Fish & Game's fishing planner can help plan your trip

In a state with dozens of rivers, thousands of lakes and and lots of species of game fish, an inevitable question is "where should I go fishing?"

Idaho Department of Fish and Game has helped answer it with its online, interactive "Idaho Fishing Planner," which can be found at

The Fishing Planner includes maps of selected waters, as well as information about fishing rules, what species of fish are found in certain waters, when waters are stocked and what species are stock, and other information, such camping, boat launches, toilets etc.

If you're looking for information about a particular lake or stream, enter its name, or even part of it, on the fish planner and it will give you a bunch of information.

For instance, type in "Salmon River" and it gives you details about six sections of the main river and nine of its tributaries.

It also provides a map and tells you what fish are found in a section of the river or tributary.

If you're interested in a particular fish, like chinook salmon fishing in the Salmon River, click on that fish and there's information about the fish, the most recent fishing rules and previous year's catch information.

If you're looking for a new place to go fishing, check the planners "Recommended Fishing Waters" to find places where there's reasonable access and a good chance of catching fish.

If you're planning a trip to certain area and want to know what fishing opportunities are there, the planner segregates the state by regions, counties, drainages, and cities, or distance from a city. You can further narrow your search by plugging in "Ada County" and "smallmouth bass," and it will list all the waters in Ada County that have bass.

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