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Watch Boise’s best-known kestrels welcome four chicks to their nest

The American kestrels that nest at The Peregrine Fund building south of Boise have added four chicks, with all the action caught by the Bosch KestrelCam. The chicks will be full-sized and ready to fledge in about a month.

The falcon pair laid five eggs. The first two were considered in danger because of a late winter storm. One egg still hasn’t hatched.

“We were uncertain if the first two eggs had survived the storm, but were excited to see the pair lay the last three eggs,” said Dr. Sarah Schulwitz, The Peregrine Fund’s assistant director of the American Kestrel Partnership. “What is exciting is that with four chicks now, at least one of those eggs made it through the cold snap.”

During the next month, the KestrelCam should catch the parents delivering food to the chicks. Check out the live feed at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a live chat with the American Kestrel Partnership coordinator.