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Bogus enjoys best snow in 6 years; ‘storms just keep coming’ (ski report, Jan. 26)

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area has enjoyed its best ski season since “probably 2010-11,” marketing assistant Lynne Wieland said this week.

Wieland is new to the staff this winter but has been an avid skier at Bogus for years.

“The storms just keep coming in, and the best part is the temperatures are staying cold,” she said, “so we get a bunch of snow and it doesn’t melt. It doesn’t blow away. It’s been the perfect consistency to stick around ... and then the next storm rolls through before it has a chance to go anywhere.”

Bogus Basin has received 148 inches of snow so far this season. That’s more than the ski area received in the entire winters of 2014-15 and 2012-13.

Bogus got 264 inches last year and 317 in 2010-11. The record is 400 in 1982-83.

There’s a break between storms this week, finally allowing for some sun so skiers can enjoy the splendid views of snow-covered terrain that surrounds Bogus for miles. The next snow in the forecast is a week away.

That should make for a busy weekend on the mountain (I’ve been up there twice this week; the upper portion of the road has some ice/packed snow but I didn’t have any trouble).

Wieland says skiing off the groomed trails benefits the most from a winter like this.

“The best part about Bogus is the variety of our terrain,” she said. “With a lot of snow like we have this year, you can access all of it.”


▪ Brundage Mountain has received 153 inches this season.

▪ Tamarack Resort has 57 inches at its mid-mountain and summit locations.

▪ Sun Valley Resort has received 158 inches this season.

The next storm in the forecast for all three also is slated for next Thursday.