Paragliding crash victim identified as 38-year-old co-owner of the flight park

A paraglider who fatally crashed at the Horseshoe Bend Flight Park on Monday morning has been identified as 38-year-old Justin Boer, according to Boise County Sheriff Jim Kaczmarek.

Boer was the co-owner of Horseshoe Bend Flight Park and was interviewed by the Idaho Statesman in 2017.

“Our whole goal is to grow the sport of flying and this is a great spot to do it,” Boer told the Statesman in 2017.

Boer, originally from Bend, Ore., was partially paralyzed in a crash in 2013 while flying in Hailey. He landed in a pond and the first person on the scene was Scott Edwards, who became his business partner in the flight park. “Justin kept on pursuing his dream of flying,” Edwards told the Statesman in the 2017 story.

Kaczmarek said the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating Boer’s death. The Horseshoe Bend Flight Park is located at 235 Old Emmett Road in Horseshoe Bend.

Idaho State Police spokesman Tim Marsano said an ISP trooper was among the first to arrive at the scene, around 11:10 a.m., but the Boise County sheriff would be the lead investigator.

The Horseshoe Bend Flight Park caters to paragliding, hang gliding and the more extreme speed flying by offering training, lessons, and equipment rentals and sales.

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