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The Boise State Gators? The Broncos are caught up in a case of misidentification

Call it a case of mistaken identity.

Known most for its prowess on the football field, Boise State is now making its mark around the world because vendors can’t differentiate color schemes or map locations.

On Saturday afternoon, Twitter user @thenamesroddy tweeted a picture of a visor with the University of Florida logo on it, complete with its customary blue and orange colors. The side of the visor’s bill, however, read Boise State. Though the programs have similar color schemes, the schools are nearly 2,500 miles apart and have never played each other in football.

The case of Bronco confusion continued Monday, when Reddit College Football tweeted a submitted image of a United States map that supposedly labeled each state by its primary college football program. Though Idaho was claimed by the Vandals, the map, reportedly located at a restaurant in Dubai, still included Boise State.

The only problem is that, evidently, the Broncos are the pride and joy of Georgia.

Fans of the Peach State probably weren’t thrilled with the revelation; the Broncos defeated the Bulldogs 35-21 in 2011.

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