the fox internet news page, and seeing the highlights it was better than I could believe. From Spain ENHORABUEÑA to all the coaches, players and fans. Dayne R. Bower

CONGRATULATION BRONCO'S!!!!!!!!Growing up in Boise I have followed the bronco's and truely believed that one day we would be tbe best football program in the nation. Last night you guys showed up told the entire nation that we should be contenders for the National Champtionship. Going to college in Lewiston, Idaho I was probably the only Bronco fan in Northern Idaho but I keep faithful at all time's to the bronco's. Jared you played an awsome game and excelled on every level. After the interception you step up and for that I'm truely proud. Coach Pete you are the best coach in the entire nation and you coached one heck of a football game. It was the best sporting event I ever watched and it has gone down in the history books. GO BRONCO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Russ Crowell, Boise

Bronco players, coaches, alums and fans that was a special win! I will never forget that game and great effort that all put into the win. As a life long NFL Cardinals fan it sure was nice to see a team in the home stadium win a game and never quit even when it looked extremely dark. Doug Stewart, Pasadena, TX

What an outstanding effort! There is no valuable player on this team other than the team and coaching staff itself. You made your school, city and state very proud. You will remember this the rest of your lives. So will Oklahoma and their fans.

Don Odale

Congratulations Broncos. You are not a Cinderalla... you are a dominating college football powerhouse, a team that year in and year out shows it knows how to win. Your conference is as tough top to bottom as many of the BCS conferences, and you just proved that being the WAC Champion means a team is among the best in the nation. I am an loyal Fresno State fan, and as such, I am also cheer for Boise State throughout the season (except for one game per year!!).... Congratulations. Its not a fluke. Its not a Cinderella story...its a coming out party for a team that will be one of college footballs top teams for years to come. And as a Fresno State fan, I thank you for raising the bar, bringing respect to our conference and showing the rest of the country that WAC football is hard hitting, dominating, blue collar tough football. From now on, I think a team that does well in WAC conference play will be respected... it won't take an undefeated season to be in the top 10 in the future. You guys are one of the top 2 teams in the country and I think most of the country realizes that. Steve Villata, Auburn, CA

As season ticket holders we knew we had a special team and now everyone has witnessed one of the most amazing games in football history. Congrats to the entire PROGRAM at BSU, the BSU fans, and for everyone who believes: if you Dream It, Work It, you can Achieve It.

Steve Tyson – Boise

I don’t think I’ve seen a more exciting game in my life. How wonderful for the Boise State Football team to accomplish what they have done this year. Congratulations to them, to Coach Peterson, Boise State University and all the fans. You have made the State of Idaho very proud and you have showed the rest of the states who we are and that we can play football. Thank you.

Judi & Donnie Cline, Garden Valley, Idaho

As a member of the Gator Nation and largely the BCS brethren, I admit I pulled for Oklahoma to win last night. In the middle of the third quarter, however, I had changed my mind. As everyone around the TV set began to cheer for the small school named Boise State, (And with someone asking, was Boise a state?) I sensed I might be witnessing something special. Then I was treated with the most amazing finish in college football history. Thank you, and I hope you understand what you accomplished here is more than just winning a January bowl game. Cheers!

Woo R Chung, Seoul, S. Korea

As a former Boisean and Bronco fan who now lives across the country, I couldn’t have been more thrilled watching my team upset the scales of college football dynasty! Last night was thrilling! I wish I could be in Boise right now celebrating with you! Great game, great season, great heart! We’re so proud of you!

Christian Salzillo, Springfield, Missouri

What a great win! With out a doubt that was the most exciting bowl game I’ve ever watched.

Murray Meads, Edmonton, Canada

Congratulations Broncos! That was a FOOTBALL game! If Ohio State looses the Broncos deserve the National Championship.

Sooner born, Sooner bred and I will die a Sooner!

Susan Stuart

Congrats Boise! I myself am a 15 year loyal Boise state fan and we could not be more proud of the boys in blue! We thank you broncos for the most exciting game football in history! GO ORANGE GO BIG BLUE FIGHT FIGHT BSU!!! -Stephen D Pitzer, Boise

What a finish! I've been from Maine to Spain on a choo-choo train but I've never seen anything like the Broncos' stunning finish last night. Congrats to the team and to the university for giving us football fans one for the ages.

--Gene Smith, Edgefield, South Carolina

As I was trying to watch the game at work, it was just an amazing scene at the bar I work at. I grew up in Boise about ten yrs and then moved here to Las Vegas and work at a major casino/resort. The whole casino was cheering for the Broncos. It was crazier than Super Bowl weekend. I still remember watching the Broncos beating out Marshall back in I-AA and going to the championship game. It's good to see what they have done for BSU and putting Idaho on the map.. GO BRONCOS!!!

Ronnie Casas, Las Vegas

IT IS DONE, THE BRONCOS HAVE MADE MORE FOOTBALL HISTORY…..some pious sports media moguls and pundits from across the country can go back to work, reconnoitering their thought processes to a more OPEN-MINDED level, and work harder to reason, and recon with it. “Scrappiness” is an attitude, something to be admired and cherished as a strength…Well with them who have effectively utilized such a strength…WELL DONE, BOISE STATE BRONCOS!!!

KC Moore, Nyssa, OR

Congratulations Broncos! That was a fantastic game! All I can say is that they were right to use the David and Goliath metaphor, because as everyone knows David defeated Goliath. Yes, Goliath was known to be big and strong, and everyone thought that it was not a fair match. They thought Goliath would kill David. But, what they did not know was that David had something most powerful than Goliath’s skill, speed, and strength, and that’s what you proved last night! You are a truly David.

Brenda Carlson

As a long term OU Sooner fan, living in the Oklahoma, the heartland of America, I wish to heartfelt salute not only the courageous Boise State football team, the the entire coaching staff, student body, and administration of this great University. Not only did your team fight to the end to win this bowl game, but did so with a display of total class and sportsmanship. I particularly admire the intelligence of the players, in a game that sometimes the best students, are not necessary the best athletes. Great job that made even Oklahoma fans proud of you.

Ridge Kayser, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I've been a Fresno St Bulldog fan for over 40 years but last nite I was jumping up and down in my living room cheering for the Broncos. What a fantastic effort! Thank you to the team and to the Boise fans for carrying the banner for the WAC.

Tom Lane, Visalia, CA

From Elko, Nevada we congratulate Coach Petersen, the Bronco team, and our hometown heroes, Jeff and Pete Cavender. We are so glad that they decided to play within the BSU football community or, as Coach says, ‘The Bronco Nation’. Outstanding performance and outstanding class from everyone.

Speaking of the Boise team on Sports Center right after the game, Lou Holtz said, ‘I’ve never seen a better prepared team’, as he expressed his open admiration for Coach Peterson and his staff. ‘It was a privilege to watch this game’, he said. What an honor to be recognized by a colleague of such stature!

The intensity was almost too much for our nervous system, though. With our son, Luke in Phoenix cheering you on, we watched from home with friends, screamed, and fell crestfallen as the roller coaster of emotion unfolded before our eyes. But really successful people find a way, and, in the end, you Broncos determined your own destiny and that’s the way it should be.

You are Champions. And Champions have the Magic as Jared Zabransky says. Most importantly you know how and when to use it.

So come home Pete, Jeff and Luke. We have some celebrating to do. Never a better time to trash the basement, huh?

Love you Broncos,

Michael Anderson and Wendy Charlebois in Elko

Wow! Awesome! So David did slay Goliath with stones and trickery and top of the notch coaching! Never say die! That's been the motto all year. Just because you are considered an underdog this just goes to show that being persisitant and never say die you can overcome and persevere through any obstacle and any feat! The best bowl game in history in my opinion and I think now the worlds! Couldn't have script it better from begining to end. Thank you for the experience last night . The gripping nail biting edge of your seat thriller that seeks the results until the very, very end. When the clock ran out so did the desire of the Oklahoma Sooners. So congratulations and thank you for the displayment of your heart and soul. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! God Bless!

-Terry Richesin, Boise Idaho

Hey left no doubt that you deserve to play ball with the "big boys"! You are a wonderful team, all working together to make great things happen on the field. We are soooo proud of you all and the wonderful coaching staff that help make it all happen. "Z" kept his composure and stayed focused and the other team members let him know they believed in him right up until the final play...that gave him the final vote of encouragement he needed. Ian Johnson and Adrian Peterson were compared by one of the sportscasters as running like thoroughbred horses...with Peterson "Secretariat" and Johnson "SeaBiscuit". One of the Fox newscasters made the comment during the halftime of the game, "Well, all I know is that the "Bronkeys" half just won two rounds and are looking strong". The "W" at the Fiesta Bowl was a boost of happiness and blessings for everyone living in Boise. Thank you Broncos!!!! It was an exciting game...the Bowl game of the season. Bob and Pat Compton, Midvale, Idaho

Go Boise State! As a former BSU student who now lives in Seattle, I'd like you all to know I am wearing with pride my Boise State Football shirt today. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "That was the best college football game I have ever seen…". Congratulations Boise State on a great game and a monumental win!

Sarah Bonzer

The last play of the game was the stone that took down the giant.Congratulations to the team that played the most exciting football game thathas been played. EVER!!!I now live in Washington, but my heart has not left Idaho.

Garland R. Goesch

Congratulations to the BSU Broncos! What a great season! We are HUGE Bronco fans, expecting our 2nd child this summer and once we saw that final play for the win, we made the decision that if we are having a boy his name will be Jared!!! Casey Baker, Boise


Erin Murphy, California

Congrats to Boise State! This was one of the most exciting and entertaining college football games I have seen. I'm debating as to whether this game tops the famous back-from-the-dead Wisconsin Rose Bowl comeback and near-win against #1 USC in the early 60s when the game lasted so long they almost ran out of daylight in the barely-lit Rose Bowl! The Bronco's victory was not just a matter of underdog beating the giant or proving the goofiness of the NCAA's non-playoff system. Or of proving that Boise State is legit. This game featured a winning program that has heart, determination, team spirit, talent, creativity and preparation by the coaches. As one commentator mentioned, Boise does not just recruit players--it develops them. The improvement of the players from the time they are freshmen until graduation is substantial. This is a real compliment to the coaching staff and the program. Message to Coach Chris Petersen and staff: job very well done! And...the grass may be greener elsewhere...but it won't be blue...and it may not be nearly as fun! Thanks for putting the F-U-N back in college football! I'm awaiting my copy of the commemorative DVD from this game! Gary M. Davis, Indianapolis IN

Many of us weren't paying attention to Boise (who's that?) and OU as we had our Rose Bowl .. but after a 14-0 start we decided "let's see what happens"... OH MY GOD! Who's purchased the movie rights???? too many cliches to list ... and much better than them all .. talk about reality TV!!!thanks!San Francisco sports radio station can't stop talking about it!!! Barry Bonds. Barry Zito .. who are they? Boise is the talk! Jim Linderman, California

Boise State, you win the award for the most heart stopping entertaining game ever. You won and you won BIG leaving no doubt what a great team you are. When you do it , you do it big. WAY TO GO BRONCO'S!!!

Jenifer and Jeremy Kroll

As a native of Reno, and an alumus of the University of Nevada, I would like to congratulate the Boise State Broncos on their amazing season and especially for the spectacular way in which they finished the season undefeated. By going toe-to-toe and winning against one of 'the big boys,' and coupled with the two other 'bowl' wins by WAC member (Nevada having barely missed a win), it proved that the Western Athletic Conference is a viable conference which can take the field with any team at anytime. I would also like to thank the good people of Boise for being so gracious to the Nevada football team and fans who flocked to the MPC Computers Bowl on New Years Eve. One would never know that - in conference - our teams are bitter rivals. Mark Caldwell

I thought I was going to have a stroke, I couldn't watch, I onlymade the replays. We have family all fans in MN, OR , CO evenAfghanistan and we are watching here in Happy Camp CA. We got morecalls during this game than we did at Christmas. Bless them all,Good Job.

Grandma in Happy Camp, Diann Hokanson

I am not shocked that you guys won, I am just exstatic that we finally get some recognition and are able to show the country Boise State is here to play. Congratulations to all the seniors on a season to define seasons. And to all the Underclassmen I anticipate following Boise State games next year, just like every year. WOOOOOO FIESTA BOWL BABY!!! Doubt us Now. Congratulations and Best wishes to Ian Johnson and his Fiance. Shaun Rogers, Couer d'Alene, Idaho

Congrats from El Paso! Best ending ever, just has to be, or so I guess, cause I flat-out missed it. That interception with a minute to go was the clincher, the end. What a bummer, but a nice effort on national TV. Time for bed; couldn't stand to see OU celebrate. What a shock to read about it later --- who'd a thought????

Bill Smallwood, Mtn. Home class of 1975 (Hi Kelli!).

As a nation that traditionally pulls for the underdog, I think I can safely say the entire nation (excepting Oklahoma of course) was pulling for the Broncos last night. Your illustrious team could have given up any number of times, but it never quit believing and ended up winning in spectacular fashion against one of the storied programs in all of college sports. The game was one for the ages. So is your team. Congratulations to everyone in the great state of Idaho.

William Hamilton, Del Mar, Ca

What an excellent game! Many Arizonan’s who are northwest transplants were in our homes cheering for Boise State on Monday night and were thrilled by the game. It seems like several “upstart” western teams are now on the radar for the eastern BCS snobs. Keep up the great work.

Penny Starr, Gold Canyon, Arizona

Congratulations to a wonderful victory. Boise State and the entire state of Idaho should be very proud of the Broncos win. William Eriksen, Mustang, OK

I wanted to communicate my profound appreciation to the Boise State University Mens Football team, as well as to each and every person in the great state of Idaho which has some ties to the university! I watched proudly last night as the team played an impeccable game against a very good Oklahoma team, and I saw them NOT BLINK when it turned around late in the second half. I saw them regroup and come to the line of scrimmage intent upon WINNING the game outright in the first overtime, and I realized how well the team reflected the state in which they play! Win or lose, the decision to go for two makes this game indicative of the population of the state of Idaho, and one which I am proud to be associated with. As a former student at BSU (1987-1989), and a life-long resident of Idaho before (Fruitland, born and raised), I felt a welling up of emotion in my throat when Mr. Johnson crossed the goal line for two of the most important points ever scored for Boise State! No amount of screaming or yelling or hand clapping could cross the miles between me (in Alexandria, Virginia) and the game (Arizona), and yet I felt at one with the entire state of Idaho at that moment! It felt good, and it makes me smile, even now, about how this team, our team, did accomplish this feat! Kudos to everyone there in state, from all of us "native sons" from the rest of the US and the world!

Eric StuartAlexandria, Virginia

Wow! Thank you for an amazing game! I grew up in Idaho and have been a fan for years. My husband and I live here in Glendale and couldn't wait to come cheer you on last night. We were so proud to be a part of the BSU crowd and witness one of the best football games we've ever seen. We can't wait for the season to start next year!

Jody Cecil, Glendale, Arizona

I have been an on the air sports announcer for the American Forces Radio Network for the past 37 years. I have never, repeat never, seen a more exciting game in any sport. This game will go down as one for the ages. Congratulations to Boise State for not only hanging in there when it really looked grim, but also to the coaching staff for choosing a do or die two point conversion attempt. Ken Allan

Congratulations on your win and the class you displayed in conquering a long time established national football power. As an unabashed Longhorn fan, I can tell you there is no other team in America I want to see get taken down more than Oklahoma. (It’s just in our Texan DNA) Thank you for the thrills and your resourcefulness if not my newly chewed fingernails. Your team played the game with honesty and integrity—the way it was intended to be played. Know that if there was any doubt about the quality of football in Idaho or your conference, you erased that on the field last night. Idaho, much like the Broncos, might have been one of America’s best kept secrets…well, not anymore. As a football fan, we look forward to seeing you each year in the BCS. I have never been to Idaho but you have inspired to make it a point to come visit some day. Thank you for starting 2007 with so much hope and promise. Thank you from football fans everywhere.

Tweed Scott, Austin, TX

I just wanted to say how proud of BSU I am. I just moved to Texas and it was a joy to watch BSU beat OU. I am very proud to say I am from Idaho and that I support BSU. You guys have done great this year. We couldn't ask for a better season, let alone a better game against OU. You kept us at the edge of our seats the whole game and made fans of people who didn't even know you existed. Keep up the great work guys and thank you for making me a proud Idahoan.

Kayla Pierpont, Tyler, Texas

Way to Go, You guys are Great, even my wife (not a football fan) was cheering! You are BIG TIME and now everyone knows it

Jeff Slaughter, Nashua, NH

WOW! Unbelievable game. Congratulations on one of the most exciting, gutsy performances I have ever seen. I am a big OU fan, and although I am disappointed my team did not win, you guys deserved to win. You also have a new fan in Oklahoma. Best of luck in the future. We hope to get another chance someday.

Steve Bird, Edmond, OK

Thanks for all your hard work Bronco team,and coaching staff. This program has given the Boise community much unity, and joy . I am so proud of the heart and attitude of this team. Thanks coach Pete for showing how much you believe in your men as you led them to victory all season. As a parent of a young aspiring althlete, its refreshing to see a coach with such a calm and uplifting spirit. Like a proud father, you never doubted the ability of these men for a second. Cheers to a New Year and a huge game in Idaho football history !

Kim Sanchez

Congratulations to Boise State on a FAN-tastic win! Great Caesar’s Ghost, I stayed up until midnight (Central Time) watching that game! I couldn’t have asked for a better bowl game (unless that had been MY OWN University of Memphis Tigers out there)! I’ve never seen such poise and togetherness! Yall just gotta be awfully proud of your team!

Barbara Southwell, Memphis, TN

Congratulations to you all for providing me (and my wife!) with the most exciting football game I have ever witnessed in my entire life (64 years). No writer could have written a more compelling script.

In addition to the team, I want to pay special tribute to Broncos’ coach Chris Peterson, whose calm demeanor, unwavering optimism, faith in his players, brilliant play-calling (along with offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin), and warm smile - evident throughout the entire game - demonstrated what coaching and football is really about, and has always meant to me since playing football as a kid – PURE FUN!

May their behavior shine as a model for athletes and coaches for years to come.

Garrett A. Hughes, Honeoye Falls, New York

Congratulations on a really exciting win. And from a Missouri alum, a special thanks for beating the Sooners.

Paul Agathen, Washington, MO

How many times have each of us heard or repeated the old adage, "Its not if you win or lose, its how you play the game."? The Boise State Bronco's as a whole, and Jared Zabranksy individually, showed the nation Monday night why this is true. While skill and preparation played a large part in the Bronco's success, "Determination" made the difference between winning or losing. There is a lesson there for everyone......"Its Not If You Win or Lose, Its How You Play The Game." Congratulations to the Boise State Bronco's. Mike Reynolds, Wichita Falls TX

In 30 years of watching college football, that was the most exciting game we've ever seen, and I doubt we'll ever see better.Congratulations Broncos on a well-deserved win, and for setting an example for the rest of us about what "HEART" is all about!

The Novak family, Boise, Idaho

I just want to say great job to those Bronco's. So many experts and football fans alike thought the Sooner's would take it to BSU, but sorry, didn't happen! That's why Division 1-A needs a playoff system. You play the game on the field, not on newspaper print. Way to go BSU and USC!!!! Jay Arias, Belleville, Illinois

We were thrilled that Boise State was able to pull it off. We have followed the team this year after our son moved to Boise this summer. Forever Buckeye Fans it was exciting to follow another team who rises to the occasion and represented themselves and their school so well. Congratulations on the fans whose also represented themselves well after the game.

Joyce and Chuck Berty Arcadia, FL.

From a Nevada fan, that was an amazingly great gameand congratulations on representing the WAC and thehigh desert so proudly. See you in Boise next fall.

Mike Collins

I was fortunate to play on the 1980 National Championship Team at Boise State. Just when I didn't think any football memory would ever match the last second pass from Joe Allioti to Duane Dlouhy to score the winning touchdown to beat Eastern Kentucky in the Camellia Bowl that year, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl happened. Last night's Fiesta Bowl not only brought back fond memories of my playing days in Boise, Idaho but it proved to all people, and a national viewing audience, that no matter who you are, where you're from, and no matter what the so called experts say, if you truly "believe" in something so strongly that nothing else matters, you can do it!!! My heartfelt Congratulations go out to Coach Petersen and his coaching staff, the Administration, the Players but above all, the Boise State FANS for their undying support of this football program from the very beginning. May God always bless the Broncos!!! From Seattle, a BSU fan for life, Jim Valaile, (BSU football - 1980-82)

I just want to extend my congratulations to the Boise State Broncos football team, students and fans who kept believing! Thank you for what is arguably the best football game I've ever witnessed. The class, grit and tenacity displayed by your team was tremendous. Boise State EARNED the win. Congratulations on a game and season well played. Scott Templin, University of Oklahoma Alum 2005



Last night's roller coaster ride beats anything this decade. Who needs Magic Mountain when your courage and determination, helped by fantastic fan support, leaves us with excess adrenalin in the blood stream and a warmth in our hearts. The nostalgia will always be there thanks to a great Fiesta Bowl game.

Luigi Yannotta, Eagle, Idaho

I would like to congratulate BS and all of Idaho on the greatest victory in sports history. Your team is an inspiration to kids all over the US and this game should be shone to every kid who wears a football helmet,and is told he is to small or not fast enough.God Bless and Thank you.

Matt Pike, Chicago

Congratulations from a Fresno State alumni and fan. You made the WAC proud. Well done gentlemen! Darik Volpa, Reno

I am so glad I stayed up late last night to finish this game!! guys exhibited the heart and soul of what football is supposed to be!! Congratulations and enjoy your deserve it!!!

Dan McLaughlin, Johnstown, OH

Congrats Team and Bronco Nation from Boston!!! I was out to Boise for the Hawaii game being a huge fan for years. Everyone was Super Friendly and I met a ton of great Idahoans. Now Everyone knows who BOISE STATE is !!! Great game. Great Year.

James Skelly, Boston

I hope that the results in the Fiesta Bowl 2007 will show the brain trusts at the NCAA that a playoff system is needed in college football. If schools like George Washington, The Citadel, Bradley, Gonzaga, and Princeton can be part of a playoff system in baseball and basketball, so should football. There is no doubt in my mind after watching BSU win last night that smaller programs have been denied too long from participating on the grand stage. The WAC could be facing a familiar situation next year if QB, Colt Brennan decides to return to Hawaii. I have been watching football all of my life and I will go out on a limb and say that the Fiesta Bowl 2007 was the greatest football game I've ever witnessed! Again, congratulations to the players of BSU, the coaches, students, faculty, and fans of the entire state of Idaho.

Steven Gee, Peru, NY

I have never jumped up and down for a football game in my life - until last night. I have never seen a gutsier call in sports than when you decided to go for two. Your season will be celebrated for years to come, not only in Boise, but all across America as we sat glued to our television sets in Ohio long into the night. If they could bottle courage, the players and staff at Boise St. would have the only license to sell it. I still can't believe what I saw. Congratulations to the state of Idaho.

Jolinda Miller, Athletic Director Hughes High School, Cincinnati, OH

You guys were awesome. Simply indescribable. This game has so many dynamics it defies belief. 4th and 18!

Chris Fellers, Madison Wisconsin

YOU DID IT! You put Boise and Idaho on the map. Most exciting footballgame of the year. Wow-from an ISU graduate married to a former Boiseresident. You could hear us routing from here!

Lance and Chris Thornton, Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Broncos,

I cried when we won.

I cried when IJ proposed.

Best game ever. Broncos Forever!

Jody Mason-Heaviside, Santa Cruz, CA

Congratulations from Ocho Rios, Jamaica to the Boise State Broncos. Wow, what a game! We wish we could have been there. We have a Fox station where we live on the island, but it was raining heavy so we lost the satellite signal every so often. Fortunately there is internet radio, so we could still listen in. The people here probably think we are stark raving mad for shouting at the TV. and causing such a commotion in the dead of the night. But who cares! This is the 13-0 Broncos we are talking about! Way to go guys - you made us proud!

Craig Kenyon

Congratulations to the BSU Broncos and Coach Petersen for exemplifying class and poise under fire. I have watched the Broncos grow as a football team from many years ago when they played my alma mater, Cal Poly. They have been diligent and hard-working, and the program is now getting the attention and focus it so justly deserves. Thanks to all of you for being such an outstanding example and showing the nation that "little dogs" can have an awfully big bite!

Beth Lockwood

I graduated from Fresno State. My wife went to Fresno State. All my friends went to Fresno State. And not a season goes by where I absolutely hate Boise State when they play my beloved Bulldogs. After watching last nights game, that is without a doubt THE BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME I’VE EVER SEEN, I’m left wondering how I’ll be able to root against the Bronco’s ever again. There isn’t a big enough coin in the world to decide which play boggled my mind more: the Hook and Ladder or the Statue of Liberty. Congratulations Boise State……….my jaw is still on the floor!!

Joe Smith, Fresno, CA

UNBELIEVABLE!! That was the word of choice as I jumped up and down in the air with pure elation as Johnson ran into the endzone.From start to finish one of the greatest displays of heart and desire combined with guts and glory.Bronco Fans stand tall, being in the stadium was the most amazing sporting experience I have ever had. While we didn't have the fun of rooting from the BSU sideline I must say that being surrounded by Sooner fans wearing Blue and Orange was truly unforgettable. Congratulations to the coaching staff, players, and fans. GO BRONCOS!

Alvin & Michelle Reber, Flagstaff, Arizona

BSU 43 OU 42 = R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!!!!

Thad Cunningham, Boise

CONGRATULATIONS Broncos!!!! I have been a pro-football fan for as long as I remember but seldom ever watched college football. Because I now have a very dear friend in Boise, I watched the Fiesta Bowl last night. WOW !!! I screamed as those it was my favorite pro team!!! I have never seen a team with as much heart and gumption to win. The Broncos give new meaning to “Never Give Up.” Not when things looked bad after the late interception, not ever. They rallied behind each other and simply looked forward and never back. Everything sports of any kind is made of. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for providing football fans one of the greatest if not the greatest games ever!!!! Finally, take note the Powers to Be … the little dogs deserve a chance at the BIG ONE !!!

Sherry Paul, Frankfort, Kentucky

I’ve never heard of BSU until last night. That was the most exciting football game I’ve ever watched. I couldn’t walk away. Congrats!

Danielle Hornung, Illinois

I have never been prouder to say that I am from Boiseand that I'm a Boise State alumnus. This team'sperformance in the Fiesta Bowl will go down as one ofthe fondest memories in my lifetime. Thank you CoachPeterson and all the players and coaches. You shockedthe world and no one can ever take this from you. GoOrange! Go Big Blue! Now everyone knows about BSU!

Dave Stewart (Class of 2000)

It will forever be known as "The Game". The most exciting game I have ever seen. Thank you coaching staff and players.

I was invited to a game 3 years ago by Lt Col Mike Schumacher of the Idaho National Guard, who might be their most rabid fan. I came back to CA as a huge fan and the Broncos became my team. Three years of abuse and dismissal by my friends here in Southern CA and now they have all called or emailed their congratulations and respect for the team. 2007 couldn't have started any better. Thank you Broncos!!!

Bob Ehrle

Thank you BSU. What you guys accomplished last night goes far beyond the BCS, beyond the WAC, and beyond NCAA football. The performance last night was the single-most inspirational event of ANY kind that I’ve ever seen. Events like that give such a hope to anybody in a desperate situation and reaffirm that “it can be done”. My entire household was almost moved to tears upon the finish of the game, never had any of us witnessed such a simultaneous display of heart and determination. (by both teams I might add) It was your time, it was our time, it was just time. Congratulations to everybody and thank you Broncos! By the way, if Ohio State loses- you would be the National Champions, pre-BCS.

Troy Abercrombie

We have no connections to Boise State, but that didn’t keep my 13yr. old son and me from rooting for you from the start of the game. We were bouncing off the walls by the time the game was finished at 1:30am (ET). We were so proud of your team! The execution of those trick plays at the end was awesome and the way your players kept their composure was incredible. Thanks for giving my son and me a lifetime memory!!

Rich Ledford, Louisville, KY

That WAS a graphically-enhanced computer-generated fantasy video game I watched last night, wasn’t it? And Ian Johnson proposing to his girlfriend…a cheerleader….that was a fairy tale, right? So, “We Are Boise,” starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. is already in production?

Oh, my….this Fresno State booster joins legions of other Bulldogs in extending warm congratulations for your fabulous success. And it was additionally impressive to see so many locals support your MPC Bowl, as well.

John Franzman, Fresno

I am living in London England and stayed up until 6:30 in the morning to listen to the most amazing american football game ever. My brother goes to BSU and has gotten me to become an avid follower over the last couple years. My contgratulations goes out to Boise, what heart and what a game. I didn't doubt for one minute that you weren't going to win that game and thats what makes Boise so special because everyone believes. You guys are amazing. GO BOISE! Ben Kupper, London England

As a former resident of Boise and student of BSU I was proud to see the Broncos pull off the upset. I now live in Gainesville, FL and look forward to our Gators winning the National Championship for an Orange and Blue domination in the desert! But even growing up a Gator fan I think that BSU deserves a shot at the National Championship, maybe they'll get some respect next year. The Broncos have come a long way since watching my first game in '97. Great game and great season guys!

- Larry Jeffries, Gainesville, FL

My Wife and I sat in front of out TV and cheered forBoise State for the whole game...WOW......What a greatcredit to a tough team, good coach, outstanding fansand the City of Boise and State of Idaho.....This willbe a game remembered by the players and fans foryears. It just cant get any better.....Go Broncos

John and Erin Dugan, Santa Cruz, California

Tremendous. The end-of-regulation pass was a Cal-Stanford,Flutie-for-the-end-zone-level highlight we'll see for years. As a MACalum -- I applaud you for doing right by the forgotten conferences.Congrats to the Gem State.

Damon Boughamer, Shrewsbury, PA

I am a graduate of Boise High School and have been living in California for over 30 years, but no one could have been prouder to be from Boise last night than me! What an exciting game, my throat is sore this morning! Ian, I met your father and Trader Joes and at the time didn't know who you were, but boy do I know who you are now! Congratulations Broncos on your outstanding season and on believing in yourself!

Francine Boulan Cervantez

Congratulations to Boise State. That was the kind of game that everyone dreams of playing. Decades from now, people will be telling their grandchildren about the team that refused to give up and refused to lose. Thank you.

Eric Miller, Asheville, NC

Congratulations to the Boise State football team. The Fiesta Bowl last night was one of the most exciting games I have ever watched-I have already described the game to several of my friends this morning. I was cheering for Boise State from the beginning and was thrilled to see them win the game-I have 2 favorite teams now -Boise State and of course my Iowa Hawkeyes. After laying on the couch sick yesterday,the Broncos really perked me up-even at midnight! Now, how about an Ohio State / Boise State matchup?! Again, congratulations on a great game! Steve Maxwell, Dubuque, IA

Up until 1am here in Toronto--suprising contingent of fans here as the blue field gets coverage a few times a year. Awesome team and heat, what makes Boise State and Boise in general winners. Can't wait until I'm back home in Boise in a few days!!!

Kent Smith

Way to go BRONCOS!!!! You continue to stun those who don’t know your HEART! Go Orange and Blue!

Sincerely, Cathy (Jacobsen) Clark

What a game! My wife is not usually a football fan - BUT SHE IS NOW! The interviews of the players and coach afterwards showed them to be intelligent, humble, and very classy. We are so proud of our Broncos.

Ted and Laura Bowers, Boise

As a displaced Idahoan and Boise State Alum living in NYC, I thought I had received the perfect Christmas gift when my sister sent me a BSU Fiesta Bowl t-shirt that was autographed by Jared Zabransky. I was wrong. Last night's game was the perfect gift! Thank you and congratulations to the Broncos for quieting all of the non-believers!

Wendy Alloway, BSU class of 2002, Bronx, NY

Thank you, Broncos, for the best thrill of this entire football drenchedweekend. As a former Buckeye now living in California, I'm sorry you won'tget a chance to play Ohio State for the undisputed number one ranking.Nonetheless, the nation's hats are off to you players and you coaches forstepping into the spotlight and performing under pressure. Ya made usbelievers and you will not be forgotten for doing so!

Jerry Bires, Mill Valley, CA

• • •

That was the most exciting football game I've ever seen in my not so young life. Boise State's players and Coach Peterson displayed more guts and courage than I've ever seen from a team. The little mutt beat up the big bad dog this time. I hope this makes the snobbish college poll voters wake up and respect Boise State and other non-BCS teams. Al Doyle, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Congratulations on pulling off a HUGE WIN in the most incredibly entertaining game I have ever seen. What a roller coaster ride! The range of emotions my wife and I experienced during those frantic last few minutes left us both drained and exhilarated. We have watched a lot of football and agreed that we couldn't recall a game that had more drama and excitement or one that hinged on such gutsy and amazing play calling, not to mention flawless execution when it counted the most. What a way to cap and 13-0 season. You did BSU, your many fans, the State of Idaho, and the WAC proud. WAY TO GO! Bill MatthewsFort Collins, CO

Best game I have ever seen! I couldn’t help but jump on the Boise State bandwagon. Let’s hope Florida knocks off Ohio State and the Broncos get some #1 votes! John J Ryle

As the father of a former Nevada Wolf Pack football player I'm very familiar with the football teams and fans at Boise State. I must say that when the TV commentators started talking in the pre-game about the "big dog" Sooners and how they were going to crush the "little dog" Broncos I started laughing, they obviously didn't know the Broncos. The players, coaches and fans at Boise State are first class and deserve all the accolades they are receiving, congratulations Boise State! Chris Johnson, Tacoma, WA.

Way to go Broncos! You showed that heart is stronger than booster money. You never gave up and showed that BSU belongs. OU was outplayed and outclassed. Now all BSU needs to do is recruit more instate players. Will Trail - proud Idahoan currently in TX

As a Washington State University graduate, I’ve known for many years what exciting football is. The Cougars may not win all the time, but boy are they entertaining. As I watched the Boise State-Oklahoma game last night, I was reminded of the Holiday Bowl a few years ago when Washington State played a very tough Texas team. Texas, the overwhelming favorite, was outmatched and outsmarted by the Cougars that day and we scored one for the underdog. Cinderella danced the night away in Boise and all across the country last night. Congratulations to the Broncos. You deserve all the credit in the world. And thanks for such a great game. Marty Wall

Congratulations to the BSU team for a great game and victory. I don't know if I've ever seen a more exciting game or a team with such composure that it willed itself to win. I'm pretty sure you could have beaten any college team last night. I'm an Auburn fan, but Coach Petersen's calls made our Coach Tuberville, who is often referred to as "The Riverboat Gambler", look like the most conservative of play callers. Finally, we know what it's like to be 13-0 and not in the BCS chanpionship. The system stinks, doesn't it? War Eagle and Go Broncos!

Robert Rogers, Georgia

Boise State,

Way to register a blow for the so-called little guys! The Broncos provedthat great football teams don't just come from the wealthiest, mosthigh-profile conferences. Boise State is legit, and I believed that goingin. As a TCU fan, I was rooting for your classy and talented program. Threeyears ago, the Broncos came into Fort Worth and put on a heck of a show.I've been charting your team's progress ever since. Congrats on a banner win.

Mark Wright, Fort Worth, TX

I have nothing to do with Boise State or the great State of Idaho, I am justa college football fan...Thats was one of the guttiest, kick-a** performances in the history ofcollege football.

Congratulations Boise State, congratulations to Idaho, you all should beproud.

C. Robert Dow, Tiburon, CA

From the movie, "Hoosiers," Merle said it best. "Let's win this one for all the little teams who never got here." Well done, BSU. You gave a whole new generation a reason to believe. Thank you. Eddy Lloyd, Danville, Va.

Congratulations Broncos. I'm a Hawaii resident and 'Bows fan visiting Chicago for Christmas. Watched the game with my Bears fan brother-in-law. We were both cheering for you and agreed it was about the best football game we've seen in a long time. Hawaii knows about Boise State. Now everybody else does too. It was particularly frustrating listening to the condescending broadcast guys asking over and over again whether the "little dog" could run with the "big dogs." Nobody was asking if Oklahoma belonged on the field with the undefeated Broncos. The WAC acquitted itself well this year and gave the country plenty for the highlight reels. (Now if only Hawaii could get 5 minutes more in our game earlier this season, just 5 minutes!).

Kelly Aune, Honolulu

Class of 75 here. I am very proud you prevailed against those rascally Sooners. I live in North Carolina now and we get our fill and then some of big-time football with three ACC teams within 10 miles but this BIG-TIME FOOTBALL was really special. Not only am I proud to be a native Idahoan, I am proud to be a Bronco. Terry Gabriel, Class of '75

Way to go, Broncs! I've been a BSU fan since I spent six of my bestyears living in the City of Trees and have faithfully watch the SmurfTurf bowl every year since moving away in '98.

Last night's BSU victory over the Okies was one of the finest, if not thebest of bowl games, I can remember (and I'm Husker fan at heart). Nevera dull moment. Plenty of hype and hope. Fantastic finish! It was nearly1 a.m. here in Kentucky but even the bluegrass was wild in applause. In my part of the world "We Are Marshall" is the mantra (another smallerschool known for big moments).

So it's about time the country witnessed the power of the WAC and, inparticular, BSU. Not only did you beat those mighty Sooners, but you wona nation's respect.

Rick Chromey

Kentucky Christian University

Grayson, KY

Congratulations guys! That was probably one of the closest, most intense games I've ever seen! You guys did a great job keeping your heads together even when it seemed like you were done for. I also commend you all for being gentleman thoughout the entire game, that was very cool to see for as intense game that was! Can wait to see the trophy! Lets do it again next year!

Bill Manning, Boise

Congratulations to the Broncos. I have stood on the "blue" and felt the excitement. It's great to see desire, teamwork, and enthusiasm work so well. It shows what a great group of guys can do when they all believe and work together. Both the offense and defense were always in the correct formations which reflects on both the players and coach Peterson. Enjoy your success now and in your future endeavors.

David E Fritz

I am a Fresno State graduate, a Fresno State Bulldog and a HUGE admirer of Boise State!

I have seen your talent, your smarts and your abilities. Thus, I told everyone I could that the best bowl game would be the Fiesta Bowl. However, I didn't realize you would play and win the most exciting football game I have ever witnessed. Forget the traditions, forget the East Coast bias, anyone that followed BSU football knew that the Broncos had the talent, the speed and the ability to beat Oklahoma. The fact that you did it in the biggest game of the year with all of the sports world watching makes it that much more impressive. Congratulations! Everyone is proud of the Broncos!

John Segale, Roseville, CA

Thank you Boise showed the world that heart is more important than rankings or size. Congratulation on winning the greatest college football game ever! You inspire all of us to never give up. Ryan & Kimberly Mallett,

Boise State Grads

Wow congratulations to a game well played.You have opened the eyes of many critics. I always had faith in you guys and you deserve a shot at a national championship! The way you played you could have beaten any given school put in front of you. I am a Boise native and attended Borah HS..class of 1976 and have always followed the Broncos since I moved to would have been great to have U of Wisconsin play the Broncos...both teams won there bowl games and I was just hoping they would have gotten a chance to play each other and I believe the Broncos would have dominated that game...keep up the good work all of you! On a final note ..congratulations to Ian Johnson on his proposal to his new wife to be...Best of Luck to you! Andrew Fortier, North Freedom, Wisconsin

Congratulations to the Boise State Broncos! As a Louisville Cardinal fan, I can relate to all of the doubt and lack of respect endured by the Bronco Nation. Thanks for proving the "experts" wrong. Charley Wachowski, Louisville, KY

I am living in London England and stayed up until 6:30 in the morning to listen to the most amazing american football game ever. My brother goes to BSU and has gotten me to become an avid follower over the last couple years. My contgratulations goes out to Boise, what heart and what a game. I didn't doubt for one minute that you weren't going to win that game and thats what makes Boise so special because everyone believes. You guys are amazing. GO BOISE! Ben Kupper, London England

What a great way to start the year! As a native Idahoan I have proudly followed the Broncos progress this year. You have made us proud -- what a fantastic win in Arizona. I loved the headline on the front page of the Deseret News: Oh, Boise. They should have added an exclamation point! I was also proud with how mature and articulate the coach and team were in the post-game interviews. It is a great time to be an Idahoan. Brad Sheppard, Kaysville, Utah

Go Broncos. I currently live in Quincy, Illinois, but I grew up in Idaho. Iremember the days when Boise was a Junior College. And look at you now!Congratulations on an exciting win. You have given me one more reason to beproud of our home state. Also, congratulations to Ian Johnson and hisfiancee. May their marriage be as exciting as this win.

Evan Horner

Congratulations to the Boise Broncos and to Pete for an outstanding game. We're all proud of you. Toni Edwards, Oroville, California

I am a recent graduate from Boise State and have always been a strong supporter of all the programs as if I were team member. I am also from Nebraska whom has an ongoing rivalry with Oklahoma. This made the victory even better watching my school show this team who is boss. I just want to let the entire team know that they did a great job and you are as good as the top schools in the nation. I also hope that Boise State will step-up to the plate and do what ever they can to keep the coaching staff. They are young and they are wanted by other schools!!!! Go BSU!!!!!!!!!!

Abbie Sutherland

Yeah!! Wow!! Incredible, fantastic game Boise!!!!!!!!! The greatest football game ofmy lifetime! I rarely watch football, yet even this morning I'm still smiling aboutthe amazing play I witnessed with my 14 year old daughter. She loved you too.We hooted and hollered the entire game.I saw the Rolling Stones recently in Boise and thought that was cool; nothingmatches last nights win over Oklahoma!! Congratulations, you deserve it!We're very proud of you all.

Our best,

Jeff Anderson, Hailey

My Dad played pro football for the St. Louis Cardinals for 13 years and coached the Denver Broncos with Red Miller from 1976 to 1979. I come from a huge football family and I have been watching football all my life. Last year when the Longhorns beat USC for the National Championship, I told myself that I would never see a more dramatic come from behind game than that one. As much as I love the Longhorns and that game last year, I must say a enjoyed watching your Boise State Broncos play the role of David and slay the mighty giant Oklahoma Sooners. I have to say that your game is now the greatest college football game of all time. The victory last night is indescribable. Congratulations! I now have a new second favorite team behind the Longhorns. Go Broncos.

Shane Gray, Llano, Texas

Wow! I’m still in shock, but even after a near- heart attack, I will never forget your win over Oklahoma! Congratulations on your hard work and dedication. I’m so proud to say I’m a Bronco!!!!!!! Thank You,

Krystle Cabaltera

What a game I was stationed in mtn home and plan to move back to boise in 1 year and can't wait to get season tickets I stayed up until 3:00am just so I could calm down to go to sleep. You deserve a shot at the national title game.Adam FlahertyPittsburgh Pa.

What an incredible game!! From one displaced Boise fan living in Husker country, I say "WOOHOO" for the Broncos and Coach Pete! After many weeks of listening to and reading the less than flattering press in this part of the country towards BSU, I for one am glad to see a little crow being eaten! I never doubted that the Bronco's had it in them, and thanks to last night's performance, now the nation knows there is more to BSU than it's blue field! Congratulations, Boise State University! I'm looking forward to many, many more years of fabulous football from the Broncos! Ginger Guilfoyle, Omaha, Nebraska (formerly of Boise)

I lived and died with every play in the last 2 minutes. I am thankful for the win and the BSU team performance. It was truly a game to remember and it will undoubtedly be referenced on ESPN for years to come when non-BCS teams are in bowl games. The 2 point conversion was truly inspired, but I thank the coaching staff and the players for not using "trick plays" during most of the game and slugging it out with the OU team. By standing toe to toe with the"big boys" you proved to most of the nation(This statement probably excludes most of Oklahoma, but you probably had a few converts.) that you truly belong. I have known about your dominance of the pigskin as a transplant from Kansas for over a decade and been a fan just as long. It was about time the rest of the nation recognized it as well. Also Congratulations to Ian Johnson and Chrissy Popadics on their engagement. They are a lovely couple and I wish them only the best for their futures together. Let's face it, the BCS will be slow to change and will fight against changing probably for many years to come. It's obvious that when an undefeated team isn't in contention for the national title, that something about the current BCS needs changed. Yours truly, Jason Morin

I lived in Boise for 10 years and was able to watch BSU grow into greatness. Last night was a great example of never give up. That was by far the best game I have ever watched. Boise, you have quality coaching, quality players and a winning spirit. All of my doubting friends here in Indiana who said you couldn't beat a top team are now believers! Great Job and congratulations on an amazing year! Chad Vannatta

Thank you for producing the greatest college football game I have ever seen, and maybe one of the greatest moments in sports history. As a University of Georgia alum and faithful Dawg fan, the Broncos have my full respect and admiration. I hope one day UGA is brave enough to return the favor and play on the Blue field. Good luck next year! Bret Amideo, Atlanta, GA

WOW…what a game! Bronco’s it was jawdropping and heart pounding! YOU ROCK! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Doris Blount, Houston, Texas

To our beloved BSU Broncos, You proved to the world that you have more skill, talent, courage and heart than any other football team in America! You are true champions and role models for anyone who dares to dream they can be winners as well. We are so proud of you! Trudy and Tom Rider, St. Louis, Missouri

I have been keeping an eye on Boise State all season. As the only other undefeated team in the country, besides Ohio State, each week made me more of a believer. Unfortunately being in Buckeye Country, I never got a chance to see the Broncos in action, and looked forward to the Fiesta Bowl, hoping that BSU would give the Sooners a game and earn themselves some respect from the BCS. Last night was amazing! The Broncos played with more heart than any team I have ever witnessed. In what will surely go down as one of the greatest bowl games ever played, I found myself wishing that with all the hype Ohio State has recieved this year, more attention would have been given to a team that truly characterizes what NCAA atletics are supposed to be about. If only the Buckeyes played with half the class and desire I saw last night. From your coaching staff, the players, and the fans, Boise and all of Idaho have much to be very proud of. You showed the rest of the nation that determination and heart still count, even against the big budget football programs that seem to have lost what is really important. Although I may be tarred and feathered here for saying this outloud, no matter the outcome of the OSU-Florida game, the national champion in my mind has already been crowned...The Boise State Broncos! Congratulations again BSU, Boise, and the state of Idaho! You earned it, and put a smile on the face of a jaded fan! Dave Thomas, Columbus, OH

We are the ultimate Clemson Tiger fans, but we pulled for ya’ll last night and it was a THRILL to watch you play. It is the most exciting football game we ever watched!!! Congratulations, Broncos!!!!

Erin & Kyle Holmquist, Cary, NC

I have a family that bleeds Longhorn orange, but your Fiesta Bowl victory was the most exciting game I've ever seen! Somebody needs to make a movie of this! Congratulations from Austin, Texas.

Vic Blackburn

This past year, we came to Boise on a summer journey from another underdog town, Nashville, just so we could stand on your blue turf. Talk about nutty fans! We congratulate you, your school and your city on an unbelievable win in typical thrilling style! Maybe next year, the networks will pay a little more attention and show us a few more games! We knew you could do it!

Rick, Pat and Tanner, Nashville, TN

Having been LUCKY enough to have worked in Boise for 9 months, all I can say is …WOW! As a die hard college football fan, I can say with out a doubt that was absolutely the BEST football game that I have ever had the privledge to watch. What a testament to overcoming adversity. Now all of Boise knows why we here in Buckeye country love Arizona. From the Buckeye Nation let me say this: Welcome to the big time ladies and gentleman, you’re a mid-major no more.

I doubt Saturday afternoons during the fall in Boise will ever be the same…

John Farren, Dayton, Ohio

Congratulations on a tremendous win from two Beaver fans!

Mary and Jerry Scott

Congratulations, BSU Broncos! You’ve taken our (Tostitos) breath away with the most awesome game ever!

Nancy McCullough

Congratulations!What an exciting game!

Jonie Furlong, Omaha Nebraska

You got everyone's respect here in Tennessee!!!! Congratulations on your 13 - 0 Season and for showing the USA what the true spirit of a champion is all about. Hard work, determination, heritage and belief in your team mates & coaching staff are what builds character and champions.You make Blue and Orange here in Tennessee my favorite colors! Enjoy your success and relish your realtionships along this fantastic trip. You guys ROCK !!!!!!!!!!! Richard Wilson, Nashville, Tennessee

Congratulations, Boise State, on a game well played. I hope you get the national ranking you deserve in the final polls. Joe Nuvolini, Colorado Springs, CO

I am a (VERY PROUD!!!!) BSU Alumni - 1984-1988. I was there through the rough times!!!! I now live in the Midwest & hear others trash talk the BSU program. I tip my hat to one of the classiest coaches - Coach Peterson and the Boise State Bronco Football team. You do the city of Boise, the State of Idaho & the nation proud!! I am so proud of you! Congrats on a such an exciting win! I can't believe you had me so worried!!! My kids are your proud & loyal supporters as well! OUR BSU flag is waving proudly on our front porch. Thank you for such an awesome season!!!! Camille (Terhaar) Talbot

How awesome was that? What a game! Thank you BSU for showing everyone what you are made of and making the few of us Idahoans living in Oklahoma City so very proud! We’ve heard every negative comment about other teams and umpteen bogus excuses from Sooner players, staff and fans day in and day out over the last 9 years as to why the other team cost them their victory when they’ve lost a game. The bottom line is you stepped up to the plate, played better than they did and you’ve earned this victory. You deserve to play my husband’s alma-mater, The Ohio State University. Congratulations to all of you! Dianna David, Boise resident stationed at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City

We have never been more proud to be a Bronco! The entire country finally got to witness what Bronco Football is all about. Thank you to the entire team and coaching staff for never giving up. Words cannot express our gratitude for your determination and will to win. They may not give us the chance to prove it, but as far as we are concerned THE BRONCOS are the national champions! Jason Snead and Amber Herriot

We are speechless. Our Boise State Broncos won, what may be the most incredible game in college football history. BSU never quit, never gave up, never doubted. What a truly wonderful group of student athletes. We have been privileged to have you and we wish every one of you the very best in the future. Thank You, Broncos!

Deb and Tim Teater, Boise

Congratulations Broncos!

I congratulate your awesome performance and victory. The game was at once thefinest and at times the most frustrating football ball game I have ever had thepleasure of enjoying (and I have watched a lot of football over my 50 years).

Your talents and those of your coaches combined and created a performance thatwill be remembered in perpetuity. And it was a TEAM effort that took you overthe top. It just does not get any better than what you have accomplished

At the end of the day/night you did nothing more that what you have done allyear. You played Boise State Football, and accomplished this one with aplomb.

Marry the cheerleader! Save the world!

Bob Whitlatch, Boise

AWESOME GAME! I graduated from Kuna High and went to BSU for 4 years. I live in Atlanta and have to hear all about Georgia. I was thrilled to see BSU pull out a well deserved victory. I am so proud to be a native Idahoan and a BSU Alumni.


Sean K Robison Sr.

Best wishes to the BSU football team, the Governor and all the wonderful people of Idaho from a little island in New Smyrna Beach, Florida! My wife Marie and I have learned to know Idaho, and specifically Boise, though our son Gabe, who lives there. It is a very special place to live, with a fantastic university. Your football team did not only put BSU on the map as a national contender in college football, it placed Boise and Idaho on the map as a place to live, and to bring up your children, and where to educate your children. It is also a place where business is welcome, and where good jobs can be found. Take care of your wonderful state and city, we love it!!! Congratulation BSU, your football team, and Boise, Idaho!! Erik Halleus, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the game. Iadmit I was a doubter but the Bronco inspired playmade me a believer. It's not often we get to witnesssuch a tremendous and gutsy game. Way to go Broncos!

Jim Stephenson, Edmonds, WA

Congratulations!What an exciting game!

Jonie Furlong, Omaha Nebraska

I can not tell you how excited & proud I am for y'all!!! I grew up inMountain Home and still claim it as "My Home" even though I have livedhere in Tennessee for many years now. Yes, that is correct ... "Vols"land flying my "BSU - BLUE & ORANGE" very proudly!!!! I have caught alot of flak with such sayings as .. BSU - Who??, What is with the BlueField???, WAC; yeah right! They don't play anyone significant!! Wellboys .. CONGRATULATIONS IN MAKING ALL THEIR COMMENTS EXTREMELY HARD TOSWALLOW!!!! How glorious it is to be able to give your stats; not onlyfor this year but also to be able to brag about y'all being the onlyteam that has gone UNDEFEATED TWICE in the Past 3 Years!!!!! And nowthe BCS FIESTA BOWL WINNERS ... WAY TO GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!

Jo'an L. Horn-Corey, Chattanooga, Tennessee

As a former Alumni from the 1980's, you do the State and the school proud. We may have the Colts, but you guys have amazing SPIRIT and a hugely talented team...

Jessica Perrin, Indianapolis, Indiana

Hey BRONCOS! Great Job! Your team has proved you were MORE than worthy of your bowl bid! We were all rooting for ya in Eugene, Oregon!

Doug Hodson

Great job last night gentlemen!!! You brought many smiles to thousands of homes in the early morning hours of this day and at thousands of watercoolers throughout the nation on this morning, January 2nd, 2007. Being a life long resident of the northeast I have no connection to the football team or university or city or even the state of Idaho. But last night, in being a big college football fan, I instantly became connected to your team and university and all that you stand for as I whooped it up a bit after the successful hook and ladder play well after midnight, accidently waking up my two teenaged sons and one of my two middle school aged daughters who all had to be on the bus at 7am this morning. My wife and I and three of our four children then watched in a joyous celebration as you completed the upset in overtime with an old school yard play that fooled everybody in Sooner nation. You should be proud that this single game and the "neccessary" outcome of a "win" by mid major Boise State I think will ultimately lead to be the deciding factor of what we have all been trying to accomplish for years now, and that is knocking down the wall of all the politics involved from the major conferences and independents so that we can now get a national playoff system in place to determine a national champion in Division 1-AA College Football out on the field and not in the polls. And this is coming from a family with diehard allegiances and a brother and a father who are alumni to one of the oldest college football powers in the country; Notre Dame. What we all needed to put this national playoff push really in motion was for an undefeated mid major like Boise St. to not only come out and show they could compete, but to show they could win. They needed to show they deserved to win as Boise St. clearly showed that in this game last night as being the better team against an old powerhouse who was highly regarded and heavily favored coming into the game. Just a great job by the players and the coaches alike! An eleven game season moving into a 32 team playoff and keeping all the bowls, including the BCS involved, would be nice. Again. Thank you. Great job. We were all rooting for you. Hopefully something more than just a win will come out of this for all of college football fans. If Ohio State loses to Florida, if I had one, my vote would surely go to Boise St. to be the 2007 National Champions! Sincerely, Mark Hurley, Saratoga Springs, NY

Thank you and congratulations Boise State Football Team from football fans everywhere for your unyielding determination in your win over OU in the Fiesta Bowl! The sportsmanship, composure, and genius you displayed of your victory is a tribute to the players, coaches the State of Idaho, and the game of football. We all can learn from your never quit attitude!

Boise State deserved to play Ohio State; next time there will be no doubt.....

Bob Wilcox in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Congrats to all of the TEAM! The MOST exciting game in football history. AND, the story line beats "Remember The Titans"!!!

Chris, Bloomington, IL

CONGRATULATIONS, BRONCOS! What a stunning game. As an Idahoan it feels so good to see you guys run with the big dogs. You have earned every bit of fame you now possess. Watching the game until 1:00 am from our home in Cincinnati was the highlight of beginning the New Year in style. Congratulations to all the coaches too, who worked tirelessly to get this top notch players ready for prime time. You should be so proud. We certainly are proud of you. Looking forward to your 2007 season with great anticipation.

Anita R. McGonigle



As an San Jose State University alum and a lifelong Cornhusker fan, I'd like to thank you for representing the WAC in style and beating the Sooners along the way!!!!

Alan M. Yeo, SJSU '89

Yo Boise! Now that is how a TEAM wins a football game! During the Fiesta Bowl pregame show, Jimmy Johnson more than once said there was big mismatch between the two teams physically and I even heard one of the announcers say that the game was sort of like the story of Rocky Balboa. Well the Broncos showed the former Dallas Cowboys coach that there was a mismatch but it was more mentally than physically. Coach Petersen did an awesome job all season preparing the Broncos for this very game especially during the last few weeks. The national spotlight was on Boise State and the team made the most of it. My wife and I are from the Philadephia area and we both are BSU alumni. Back here in Philly, Rocky is a legend here but the story was made up. The beauty of the 2006 Fiesta Bowl story is that it was for real and the 2006 Bronco Football team will always be remebered for playing with the heart of a giant. 13-0 GO BRONCOS! Paul Marlow

What a great victory for the BSU Broncos in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. They played a tough, toe to toe game against one of the giants of college football and came away with an unbelievable win. It may be the most exciting college football game I have ever seen. Congratulations Broncos... and thank you!

Doug Burr, Coeur d'Alene, ID

BSU Alumni, 1982

Congratulations to THE TEAM!!!! What an exciting game.We got to watch you play while we were in Salt LakeCity, at the SLC airport, listened to you while at theairport, saw you again at the BOI airport, listened toyou on the ride to our home in Boise, and finishedwatching the game in our living room! GREAT GAME! TheBEST game in the nation.

Virgil (BPD) and Barbara Brown, RN


Since visiting Boise Idaho for the first time in 2001, I’ve continued to keep track of the continued success of Broncos football. Growing up near Omaha, Nebraska, I’m well aware of the OU football tradition. Last night’s game was the most exciting finish I have every seen. Being an Iowa native and Big 10 Hawkeye fan, the dramatic finish by Boise State players and coaches surpasses the 2005 Capital Bowl win by Iowa over LSU by far. There is no need to watch any other college bowl games this season. This was the best of the best. I love Boise and Idaho. Congratulations to the team, town and state. You showed a national audience last night what Boise State football is all about. Don Piper, Des Moines Iowa

Congratulations to the team, school & the state of Idaho, As a native Idahoan and transplanted in Orlando Florida in Gator country, one never forgets where you come from. I am Proud to Say I'm from Idaho and I pull for Boise State. You have proven to all that you don't have to go to the big name school's to have big heart. Thank you for one of the most exciting football game I have ever seen. 13-0 what a record. how do you beat that?. Well I look forward to Seeing Boise State in the # 1 game next season. that's how. Enjoy it, I know I did.

Thank You

Don Adams, Orlando Florida.

Renegade Broncos.ESPN blacked you out on TV; so we listened on the radio in Post Falls (fading in and out).Yeh, this is Vandal territory, but we crave a winner in Idaho.Heck, in the early 60s all my buddies in Moscow were from Emmett, Eagle, and Marsing(where were the Broncos then?).Then there was BSC.Next we went to Moscow for law school in the 70s (next Boise will want their own law school).When we returned to Moscow in the 80s for Ed, it was clear that the Vandals were fading and the Broncos were kicking up their heals.Altough our son stuck to the Vandal route, our daughter rebelled:she rode down Highway 95 to the Twin Towers.

Well, it's only taken me 47 years to acknowledge that Boise has the right stuff in Idaho.And what a way to win the game!Congradulations to the BSU Bronco football team.

Bob & Marilyn Hughes

I've never been to Idaho, but watched all the bowl games I could all New Year's Day, and I have to say that the last game I saw was the Best! Congratulations to the Boise State team - it was a thrilling game from start to finish. You deserve all the recognition you get for your season's accomplishments. Thanks for letting me see that game against OU. Howard Thompson, Tyler, Texas

I cheered on my alma mater, Florida State, through the"dynasty years" and the annual BCS bowl games, butneither of our national championship wins were asexciting as that Fiesta Bowl game.

Here's to the Broncos and hopes that Coach Petersoncan build a dynasty there just as Bowden has at FSU!What a game and what gutsy calls! Peterson is the new"Riverboat Gambler," in my opinion.

Chris Doyle, Indianapolis, IN

You deserved it.

From an OU graduate and die-hard fan.

Michael Gismondi

Blue Field? How about Blue-Faced Sooners ? Thought you had the game won with only 30 seconds left? Think again. Never in my football watching days for 30 years have I seen anything like this. I lived in Boise for 9 years and went to West Junior High, Borah High School and Boise State. Boise is in my blood and in my heart. I am so proud of all you guys that I am beside myself. Watching with my co-workers here in Virginia was difficult. They could not understand why I was biting off all my nails and breathing heavily. Don't do that to me again......heehee.

Rick A. Harper, Sterling, Virginia

Borah High School class of 1973

Wow - what a game ! A truly memorable accomplishment iby an underdog team in college sports that will be talked about way into future years. As an aside, I loved the BSU offense with their precision in movement/s before the snap (almost every single play) and their classy uniforms were a real bonus to viewers - they were a disciplined machine. Coach Petersen should and will be well-recognized, and hopefully will be able to remain at BSU. With our Utah Utes from two years ago taking on the BCS and winning, BSU 's accomplishment is nothing short of sensational - thank you (!) from an appreciative watcher-of-the game, Jim Fischer (a St. Alphonsus Hospital birth in 1941). Very sincerely, Jim W. Fischer

As a fan of yours for the past few seasons I came away from the Fiesta Bowl even more impressed with the performance the team put on for the nation last night. You definitely deserve a shot at Ohio State! Please come back next year! Best, John Joseph Allen, Lester, WV

We had to stay up until almost 1 am here in Florida but that was one of the most exciting football games I have ever seen! We started off the night rooting for BSU as the underdog and by the end of the game we were on our feet screaming. Thanks so much for a great evening of great football and congratulations on a fantastic season. Chris Fulmer, Homestead, FL

Congrats to the Boise State Broncos for a great Fiesta Bowl!! The Broncos have arrived! I won't mind it if Florida beats Ohio State. Again, congrats!!

Charles Spiroff, Harrisburg, PA

Congratulations to the Broncos team and fans from a Penn State alumnus on your undefeated season. After undefeated seasons for us in '68, '69, '73, and '94 with no national championship, we probably know how you feel. But that was some game last night, and no one can say you can't play with the big boys. Kevin McFadden

Congratulations to Boise State and the many players, coaches and administrators that have over the past years developed a program that led to last night's victory. The excitement of that game gave the nation a hint of BSU football, an experience we have felt every week for a long time. Last night the players on that field carried the heart of so many in the past and made us proud to have been and be, a Bronco. Donovan Davisson, Puyallup, WA

(Parent of Michael Davisson #87 Wide Receiver - just a few years back)

I am a 1983 graduate of Boise State and not a huge fan of most sports. My family lived in Boise for many years and in 2000 we relocated to a small town outside Dallas, Texas. Despite the distance, I have continued to track what goes on in the Boise area for several reasons. One, I still have family in Boise and two, I am a graduate of Boise State. Even in Texas, Boise State is know for its "Smurf Turf." When I saw that BSU was playing in a major college bowl game, I knew I needed to watch. I have never seen such an exciting game in my life. Boise State has something to be proud of. There was a true representation of teamwork and dedication during the Fiesta Bowl. Your victory sends a clear message to the BCS....the underdog came come out on top and ya'll did it in an extrodinary manner. Keep up the good work. Julie (Martin) Berry - Kaufman, Texas

Congradulations to the Broncos...Outstanding game!!!! the best game I have ever seen...Thank you for making us Broncos proud!

After living Oklahoma for ten years...and transferred to Idaho...and a Boise State alum... a true blue and orange Bronco fan...(even living in the midwest and Reno has not detered my belief in the Broncos...)

Congradulations to the Broncos...what a win!!!!

Cliff Madison

Congratulation from Raleigh, NC! I've known this school could contend with the "big boys" for quite some time now, and you all just proved it to the nation last night! A perfect season at 13-0!! Not even Ohio St or Florida can make that claim. Tom Wirfs, Formerly of Boise, ID

Congratulation Broncos! I, like so many other Bronco fans, watched the game from Germany and stayed up through 7 am to see your brilliant victory. I have watched or heard BSU play from many parts of the world and this has by far been the most memorable! It is a great feeling when you look up at the TV from far away and immediately know the smurf turf of BSU. I left home in 89 for a 10 year career in the Marines and today I still find myself far from home. However watching the Broncos has always reminded me of what great place Boise is, but most of all, it puts me back home for 4 qtrs. For that I thank you.

Congratulations on your undefeated season. Craig D. Watson, Auerbach, Germany

From all of us fans of non-BCS league schools: Congratulations and thank you! Whether your team plays in C-USA, WAC, MAC, Sun Belt, or the Mountain West, at least for one night, we were all fans of Boise State! That was probably one of the most incredible games, and finishes, in college football history. We deserve our piece of the BCS pie as well! Thank you for making that message loud and clear. Aaron Hoppenstedt, Naples, Florida

Many of us watched the most exciting game in year as you, BSU won the Fiesta Bowl.Way to go. You really gave us something to cheer about, even amidst the groans of certain plays in the 2nd half.Keep it going. David Tish and Task Force 1-183 AVN, Idaho National Guard, Serving in Afghanistan

That had to be the Best finish to a game I have ever seen. It ran the gamut on emotions. I have been a Huge 49er fan since my youth and I have to say they never made me feel as proud as these young men from BSU did. I would like to Thank all of the BSU players and coaches for a Wonderful, Wonderful season. Wow ! Scott Bennett

The win would have to be the greatest college victory of all time I would imagine. I'm from Oregon, have lived in Australia for 21 years. Just checked out the game live via yahoo (Tuesday afternoon down here). Had to go at the precise moment Oklahoma went ahead with a minute to go. Went back online late tonight (Tuesday again) and thought I'd check out the final score. Damn! Very happy for anyone who follows the team and for the David and Goliath angle, though it seems the David this time turns out to be Goliath. Well done to what must be a great program. Wish I could have seen it.

Robert Hudson, Temora N.S.W.

I am a navite Idahoan, I graduated from Meridian H.S. and even attended BSU in the mid 90's. I just recently moved from Oklahoma City to Spokane via serving in the Air Force. For seven long years I had to endure all the talk and ignorance I could handle from OU fans. Being a proud Bronco fan I would wear my team colors and get the normal "What's BSU?" Or the typical jeer about our blue field in Iowa. They would even draw comparisons to the Denver Broncos, and normally I would quite them with a gentle reminder of how University of Texas embarassed their beloved Sooners. Tonight I witnessed something that will change Boise State athletics and Boise forever. I saw the most entertaining and dramatic college football game to ever come from the state of Idaho, and it was played in Arizona.

Our Broncos, lead by 1st year coach Chris Petersen, beat one of the giants of college football. OU is one of the original college powerhouses in NCAA. Our program that just made the jump to division 1-A ten years ago slugged it out with this behemoth for 5 quarters and was victorious! The Broncos proved that physical size is not what matters, but what is inside that counts. Coach Petersen made the whole Bronco football team believe in themselves and it paid off in the end. Boise State University better draw up a new contract with Coach Petersen soon or we will have lost another terrific coach. I don't want to see Coach Pete's name with the likes of Houston Nutt, or Dan Hawkins. Thanks again Broncos for a unforgettable year. I only wish I was in Oklahoma for a day to hear those fans now recognize where Boise State is on the map.

Paul Eakins, Spokane, Washington



The perseverance that the Broncos showed tonight is an inspiration to anyone who was told they were too short or too small or didn't fit in. I have never seen a group with more heart, guts and fight than that team. Live it up gentlemen, you deserve it.

Tim Brustkern in Chicago

Congratulations, Boise State, to a victory well earned. I can't remember when I've last watched such an intense game that kept you on the end of your seat. What a great way to start off the new year.

From an Idahoan couple stuck in California

Jo Ann & Steve Hohstadt

Congratulations to BSU on THE most wonderful, exciting, nail-biting game I've ever seen! We had relatives call us tonight from Minnesota, Florida and Tennessee, during and after the game, just to share in it with us. It's now 2:00 a.m, but I am still so excited I can't think of going to bed. We are so proud of you and so proud to be from Boise! This game was also for all of us who were not able to attend tonight; but can remember sitting on those cold bleachers in snow storms, fog, hail and sleet, in the early days of the program. THANK YOU!!

Lynn Hathaway, Boise

I'd like to say how proud I am to be a bronco fan right now!! What you have just done will go down in the football history books. You should be proud of yourselves because all of Idaho is proud of you. We're on the map now boys, and nobody can take that away from us!!

Mike Halligan, Boise

Congratulations Broncos! We've made it to the Big Time, and with style. This best is yet to come...

Rachel E. Clements, Boise

13-0 Thank you for showing the rest of the world that we are the big football team they don't want to believe that we are. You guys earned it, and I had to stay up pretty late just to watch it. Formerly of Mountain Home.

Tim Rosenberger, Spangdahlem AB Germany

I'm an international student at Boise State and I'm home in Germany for winter break. I just stayed up all night to watch the game and woke up everybody in the house screaming like crazy when Ian Johnson scored on the 2-point conversion. That was at 6:56 a.m. German time. Now, I’m still awake, because I’m too wired to sleep. So, I’m watching the game again.

Congratulations to all the players and Coach Pete. This was the best football game ever and you all showed that Boise can play with the big guys.


Andreas Kreutzer (Germany)

This is Mark in Clinton, Iowa. I just witnessedperhaps the most incredible football game that I haveever seen (I've been watching since 1960). Theperseverance of the Broncos was just unbelievable. Iwill leave it people with a better way with words todescrible, but this is one of the most fantasticCinderalla stories ever! Congratulations to all ofIdaho!

Mark Massey, Clinton, Iowa

WOW! The Pride of Idaho-13-0 the Bronco Nation has brought it all home! What a game! Thanks for teaching the rest of the nation about the greatness of Idaho football. Watching from my home in Vacaville, CA -

Kelli Murphy Germeraad, Mountain Home High School, Attended Boise State 76-78

Congratulations on the win. Your Broncos kept us here in NYC up late. We were with you all the way. You deserve a shot at the national championship. Your victory sends a message to the BCS. All the best to your Broncos. What a game it was. Again, congratulations and let's see things in college football be organized correctly so that schools like Boise State have an equal playing field.

Rick S., New York, NY

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