Letters to the Sports Editor: Sunday, May 8

Vandals football

At least in the United States, no other sport triggers the emotions of fans quite like college football. And Vandals fans remember the best, not the worst.

For my dad, the victory over Stanford in 1947 was a highlight (Idaho left the Pacific Coast Conference in 1958 after being a member for 37 years). I still remember the victory in 1965 over Washington State during my junior year.

Idaho fans are proud of the 10 Division I-AA national playoff appearances from 1985-1995. And I’ve never seen Vandals root harder than during our four victories in 2015.

Vandals are more than football fans. Somehow, the time spent at that beautiful Moscow campus and the success the experience spawned for our lives will outlive any changes in football conferences.

Go Vandals!

Dick Rush, Boise

Fantasy sports betting

While online fantasy sports outfits DraftKings and FanDuel are undoubtedly acting in good faith (and within the letter of the law) when they state that they shall be geoblocking Idahoans from gambling, this claim is both risible and moot.

It is trivial to use the Tor anonymity network and a virtual privacy network (VPN); nowadays your IP address is anywhere you want it to be, a fundamental aspect of the Internet which cannot be policed regardless of the Idaho constitution.

How the Idaho attorney general deals with Idaho gamblers whose computers are seemingly anywhere but Idaho is an interesting conundrum.

Kenneth Freeman, Boise