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Get ready for 2016 Playing Outdoors/Idaho Camera photo contest

Charles Knowles won last year’s photo contest with his shot of Downtown Boise awash in fog. He also submitted this photo of Alice Lake.
Charles Knowles won last year’s photo contest with his shot of Downtown Boise awash in fog. He also submitted this photo of Alice Lake.

It’s time to start searching for that epic outdoors photo. Submissions are now being accepted for the annual Playing Outdoors/Idaho Camera photo contest. Subjects can include scenery, wildlife, action or people enjoying the outdoors.

Photos will be judged by a panel of experts, and top photos will earn prizes, which will be announced soon. The winner, runners-up and honorable mentions will be published Oct. 26 in Playing Outdoors.

Contest Details

The contest is open to all amateur photographers, which is anyone who does not derive their main source of income from selling photography. The theme of the photo contest is Playing Outdoors, and all entries must be taken in Idaho. That can include scenic, action or wildlife photographs.

Deadline: All entries must be received at one of Idaho Camera’s two locations by the end of business hours on Oct. 7. Entries must be printed.

Size and number: Participants may enter no more than three photographs. Entries smaller than 5x7 or bigger than 12x18, and those not on photo-quality paper, will be disqualified. Framed photographs will not be accepted.

Identify it: On the back of each photo, or attached to it on a separate piece of paper taped or glued (no paper clips), include:

▪ Name of the photographer.

▪ A daytime telephone number.

▪ Email address.

▪ Where the photo was taken and a short description of it.

▪ If entering the youth category (ages 17 and under), add the entrant’s age.

Entries without complete information may be disqualified. Photos can be dropped off at or mailed to either Idaho Camera location in Boise: 1310 N. Orchard or Boise Towne Square, 350 N. Milwaukee. Entries will be available for pickup at the Idaho Camera on Orchard from Nov. 1 to April 1.

Other guidelines: Entries may be color or black and white. Photos should be an accurate representation of the “natural” scene or subject being photographed. Photographs manipulated to change, remove or add content to the image will be subject to disqualification. Panoramic photos combined together with two or more frames will be considered if the digital stitching does not change, remove or add content to the image.

Image toning to correct color and contrast is acceptable. Over-saturated color or other dramatic toning techniques will be considered for artistic interpretation, but may be deemed in conflict with the natural theme intended for the Playing Outdoors photo contest.

Important note: Photo Contest entries and other photographs and articles submitted to the Idaho Statesman and Idaho Camera may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other forms.