Letters to the Sports Editor: Boise State wrestling, multi-use stadium

Save wrestling at Boise State

Thousands of current, future and past wrestlers will be negatively affected by the discontinuation of wrestling at Boise State University. If BSU ceases its varsity wrestling program, there will be no NCAA Division I programs in Idaho. Wrestling is a unique sport that allows individuals of all sizes to participate against an opponent of similar weight. The skill, determination, fitness, physical courage and discipline required to excel in wrestling is well documented. BSU wrestling has a rich history that includes conference championship, numerous top-10 finishes and All-Americans.

Questions remain.

▪ What did the administration at BSU do in an effort to continue the program?

▪ Why weren’t the communities of Idaho and the region allowed to help continue wrestling and add baseball?

▪ Why doesn’t the history of wrestling excellence at Boise State seem to matter?

▪ What was done to align BSU wrestling with current and future Mountain West wrestling teams? Air Force Academy, Wyoming, Boise State, Fresno State?

▪ What is the true cost of wrestling compared to baseball?

▪ What is the future status of other men programs if the addition of baseball is achieved?

Save BSU wrestling.

Bill Bauman, Post Falls

Multi-use stadium

I’ve been following both sides of the issue of building a new multi-use complex downtown. I am fairly new to Boise, but it is plainly obvious that this town needs to continue to grow, stay vibrant and relevant. I’m all for the new complex, even if it comes at the expense of Boise State wrestling. I plan to stay here for a long time and would love to see that the city is smart enough to compete with other modern smaller towns across the U.S. but retain its country and mountain lifestyles that we all love.

Rick Krajnik, Boise