Letter to the Sports Editor: Sunday, June 19

BSU football

In response to Mr. Curt Apsey, Boise State athletic director saying, “We have embraced this as a department, and we need to find ways so that when the clock strikes midnight and we’re still playing, we look around Albertsons Stadium and see our fans embracing this as well.”

The athletic director and BSU president should have noticed by now that fans apparently have not embraced BSU giving in to ESPN demands for late kickoff times. Many BSU football fans, like my wife and I, have voted to cancel our season tickets, though we loved watching and cheering for the football team.

We did not enjoy sitting in the stands waiting for kickoff while ESPN finished up another game, often in freezing cold weather during late-season games or getting to our car well after midnight, and maybe home by 1 a.m.

When management asks your opinion, if they have already made their decision, they do not want your opinion. They want you to embrace their decision. BSU football season ticket sales are down in the past few years, and maybe part of the reason is the athletic department and president have decided ESPN dollars are more important than consideration of BSU fans.

We do not embrace nor support 8:15 p.m. and later kickoffs.

Jim Yurashak, Boise