Idaho Outdoors photo contest youth winner: Anna Gable

Anna Gable submitted three photos for this year’s contest, but she knew when she turned them in which one she liked the best: a shot of a goose spreading its wings on the Boise River. The judges concurred. “That’s my favorite one,” Gable said. “It’s kind of cheesy, but it spoke to me. I just liked how everything glittered off its wings ... and the shutter went off at the right time.” She took the photo while walking the Greenbelt behind the Boise State campus. “I showed my friend, and we were super excited,” Gable said. Gable, 15, will be a sophomore at Timberline High this fall, and she has signed up for a photography class to keep learning about the craft. “I’m not sure if I’ll be a professional, but it’s still nice to have camera skills and take good shots of family and friends and nature,” she said.