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He partied with fans as a first-round draft pick out of Boise State, but he wasn’t real.

Decked out in Boise State football gear, the fans in Nashville had to get pictures with Deuce Dominguez, a potential first-round draft pick. The big offensive tackle even met Titans Pro Bowl tackle Taylor Lewan, asking for some advice.

Sure enough, Dominguez went 30th overall in the first round to the Green Bay Packers, and cameras captured the celebration afterward, with fans chanting his name in a bar.

Now, if you’re a Broncos fan, you probably know what’s up — “Dominguez” isn’t real.

House Of Highlights, which has 890,000 YouTube subscribers and 12.8 million Instagram followers, posted Dominguez’s exploits leading up to and after the draft. Dominguez is really a guy named Nelson Vergara, who describes himself as “6-6, 2-something.”

Check out the 11-minute video below (with a language warning):

Vergara certainly looked the part — Lewan joked that “yeah, I could tell,” when he said he was an offensive lineman from Boise State. Lewan also said of the blue turf, “I love it.” Even self-described Packers fans fell for it, wanting photos to send to loved ones to prove they had met the newest Packers first-rounder.

“The fact that I’m 6-6 and a big dude, I’ve got a hat on my head and a suit, that’s all they needed to know,” Vergara said at the end of the video.

Perhaps making the video even funnier is that the Packers didn’t even draft 30th, having moved up to 20th to take Darnell Savage, a safety. And choosing Boise State is probably just obscure enough for the casual fan to not pull the “never heard of you” card.

Early in the video, Vergara almost has his bluff called when a man says his cousin currently plays for the Broncos — either cornerback Tyric LeBeauf or safety Tyreque Jones — but said his cousin is a wide receiver, so perhaps he also isn’t intimately familiar with the roster.

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