Letters to the Sports Editor: Sunday, Sept. 11


After watching the ESPN3 live stream of the Broncos’ game in Louisiana, I sure hope (Athletic Director) Curt Apsey is wrong (Dave Southorn column, Sept. 1) where he (and many others) think live streams are the wave of the future.

I’m not opposed to change or new technologies, but even with my 27” iMac and 100 Mbps connection, what I watched was horrid.

Picture froze several times and had to be reloaded; resolution wavered somewhere between 720p and the first TV my family had in the ’60s; failed to display a time clock, down and yards to go half the time; no play clock at all; couldn’t record, fast forward, pause or rewind as you can with a DVR.

Maybe Amazon Fire or Apple TV helps — not sure. But until these problems are solved, hope they’ll find a way to keep games on regular television as much as possible. CFB remains, after all, a ratings juggernaut.

Live stream complaints aside — what an amazing first game for our Broncos.

Rob Love, Boise

Colin Kaepernick

Regarding the Sept. 4 letters to the sports editor: Yet another string of invective emanating from one perspective.

How does that strengthen our society?

When might one of these correspondents offer to sit down and have a civil conversation with someone they disagree with? In their letters, it’s clear to me, the writers are actively talking, but mostly/mainly/only with people who share their opinion.

Why extend the hand of friendship and citizenship and offer to meet with someone who has another point of view so that a respectful dialogue can ensue? Is talking to people you disagree with so hard in this great nation of ours?

I personally welcome the chance to spend my money to share some talking time with someone I disagree with on this issue.

Mike Alvarado, Boise