Letters to the Sports Editor: Sunday, Feb. 21

Statesman coverage

Wow Statesman, you mean to tell me that on Feb. 14, the breakup of Khloe Kardashian and James Harden was more newsworthy than reporting on the U.S. Olympic marathon trials in Los Angeles?

Well apparently NBC didn’t think so because it was broadcast live the day before.

You missed that Galen Rupp, who easily won the men’s race, had never competed in a marathon before. Amy Cragg took first place for the women and literally willed her teammate, Shalane Flanagan, over the finish line and into third place — an incredible gesture you don’t typically see in a road race. Shame on you.

Kathleen Slinger, Boise

High school basketball

I attended the Timberline/Nampa boys game Feb. 13 at Timberline High. I don’t have a child who plays on either team, just a person who enjoys a good game.

I was appalled by the poorest sportsmanship by one player. He threw a punch at a Nampa player and the refs obviously weren’t going to make the call, but decided to give him a technical after a furious Nampa crowd went crazy.

A technical was also called on the Nampa player who didn’t punch back. It was a sad display of reffing and a high school player thinking he is exempt of good sportsmanship.

I am more saddened by the response of the Timberline coaching staff. To think they would let the kid continue to play is a poor excuse of a coach. As educators, coaches, etc., it is our job to not only look out for these students and their academic success, but to guide them as civilized human beings.

This coach should be ashamed for allowing such behavior, and what an embarrassment to this school. I can only hope that if the kid continues to play in college, he gets knocked off the throne he thinks he sits on.

Tracy Brown, Boise