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How to hike to Stack Rock — the scenic lookout high in the Boise Foothills

Stack Rock is one of the most attractive hiking destinations in the Boise Foothills — and with the re-opening of the Trail to Stack Rock, it’s accessible to hikers again (without trespassing). We have a full story on the trail and the improvements that could be coming next year here. But if you just want to know how to get there, here you go:

The parking area is on the left side of Bogus Basin Road, a little past mile marker 13. It’s right on the edge of the road, wide enough for about 10 cars. (Don’t park in the nearby gated dirt driveway.)

Trail to Stack Rock (also known as Entrance Exam) begins at the parking area. You won’t see many markings until you get to private land. Then it’s well-marked. You won’t actually see Stack Rock until 1.85 miles in. At the 2-mile mark, you’ll hit a T. The only sign says Eastside trail in both directions. Turn left.

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At 2.4 miles, you’ll hit the junction with Sweet Connie (toward town) and Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail. Take Freddy’s.

At 3.1 miles, you’ll reach a fork. This is a loop that goes around Stack Rock. For the shortest route to Stack Rock, take a left.

At about 3.85 miles, you’ll see Stack Rock through the trees and then you’ll see a marker for Freddy’s. There’s a user-built trail that veers to the right. Take that about a 10th of a mile and you’ll end up at a rock outcropping. Climb on top for a terrific view of Stack Rock and the Treasure Valley.

If you go back the way you came, it’s an 8-mile round trip with 1,100 feet of elevation gain (about 550 feet each direction). On the way out, make sure you turn right at that Eastside trail sign (the T you turned at earlier).

A trail map is available at lttv.org.