Letter to the Sports Editor: Sunday, July 17

Dallas needs a hero ... Kellen?

Sometimes things seem to work out as if they are planned, or just maybe it’s being in the right place at the right time.

After the senseless atrocities in Dallas the other night, that city desperately needs a hero. Their professional gridiron squad, supposedly “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys, has Kellen Moore as its backup quarterback.

He’s No. 2 behind an outstanding leader, Tony Romo, who unfortunately is injury prone. How many times can you break a collarbone and play NFL-caliber football?

In researching Kellen’s progress on the Cowboys websites, I actually get goose bumps when I see videos of him rolling up over 400 yards passing against the Redskins.

I think Dallas is going to rally behind Mr. Moore like the Treasure Valley did when he played at BSU. If Kellen stays healthy and can win, the Dallas fans will feel the pride bursting in their hearts like we here in Idaho all did when he won 50 games.

He is what America looks up to. The underdog who is honest, hard-working, confident, humble and talented. Best of luck to you, Kellen, because Texas really needs you to lead them out of this awful situation.

Jeffrey S. Jensen, Caldwell